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  1. Happy Birthday Jimbo!

  2. Hi all, Had someone run into the back of me yesturday, slight scuff damage, probably needs complete bumper respray.....all bodyshops closed today so cant get quote yet but has anybody got an idea how much this would cost? the bloke doesnt want to go through insurance. cheers.
  3. Have you tried http://www.americanpickuptrucks.com/ They do a righthand drive conversion.
  4. Where can you get the typhoon from and how much ?
  5. 52 IS 300, 3/4 tank petrol 225/40/18 Standard springs 360mm front 375mm rear
  6. Tried to say that, but the queue was very long and they said you had to take what car comes first, still fun throwing the 320i round. :)
  7. :D Just got back from this...great laugh thrashing the cars, bit gutted didn't get a chance to drive the 330 though, so if you get the chance go, its a good day out. :D
  8. Nice one mate, nice to see them getting more popular ! :winky:
  9. Can anyone recommend a good bodyshop in the essex area, just reversed into a small post in a carpark (so much for the reversing sensors, didn't pick it up until it was too late! ) and creased the bumper. Cheers Jim
  10. Go for an IS300, you wont be dissapointed. :D :winky:
  11. Can these TTE coilovers be fitted to an IS300 aswell as the 200 ? Its just that i noticed that if you was to buy only the TTE springs, the 200 and 300 have different part numbers.