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  1. Thanks mate, I will give them a try :) i will have a MK1 front bumper available soon but its not silver How much do you want for it mate?
  2. Hi guys, does anyone know where I can get a MK1 GS300 front bumper at a reasonable cost? My missus did some radical modifications to hers on the car in fronts towbar today Its booked into Lexus Sheffield tomorrow for a quote but I think the insurance will write it off if I want it repairing there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi Rob mate, I might just do that.......
  4. I know for the sake of £45 it is not worth the hassle but its the principle of it. It could be one of you guys that gets screwed next don't forget........ By the way I forgot to mention, the group that owns the dealership has also tried to rip off several of my friends through other franchises. I think I see a pattern developing here. I will have a think about it tonight and if I decide not to persue it I will name and shame the dealership.
  5. Hi guys, I could do with some advice. I am currently in dispute with a certain Lexus dealership over them (I think) trying to rip me off. The story goes like this: My LS400 engine was making an unusual noise one morning (any noise is unusual from an LS400 engine!) I rang the AA and the guy did not want to touch an LS, so they ended up trailering it into the said dealership. After putting the diagnostics on the car they rang me and told me my engine was knackered. They said that the noise was piston slap and would require a strip down to diagnose the problem further. The more I thought about this, the more I disagreed with it. Piston slap would give several other symptoms such as heavy oil consumption and low compression. Also, how could an engine be running fine one day then have piston slap the next? I then rang Chris Shipley and Mick at Lexus Hanley for a second opinion. Mick diagnosed the fault within 2 minutes over the phone and it was nothing more than carbon build-up. Some of the carbon had swelled with fuel and dropped off onto the top of the piston. The noise of this banging into the cylinder head was what I could hear. A can of de-coking agent later and the car was right as rain. The car never uses a drop of oil between oil changes and runs almost silently. Mick also said that this is a common problem in high mileage LS400's and he has seen it on numerous occaisions before. I then contacted the dealership again to tell them this, and they said this could not possibly be the case and I must have added an oil additive to mask the noise! If anyone could invent an oil additive that totally masks the effects of piston slap, they would be very rich indeed! After being messed around and fobbed off for a further 3 weeks (numerous promised phone calls not being delivered etc) I contacted Lexus directly who in turn sent me straight back to the dealership who promised to investigate it further. They have now done this and have said that they were correct in their diagnosis and they will take no further action. My biggest problem is this: I could have quite feasibly spend a couple of grand on a recon engine on their say so when all it needed was decoking. I reckon they were trying to charge me for work that did not need doing. At first I was only interested in getting my money back that they charged me for the diagnosis (£45) but it has gone too far for that now. I now have the dilemma of wether to have an independent inspection done to prove them wrong and trying to recover the cost of this from them as well, or to do nothing and forget the whole thing. I am very reluctant to do the latter option out of principle but I want to know what you lot would do? What are my chances of getting the money back? Cheers guys :)
  6. I changed the front discs on the other halfs MK1 GS300 the other day and the minimum (30mm) was stamped on them on the centre. These are the same as the IS aren't they??
  7. They sell it at WH Smiths in t'Meadowhall Aido............ :P
  8. People with far too much time on their hands...... Very good though :D
  9. There is a very useful convertor on the Toyo website that tells you the rolling diameter for all widths and diameters of tyre. As long as the rolling diameter is nearly the same your speedo will read about right. Toyo Tyre Convertor
  10. I'm glad you got it all sorted mate :) :) :)
  11. It was bleedin hot, too hot for me to be honest Ricky. We stayed near Monpellier in the very South of France and on the hottest day we had, it was 36 degrees at 8.30 at night B) B) B) I would have murdered to get my aircon working that night :tsktsk: It's not far off that today though, just getting ready for a nice BBQ and a few beers.......... I will try not to fall asleep ala JAE 2002 though.........
  12. Well I just took delivery of my new air con compressor from the good old US of A and here is the best bit - it only cost me £139 including shipping!!! It is a brand new Nippon Denso compressor (same as original) with clutch assembly and I found it on Ebay with a buy it now price of $200. I nearly bit his arm off!!! I got quoted £1200 for one of these from a Lexus dealer in the UK. Only problem was he sent it via US ground mail so it took 6 weeks to arrive, just in time for the end of summer :duh: The sellers name is Scooby the Core Man if anyone is interested, and he stocks many car parts for many different cars so he may be worth a look..... I cant wait to get cool air again B)
  13. The question on everyone's lips Mr. Horan.................
  14. I'm gutted for you mate Again, If there is anything I can do to help call me.........