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  1. As the title says I'm trying to figure out how to open up the remote buttons section of an IS200 key. I have the key itself open and have the remote section out. It's a 2 button remote and was hoping to convert it to a 3 button. I have a new 3 button casing and here is a photo of what I have: As you can see the microswitch is visible behind clear plastic where the boot release button would be but what I can't figure out is if the whole section is glued together and if so how can I open it? Not sure if I have to cut the clear plastic if so I was thinking that I could possibly cut it in place and then cut on of the 3 button key pads to just have the button (and a bit of a surround) and push it down through?? Any help would be appreciated. Here's a few pics of similar 2 and 3 button remotes:
  2. I'm the same, had Altezza before, then Toyota Chaser now S15 but S15 just isn't doing it for me. Have only had it few weeks & thinking of selling it
  3. Dizz

    Rsm Fitting

    Well after 3 months I finally figured out yesterday that it was the settings that were at fault, was on my way up North to get the car power tested & decided to try messing with it before launching off the toll bridge on the M1 & hey presto! Basically the user manual tells you to set the "SLC" Speed Limit Cut to "off" to turn off the speed limiter which would make sense... But for some reason on the Altezzas you've to set the SLC to "180km/h" & it seems to cancel it out or something. Worked a treat :D Car hit 229km/h on the rollers in 5th
  4. Dizz

    Rsm Fitting

    Bump bump!!! Getting my car rolling roaded again this Thurs so need to get my speed limit removed otherwise they won't be able to test it in 4th gear... Can anyone help????? :(
  5. No idea if this is the right place to put this at all but here goes... I'm looking into buying a mount for attaching a camcorder to the window/body panel of a car for use on track days & drift events etc so just wondering has anyone else got any experience of these? Where can you get them, what one's best, etc? Not looking to spend a hige amount mind you as I've come accross ones for $500+ Cheers, Eoin
  6. You're correct - the CD doesn't pause I realise this thread is seriously old & Ian doesn't even drive a Lexus anymore :P but how exactly did you connect into this pin seen as there's no block connector going into the back of the head unit? Am fitting a bluetooth phone kit myself & trying to figure out how to mute with the standard head unit :(
  7. Dizz

    D2 Coilovers

    Anyone on here have them on there car? Thinking of getting a set :)
  8. Haha, no scratches no. They wore the minimum of clothes just in case lol :P
  9. Not sure who on here would be interest but just thought I'd inform that photos are now up from Round 1 of the Irish Prodrift series in Mondello at the weekend so take a look! Sneek preview: Enjoy ;)
  10. Dizz

    Rsm Fitting

    No, haven't gone near it since tbh. I've only ever tested the top speed limiter once so doesn't really bother me too much... The wiring diagram by Apexi is definately wrong anyway. I've a feeling it's one of the other wires that is supposed to be used instead of the output one on the rsm :tsktsk:
  11. Something to do with the plastic they used inside i think that the standard bulbs we have wouldnt illuminate it properly, and it has a digital display showing u ur mileage and what gear ur in i think. Afaik it displays your speed in digital aswell. Mark has a set in his car (not too sure if they're the blue or not...)
  12. As said automatics don't have a clutch, they've a torque convertor. Check you're ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) level & top up or do a change as neccessary...
  13. Congrats mate! Happy driving :D
  14. Dizz

    Rsm Fitting

    Hey guys, just wondering has anyone on here fitted an Apexi RSM themselves to their own car??? Reason I'm asking is that I fitted one the other week, did the wiring exactly as it says in the wiring guide & it's working fine apart from one thing. It hasn't removed the speed cut... I have turned it off in the settings & all but still doesn't cut... Now what I'm wondering is in the wiring manual the AS200 GXE-10 is on a list of cars that are done differently to the standard was but RS200 isn't on the list which it says means its done the normal way (if that makes any sense to you ) Any ideas??
  15. In the second pic? Ye it is, doesn't look it tho does it lol
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