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  1. Mine is ok now with a new shock at the rear.
  2. I have V2 for 1 year and not very happy with it. One shock is working at only 70% but they don't want to change it under warranty I have to pay for another one
  3. Hello, I have the first type radio with the cd at the bottom and CD-Rom Satnav. I have big trouble with the FM and i plan the buy another radio and Ebay or other, but i have read on a forum that there are 2 kind of radio, one for cars with satnav and one for those without. :duh: Is this true? Thank you.
  4. Look nice :) Have you made a dyno test? Much hp increase?
  5. New battery is 60Ah and 420A cold cranking, no spec on the old battery so can't compare :) . ← I'm looking to buy a new one like this. Thank you
  6. How many Ah is your new battery? More than the stock one? Thank you
  7. Sorry but i don't need strut brace for the moment :) It was only a question, i read on takakaira that the car has better handling,...
  8. Hi, I have the KW coilover with stock upper mount. Is there interresting to put aftermarket upper mount like HKS on it? Do you know if it exist for the IS? Thank you
  9. I have LPG installed on my IS200 and made 60000 km with no problems. I have a Vialle installation.
  10. UP!! 160 registered car now B) But no Lexus 98 cars with more then 500HP!! 9 more 1000HP!! 68 under 500HP. Some Supra TT, Skyline, Mustang, Shelby, Audi, BMW, Impreza,... People from UK, France, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Denmark,... If you are interrested, we can have a VIP Area for the Lexusownerclub. All information on King Of Europe You can register online et get tickets. Sponsors are welcome. And now we are all waiting for the Monster :D
  11. I have made a LPG conversion on my IS in march 2003 and i have no problems after 45000km. But you should know the the LPG has a t° of combution 200°C higher then petrol and it's not very good for the valves. The better LPG system is the LPI from Vialle because the LPG stay liquid during the injection and is very cold, much better for the valves. Tof
  12. You can find one here :Ebay I buy one some days ago but not yet receive it
  13. Yes, inside the car. But it's only between 2000-3000rpm.
  14. I have made a LPG conversion to my IS. It very interresting here in Belgium, LPG cost 0.259€ for a liter and Euro 98 petrol more then 1.1€ :o The installation cost ± 2500€, it's Vialle LPI, the best choice, no power loose and 1 liter more for 100km. I have it for 1 year and more then 30000km.
  15. My girlfriend find my Super Drager to noisy. Can i put the same to make it not so loud