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  1. Richie, DAMN I didn't get the LSD. xxxx ME OFF! But my next mod is coming soon: Weapon R Hyper Intake/APEX S-AFC/APEX Power Intake Filter Finally I could take an advantage on my cat-back for the optimal performance. At last, I may get another set of rims (WORK) if I could sell the current ones (RacingHart C5). [Edited on 29-1-2002 by Administrator]
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    Thanks for the info. I'd prefer someone in California that does the importing.
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    Richie, I was thinking about buying an used (and probably modded) Aristo V300 from Japan and ship it to U.S. However, I'm not sure about the process and the fee involved in importing a vehicle.
  4. I think the silver (chrome) emblems look the best on my car. <---- silver. Gold emblems may look good on other colors.
  5. It'd be nice if those IS430 could be in production in U.S. market.