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  1. do like the skyline bit i wonder <_< if it would work in the trans am somewere
  2. it does look evil thats why i lke it and does look clean will see it on saturday when i go and pay for it
  3. couple of quick ones that i have been sent will get some better ones on saturday and how is this just looked were it is and it is on google street view thing so just had a look round it as well lol and one of my one now that i use every day and one with the blue one in the back ground thats going tomorrow and a mates trans am as well
  4. would love a stingray they are a sexy car but is really a single mans car or a older mans car
  5. long time no hear i have not been on here for a long time well its only cos i got a pm for simon about a ls400 and that i checked my email account that i never use that i poped on and even remembered my password hows that lol so hows every one been still good to see all the old names on here sold my ls400 just other a year back as teh gearbox went again and then i bought a trans am so it got put down the back of the yard were it sat till one day i thought i wanted a better camera so the ls went was looking at another Ls in nov but bout a vovlo c70 t5 that was nice and quick but was not rwd and was heavy on teh petrol was lucky if i got 14 round town might of been the way i was driving it lol so sold that and got another trans am one i wanted when i got the vovlo now i have just sold that one and my first trans am and just bought a new shape one with about 460ish bhp few mods to come to put it over 600 will find soome pics for you
  6. the last two are great best thing about having a digtal camera it does not matter how many you take last storm we had i was just going to bed at 1am when the lighting statred so i got the camera got the remote lead stuck it out the window in shade of the rain and just press and held on took about 50 pics but got 1 shot worth keeping shame i did not know it was fork lighting as i would of got out of bed the other night gone to the top of the hill in the car and got some good pics
  7. i am with keith i always use elements 6 i have all the cs stuff and never use it elements does every thing
  8. best to spary wd 40 or something like that over say the top arm take it out and try it and keep doing eash bit till it stops just so you then know what it was and what to spray next time but most cars do squeek when its warm
  9. sorry only just seen this as a mot tester i will say most of it is down to the tester what i think is bad and what you think is bad are two diff things you can fail it if its stained but only if it makes it likey to be miss read and you can not make new plates up unless you have the v5 and driving licence and a mot even if its a fail so they had no right of changing the plates as the car is in your name matt
  10. i like watching it like you said get a uk team to knock down and rebuild a house in 7 days they would not turn up for the first 7 days lol the best bit of it is they do it for the right reasons some of them bering a tear to your eye best ones are for squades widows wear they have dead at war more should be done for them
  11. i bet she did something then :D :D :D :D
  12. clad your staying we better put them banners away now lol
  13. well thanks Keith you have helped me out a bit if not with the car but with the camera's but you will pop in as i always did just to see what is happening
  14. well i put atf in mine and it only lasted about 1-2 months before it went and it was the oil that did it
  15. been told all service psrts same mk2 and mk3 i am sure the parts will not find the mk3 as the mk2 as a diff engine compeared to the mk3 the mk3's are the better ones unless you have a mk4 look better and better insides i think
  16. i am with you on that just about to buy a v plate volvo c70 2.3 t5 hope to pay about 1500 for it ok needs a knock looking at but its clean and has loads of stuff on it should get it on thursday but if you want fun and fast and good car in all get a ls400 they drift well well mine did loads of speen and now to dear on the insurance
  17. make sure you use the right totota oil as i used normal atf and only lasted about a month or so before it went bang again
  18. when i sold mine it was a 95 mk3 and it had the total of 0 miles thats right 0 zero as the battery had been flat for so long it had wiped the milage but when it was running it had 115k
  19. i did mine when i had it and was not to bad to do and like you said the n/s bank was the harder side
  20. well if it was me i would sell the lexus and get a little one one thing over every thing is you are doing that many miles a day is the driver seat has to be nice dont want and pains anywere and get a little play toy as well i did well not litle i got a 6.6 trans am and just selling my van to get another one how i like the yanks v8s now sound so good but the best car i have driven is still my LS
  21. i have a i/r lens but never had any luck with it on my old camera but now i have a new one i have not used it as i have only just found my tripod was right at the back of the loft (rewired the house every thing in the loft) now i can take longer shots but did not know about the time of the day ect so i have learnt something thanks keith might have a play tomorrow as i am out and about tomorrow with the trans am club will post if they turn out any good what camera you got
  22. nearly wet my self when his wheel fel off on his fait shame may got the lexus as it would of beat every thing
  23. to common i had them and even worse when you have to work on there had to change a front spring on one i fail on the mot it took most of the day as the whole front of the car /skateboard had to come apart but cheap to run
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