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  1. :o Just catching up on my daily reading material, and the sun says that this new Lexus LF-C will replace the IS200. They look completely different and four seats also seems to be a problem as well. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Car looks good all the same:o
  2. Just an idea, but would it be possible to fit the display on a little hinge with double sided tape. This would allow it to be folded away when not in use (you only have to reverse now and again.........hopefully)
  3. Thanks Zee, sorry about the slow response, in the middle of my dissertation for my degree. :duh: I like the TRD one, but i notice it has the gear indicator on top, can you get it without, or for 6 speed gb. Also thanks to everyone else, i think i understand how it works If you tug on your knob really hard and twist it will come off in your hand. But don't worry cos you can get a black one to replace it, and it won't burn your hand in the summer. LOL :D Cheers for all the help
  4. I think i'd prefer a leather one, and no i'm not into bondage. I'm not sure about the chrome one, maybe a different shape would be better. I think polishing would make it worse and the colour might go from it altogether. Do TRD let you purchase from a website or do you have to call them? Thanks for the help
  5. Hi My gearknob is well scratched, what do you suggest as a replacement and how easy are they to remove/fit? No jokes please
  6. This is just an idea, but my alloys began pitting after 7 months and i am waiting for a new set to arrive. If the wheels have only started pitting now could it be that the wheels have already been changed under warranty, and if so do they come with their own 3 three warranty. This could mean they are still covered. Try contacting the previous owner. As i say this is just and idea. Also i am being told by the dealer that the reason for the delay (6 weeks) is that Lexus are now issuing new alloys with rounded edges rather than the standard square edges. Is this the case? If so what do they look like?
  7. It looks to me like its the spray from the wheels is the problem. Even if you drive a short distance the first area to show is spray marks from the wheel area. Every little helps....................i hope
  8. Winter again, car in a mess 2 minutes after spending 2 hours cleaning it. What does everyone think of lexus mudflaps? I don't like the look of them, but if they do their job in the winter i would consider them. Easy to fit/remove, do the job? Any better alternatives? Your views would be appreciated.
  9. I have had no problem in the snow, its a bit skittish but what car isn't. Traction no problem, would a limited slip diff help this at all? My wifes BMW won't even budge with traction control. Snigger Snigger
  10. I managed to scrape my wing off my garage, the garage won, i managed to lift the paint but not the undercoat, £190 to repair. And no snow in sight. Also badge nicking fever is back, someone tried to screwdriver off my lexus badge, they never got it but scratched all the paintwork trying! Not very lucky with my car this Xmas.
  11. £84.50 for my service at edinburgh. Picked the car up dropped it off etc. They even had a power cut on the day my car was in and still managed everything on time. Excellent. :D
  12. 40% takes them to £35K, quite a lot compared to other professions. They also know what the wages are before they take the job. I do agree that train drivers getting £30K is ridiculous, they only have to accelerate and brake.
  13. It does not help there cause with all the emotional blackmail which they are now shoving out. Houses left to burn, people left trapped in cars etc. Also if they get 40% everyone will want it, there will be more people striking than working.
  14. The problem is definately from the front of the car, spoke to lexus and they are going to investigate. It also appears to be getting worse. It is not just specific to cold starts and its getting louder. P.S. Who is Dr Mat?
  15. I have been haveing a problem when indicating left, after completing the corner nine times out of ten it doesn't cancel itself. It is getting it first service next week and asked the garage about it. They said it was something which is pretty common on the car and there is not much they can do to resolve it. Anyone else had this problem, know how to fix it, or had it fixed by lexus?