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  1. Drew, you have to go through the DVD menu on the touch screen. I think it's behind "menu" or "info", then DVD and there should be a "eject" button. BTW, when mine was in for maintenance I got a replacement and the 4-DVD box 2007-2008 was in the glove box. No need to say that I took all discs for a spin in my computer if you know what i mean ;-) There were 4 discs: Europe North, Europe West, Europe East and a Lexus Maintenance (or was it Evaluation) disc.
  2. I have the Business edition with ML and 17" alloys (leather is not important to me). The ML system is superb, though the bass is quite heavy sometimes. The gearbox is not problematic, but the Executive drives better imho. Mine has a 1st and 2nd that are (too) short.
  3. @austinp The dealer confirmed that only the Executive gets the new gear box. Wonder why, it has nothing to do with something that is only a part of the Executive, but it's engine-related. Both executive and business have the same engine, so why make the distinction?
  4. It's like a high-pitched, spacecraftish air-sucking sound. Sounds like there's a very sophisticated engine in there...
  5. Never had this problem before either. Let hem have a look at it.
  6. I've had a 9-3 built '99 (not a sport sedan though) and afterall Saab has been a bad experience: the buttons break of the dashboard when your turn them, I've had numerous technical problems with it... Basically the first three years were good but then after that things went from bad to worse. I will never drive a Saab again. The looks of the Sport Sedan are great, but that won't do it for me anymore... Proud IS220D Standard (+17") leaser, but my next car will be a IS220D Executive (new gear box, drive is more "natural"). Edit: Rich Bee, "pretty much the whole car being replaced bit by bit" : sounds very familiar.
  7. That means that the car has "character", no? Something BMW (and German-car- in general) - drivers said a brand like Lexus or Toyota misses :-)
  8. Sorry if I'm repeating something that was already posted here (in that case just delete this thread). Had my car in for 30K km maintenance yesterday. They gave me a free replacement car for the day (standard procedure here). Mine is a standard SE, the replacement was a luxury edition (called Executive here). When I drove off, I immediately felt the difference in gear ratios. It was not a Sport model, so it SHOULD have had the same ratios. But I could easily use 6th at 120km/h (which is - my guess approx. - 80mph?) Afterwards, they told me that in the new version of the Executive (LE) they put in a different gear box from now on. But not in the standard (SE).
  9. I forgot something: - Go sit in the passenger seat - Lock all doors using the button at the driver's side - Turn on the power (one push on the start button) - Get out of the car by opening the door, keep the key fob in your pocket and close the door (don't lock) Now try to get in at the driver's side...
  10. Try to solve this puzzle: - Go sit in the passenger seat - Lock all doors using the button at the driver's side - Get out of the car by opening the door, keep the key fob in your pocket and close the door (don't lock) The car will beep and you will see the message "key not detected" Now try to get in at the driver's side...
  11. Is there a way to turn off the car and keeping the bluetooth connection? I often find myself arriving at my destination when being on the phone with someone. I cannot turn off the car because that would drop the connection. A little bit an annoying problem to have to leave the car on for another say 15 minutes when parked. The other alternative is to call back the other person. A bit stupid, no?
  12. About the mpg, I can confirm this (posted it in another thread a couple of weeks ago): it's as if it gets a better mpg "suddenly" after about 4000 miles. I went from 7.5 litres/100km to 6.5 litres/100 km without really drastically changing my driving style. I also have to admit I am addicted to the car... we'll have to start a "A"LOC and have meetings about our addiction. Hi, my name is Koen and I am addicted to Lexus. *applause*
  13. Phil Collins - Finally - The First Farewell Tour (live). In the air tonight just blows your socks of :-)