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  1. im actullay on the look out for the front lip. im also waiting for others to try out the angel eyes b4 i buy. have got those bright HID's in. am also gonna get the rear LED lights.............but not sure which to get, clear or smokey?
  2. many.............firstly the scrapping whenever i turned the steering, but i know u can have the arches rolled. but also the wear and tear of the tyres was abnormal, i found the ride uncomfortable too. but im sure many ppl are happy with there 18" got quote yesterday from "elite", £55, for the full valet, but not sure if im gonna use them.........would prob rather have it done from home using a mobile valet service, then at least i will be able to c what he uses etc i got a few weeks left yet :P
  3. HAD MY CAR NOW FOR OVER 3 YEARS.......................have finally taken some pics of it. i bought it with 18" rims, but they caused a lot of probs, moved down to standard size...........but chromes (some friends call it the pimp mobile, or sumat more Cynical", rest assured im niether ). a few mods, some still in progress. exterior ones are all visable. my main pride and joy is the carputer, which with a lot of anees' help and a loada patience(15 months) is now fully functional..............but not fully finished to my standard yet. getting the car fully valets nxt few days so will post some more pics later. what u thinks? any suggestons?
  4. thanks, will ring them shortly
  5. will this procdure work if i buy a used key fob from ebay and have a key cut, as i only have the master key?
  6. "a key and transponder unit i seem to remember is around £80/90" is that the price from lexus or from somewhere else?
  7. hi, i know this topic has been covered partially many times b4 but.....anywayz................................ im on my last key, the one with all three buttons. to be honest ive been on this key for a while now..always dreading the worst but not doing anything about it. finally ive decided i need to get another key b4 something happens. i know that u have to have it coded from lexus, but is it cheaper to buy the key from say ebay, get it cut from someone and get it programmed from lexus, or should i not bother and go straight to dealer??? anyone had a key made recently, or have any cost ideas plz help i really only want the cheapest key, doesnt have to have the lock/unlock buttons on it. want to keep my master key safe at home.
  8. thanx just put a bid in for one, right colour too...................c what happens.................
  9. A few weeks ago i was unfortunate enuf to be on the wrong side of a hit-&-run while parked @ Pizza Hut. :tsktsk: when i took it to a body shop recently they told me that bcoz the bump is right on the crease they cant pull and fill now i need a new wing............................... i was told by someone that u can get third party wings that are cheaper than the original, but i dont know where from.......anybody know where to get a new wing except from dealer, or anyone selling????????
  10. i had the same problem with my car until recently, 3 tyres where wearing thin v v v fast, infact in 3 years i have had 14 new tyres :o . (they all looked brand new from outside but were worn to the thread in the inner side) until i found the time and went to a place Anees recomended in Oldham and got a geometry test. it showec that my wheel alignment was way out, they sorted it for me. Since then car drives better, and grips better cuz wheels now are obviously getting a fuller grip on the road. I would recommend Hankook Ventus Sport as the tyres, very reasonably priced and good quality,got them on mine. very good grip. Infact my cuz has got a tyre garage and has got these tyres on his twin turbo they must be ok :D
  11. the guy at the garage did mention something i hadnt thought of tho.......PETROL..............i ve been mainly using ASDA petrol pretty much since i got my car, mainly for convenience as its close by, and for economic reasons. so from now on SHELL only. will post back my findings. also if any one else has any other thoughts plz let me know regards
  12. hi, thanx for the reply, took the car to a garage and got ECU diagnostic done. not showing up any error. so the sensor, meter thing seems to be fine.
  13. hi, over the past few months i have noticed that my car has lost a lot of top end power. b4 i could easily reach 100mph and it would carry onto 120 then slowley onto 130mph (on private land ofcourse), but now when i finally reach 100 mph it doesnt go any faster. the needle just hovers around this mark. i have had a service with new spark plugs and air and oil filters at 60000, car is now only on 66000. have also had my clutch replaced 2day bcoz i burnt the other out. i am known to be heavy footed, have had the car now for 3 years but this loss of speed/power has only started over the last 5-6 months. if anyone knows what the problem could be or has any suggestions i would appreciate it as driving has been v boring lately.
  14. personally i would go for a fitted bluetooth car kit, but not the factory supplied as they are very over priced :o . u can get the parrot c3100 car kit fully fitted for under £150. this is a good quality car kit which im sure many members have installed (ANEES). with the money uve saved u can buy a personal bluetooth headset (HS850 recommended), which can be used in car when with others or whenever hands busy :winky: or u could always spend a bit more and get a slightly better car kit installed. Advantages of bluetooth car kit are that anyone using ur car can utilise the car kit, so it wont be dependant on the type of fone for the cradle. just some thoughts :D