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  1. Hi we have relocated to Aus and need to buy a new car Are the newest built cars now sorted? Once again when you compare prices here the new Merc C Class( 18 turbo) is about 10,000 dollars more than the Is and the spec is lower..but dont want to go ahead if there are still issues withthe lexus The dealers here claim that they getting very few problems now ..mostly with the to avoid for sure Glad to see all the same names on the forum after so long Cheers alan
  2. The dealer can tell you but if the fuel filler switch is side by side and illuminated it is 07 spec alan quite a number of 'old' 56 platers out there
  3. Alan - that's the problem then - they sold you a left over '06 build on a '56 plate...and that's why it's no different to the other 3 cars you have on your fleet! If they stated to you on the order that it was an 07 Model Year (07MY), then this clearly isn't (at least I don't think it is). Some '56's have new positioned switches and some don't. Did you have to wait long for the car to be delivered? I suspect not...they probably had it in stock...??? No in stock so its an o6 build thus the problems Build date late June! I suppose that explains why no better alan
  4. Good point Tel ! I suspect The TT is in the new car phase much like we are . VW is not great for build quality whereas Lexus pride themselves on the standard of build quality We run a 4 year old E class rattles since new If Merc can do...I am sure Lexus can. Lexus still have the best customer care bar none so I am sure that when they report to Japan this will get sorted.. i am only really annoyed that this new one was supposed to be an 07 all issues sorted and it is not.( switches are in th e06 positions) alan
  5. Yes nice in theory but on all three cars and countless dealer visits rattles are not sorted They either come back or new ones start up! Show me a dealer who can sort them and I would try.. My local dealer is very good but when fixed its just a matter of days before the rattles are back its even a tick in the window ( b pillar area) ! Just give up alan
  6. I was also told the same July plus 06 cars fully sorted ,The rattles I have are just as you describe I have given the dealer a few goes at it. As they fix one another starts. I stand to loose about 3k but the longer I keep it the worse it will get so cut the losses and move on. I have really wanted to keep at least one lexus but thats it now. Almost every loan car has rattles/ squeeks. I am just amazed that this cannot be sorted out!! Tested a VW and BMW both seem to have no rattles! alan
  7. Dealer has been quite decent they fix one rattle and a new crop appear! They are buying thr car back afer 4 months with a fair drop in value but much better than he trade i offers that I have had alan
  8. Just a short note..after still more rattles I have decided to cut my losses and sell the last of our 4 Lexus Is's. I have offered it back to the dealer and am waiting to see if they will buy it back else I will trade it come what may. best trade price IS25 se-l mm with hoshis 25 K!! Such a pity there is so much good in this car but it just is not up with best of luxury cars by quite a bit. I have NEVER spent so much time with new cars back and forward in the past year as with these cars..CArs are there to enjoy not to be stressing with dealerships etc. When I find that lexus are sorted I would certainly buy another but who knows if are getting the message at all!!! I dont see any attempt at this as even the new build ( which mine was supposed to be) was only quiet for about 2 months. This forum has been a great help Take care Alan
  9. That is my feeling as well Soon I will have more foam inthe dash than Britaney Spears has in her bathtub! My conclusion after one year and 4 of these ....most rattle and if not now will do at some point Its a grat pity as the cars have thepotential to be outstanding in every way alan
  10. They re packed the air veNT onmine on Friday is better but still little ratlles all over when cold. I give up!! ALAN
  11. Used carlak onmine seems very good! alan
  12. Can't be much worse going from 2.5 to 3.0 I wouldn't have thought. any way I hope you enjoy your car, I prefer the looks of the new GS to the IS but I just love the toys you get with the IS, I dont think you can get the full MM system in GS, am I right? Good move the IS really is not up scratch !!! I am thinking of changing as well alan
  13. I was given a loan car day almost new 220d 56 plate Seats squeek dash and b pillars rattle. So much for the 07 build story I have concluded if your Is does not rattle you are lucky indeed! alan
  14. Yep that is the story even if they start out OK I a driven quite a few low milers all have rattles or squeeky seats etc alan
  15. Well now its the turn of the front passenger air vent to rattle and creak!! my daughters 4 year old Yaris is doing better than the IS The dealers must be making a fortune in warranty repairs on these cars! Anyone else had this one! Alan Is case you guys think I am being difficult/ pathetic: Merc class 4 years old went back for rattles=none BMW 320 d none Daughters Yaris =none Sons Citroen( yes citroen) one Lexus 4 cars lost count! alan