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  1. Yahoo! The front bit of the DVD/ NAV has been installed, now waiting on the headrest screens. What a mission this has been getting it rewired. etc, etc. Been playing with my NAV, driving around aimlessly, just got back in now! ilikeitalott...turn left now...if possible turn 800 metres bear left. are no longer on a road! Sorry this NAV thing is a bit new to me so I am loving it, plus I can watch DVD's!! What I need to know colour and location of the speed pulse wire. Always something!! Does anything ever go according to plan? Anybody?? I believe it is in the ECU behind headlights on passenger side, any one KNOW FOR SURE what the colour is?
  2. By the way, after a very prolonged and unsuccessful search for a audio harness for the IS. I would like to share the following... :D First there is currently no one in the UK that sells these. (Hope I am wrong) The dash kit and audio wiring harness is available from Scosche Industries They are based in the US. They also do a single din fascia kit with a 'pocket' underneath Anyone who changes their audio unit will either have to rewire the loom or order one of these get one right away!! Today I had my car rewired bypassing the amp behind the glove box Whew!
  3. I am cutting my JDM one and using the standard bottom bit for the 3 buttons.
  4. Autoleads don't do it...believe it or not! It must be somewhere because so many others have done it, but have they cut the wires in the loom? I'll get one by hook or by crook!
  5. Been looking at this too! :D The way I understand it (with the Parrot kit) - the handsfree kit is a bluetooth device in its own right. The kit actually has it's own phonebook and voice tags You pair the two - then first time around, add all the voice tags you want. From that point on - everytime you get in range of the handsfree device, the phone and car sync, and you can add any voice tags to the car for any numbers created since last time you synced. I really hope I am wrong on this one because that would be great if it is true, but I could'nt see anything in the manual about the car kit storing voice tags or synch-ing or is that sinking??. The way it works is that you press and hold the small remote button say the name and if there is a corresponding voice tag in your phone book it dials the number. I only really use it for commonly dialled numbers. 300 voice tags...phew i dunno! Rodders your phone (6310i) is the same as the one I am using (I like it so much I have two...and a brand new boxed offline one for sale if anyone is interested!)
  6. This is what I need, but this is from a US site!! Any ideas?? Anyone?
  7. If that's what it takes to get one...i might consider my options!!
  8. Please some kind soul with some info...I need to connect a Pioneer unit to the Lexus stereo cables, see pic attached, I need a cable from this to standard ISO. Can anyone help me with a link or tel no?? I am hoping to have it in my hands by Friday morning! EEK!
  9. Echoing the sentiments all round...very nice! icons are well cool. We all know our favourite :whispers: I didn't like the yucky colour combinations previously on the Forums :whisperover:
  10. Yes...but you could do a combo special for Truck Drivers.. Chip Supper and Used Vegetable Oil on the M6...just MY idea for OUR Lambos!!
  11. Used Vegetable Oil aka Diesel replacement! ....Playa you work in a chip shop don't you? How much for a litre!
  12. The phone can be absolutely anywhere in the car, briefcase whatever. The mic is hardwired to the control unit as is the speaker and remote control. The speaker is loud and clear and the person on the other end can't tell I'm on handsfree. The only problem is that when a call comes in and you have a car full of people....everyone gets to listen...OR...everyone gets to join in which is great for taking the p out of some people!! But then you have the option of disconnecting it from Bluetooth too.
  13. As an IS200 owner looking to part exchange or get a new car as time what will you consider? IS300, GS300...SC430??? Or a different brand...anyone seen the RS6 in autocar?? Just wondering:rolleyes:
  14. Hi Ricky, I have not yet hooked it up to the audio unit as I am changing the stock head unit....but it can be done. Also this kit is not phone/brand specific, so it will work with any Bluetooth phone, got it for £199, perhaps pricey, but still I think it is worth it in the long run. I dunno!