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  1. video of the start right click n save
  2. Borgwarner gm-8 turbo from a turbodiesel truck 23x16x3.5 intercooler 6psi springed wastegate (have 15psi spring, but its snowing here) Turbo xs h25 bypassvalve Everything else was fabricated in my garage by my friends and myself.
  3. It's almost ready for the streets...
  4. Dyno'ing would back it up if i said most powerful ES lol. I ran a 14.2 without my nitrous so i'm pretty sure I have a mid 13 sec car with the spray (125 shot now). Noone else seems to take their to the track and noone else seems to do any major engine work, so my sig stays for now :D
  5. Volk LE-37s and yes, I will be getting the dinwos tinted as dark as possible! :) My friend didnt photoshop that part for me.
  6. Here's a photoshop of what my lexus should look like by august...
  7. The intake is a MAF adaptor with a generic cone filter. They don't have brand names. I found the strut bar on ebay for like 20 bucks.
  8. Hopefully I will have some 1/4 mile and possibly dyno specs by the end of the august. And yes, I blacked out the chrome backing of the headlights. It looks a lot better close up. Nest time I have a camera handy I'll get some better pics for you to check out! Sean
  9. Newly ported polished/milled heads Engine in a 150 shot of nitrous hehe Exterior looking sweet! Enjoy the pics!
  10. Notice the front end is a TON higher than the rear....this is because... The heads are off to the machine shop and are getting milled and ported along with a 3 angle valve job.
  11. So does that mean a 2.5L motor i assume???
  12. So what exactly is the 2.5 x model?
  13. Here's some stats off of my 92 ES300, these might be of interest to you. 1992-3 Lexus ES300 Dimensions ---------- Body type: 5 Passenger Lux Sports Sedan Length: 187.1in. Width: 70.0in. Height: 53.9in. Wheelbase: 103.1in. Curb Weight(5 speed): 3,362lbs. Trunk Space: 14.2cu.ft. Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.5gal. Engine ------ Engine Type:60 degree V6 Displacement: 3.0L(180 Valvetrain: 4 Cam, 4 valves per cyl. Bore x Stroke: 3.44x3.23in. Compression: 9.6:1 Hp: 185hp@5,200rpm Torque: 195 ft.lbs.@4,400rpm Drivetrain ---------- Drive ratio Manual: 3.63:1 Auto: 4.04:1 Steering: 2.7 turns lock to lock Brakes: 10.8 diameter vented front, 11.3 diameter solid rear ABS: 4 sensor, 3 channel Wheels/Tires: 15x6 205/65r15 v rated radials(h rated option available) Performance**performed with prototype manual ----------- 0-60: 8 seconds 1/4 mile: 16.2 seconds Top Track Speed: 135mph Fuel Consumption: 19/26 mpg 5 speed 17/23 mpg automatic Turning Circle: 36.7ft. Drag Coefficient: 0.32
  14. There's an all-black one (interior and everything) that lived in my town for a while. It was the best looking stock ES/Windom i have ever seen.