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  1. Sorry guys but I will probably have sold my car by the time of the meet. Unfortunately it's replacement won't be a Lexus as it needs to be a diesel. I have already had a few good offers for a part-exchange at the dealers, so it should only take a week or to to sort out. I'm sure the meet will be a great success, even with one car less. Cheers, Phil:cool:
  2. My insurance = £560 Abbey National FC £500 excess 28 years old Full NCB Garaged IS200 Sport
  3. My alarm used to go off occasionally when I opened my garage door. I got my dealer to turn the sensitivity down, and it's fine now. Phil:cool:
  4. Hi Kamlex, and welcome to Team Lexus. I haven't changed the pads myself, but my dealer changed my front pads at 30,000 miles for £49.15 + VAT + a hefty labour charge. The discs got changed under warranty at the same time for corrosion. Phil:cool:
  5. My Cars: 1 - MG Metro (the worst car in the world) 2 - Renault Clio 1.9D (slow and noisy) 3 - Peugeot 306 DTurbo (great car) 4 - Lexus IS200 Sport (my best car yet, despite some probs) Phil:cool:
  6. I'll be there - coming from Durham. Maybe i'll overtake the Yorkshire convoy on the way down!!!!! :P Phil
  7. I'm a warehouse shift manager for the distribution division of a large supermarket chain. I work in Blaydon, near Newcastle. Phil:cool:
  8. Insurance - It would be great if we could get a discount on this. Also, superchargers. Any discounts would make this a more viable conversion. Phil
  9. Well, I had my new replacement wheels fitted today - so the car is back to it's best (for now...). The dealer has oiled my folding mirror which has been juddering. No improvement yet, but he said to give it a week or two. I see a full replacement coming on! They told me that there was still no cure for the starting problem, so i'll will have to put up with it for now. Also, I mentioned some very slight noises coming from suspension (thanks Javadude for the info), so they have ordered 4 new gas shocks for the car. These will be fitted next week. This should help the ride, which has become more crashy recently. Phil
  10. Congratulations to both of you on your new cars. I'm very jealous! I'll have to get saving!:P Phil
  11. The surging on my car is so slight that it is'nt worth worrying over. It only happens occasionally when in higher gears between 50 and 70 mph when the aircon is on. I have never had any problems in lower gears. My car is not very smooth when cold either. Phil
  12. Well, I got a phone call from the dealer today - the new wheels have arrived. The car is booked in next Tuesday for the new wheels. I have booked a courtesy car, which I hope is an IS300, so I can compare it. One question, can tyres be damaged/weakened by changing them onto new rims too often ie. 4 times? Phil
  13. Tony Do you find that your throttle surges mainly when you have the air-con switched on? I have experienced this, but i'm use to it now. Phil
  14. N...Rev Thanks for the offer but our dates clash. Cheers anyway. Working in the Newcastle area, i'm use to parking in dodgy areas. No probs so far! It's a good job Lexus security is first class. Phil;)