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  1. thanks for getting back to me on this fellas it was worth a shot but am glad there are still some for sale out there. i was right c**k saling my one to parthiban (don't feel bad parthiban) imi I'm Very Interested but cannot do any thank and till next month because i'm going to download festival this month. anyone else going :D :D :D
  2. i have 4 18"wheels and would like to swop for the original 18"sports 6 spoke if anyone interested for these. a strat swop.
  3. i went with something different bin in for 2 months now and it goes like stink ;)
  4. yes i had the same thing on the front pads i put new pads in the front and it rumbled so i took them in and out about 7 times trying to solve it and the out side ones don't wear even. now i have done 100 miles and braking hard now its gone hope this helps
  5. hi all i have got the 18" 6 spoke styling alloys and sports smoked rear lights and rear fogs if anyone is interested make me an offer pick up only.
  6. Hi, Tim from cambridge married for 18 yeas Work for S.C.A two teenage kids. I've had my lexus IS300 navigator sport for 6 months and we love it Spend a little on mods ;)
  7. ok thx :D i will go with Silver many many thanks.
  8. no full photo as yet, this is only a test on the spare this is the rest of the car B)
  9. Hi people, could you tell me which looks better... black or silver?
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