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  1. Happy Birthday thegooseman!

  2. Bump! All this stuff is still free to a good home if it can be collected from Felixstowe.
  3. Free to an appreciative home. This Lexus 'stuff' was collected by my late brother, TonyGoose. Rather than throw it out I thought it would be good to first offer it for free to any LOC member who might appreciate having it. Amongst the 'stuff' is: IS 200 assorted promotional brochures from 2001 on. Lexus Magazine - Issue 2 (Winter 2003) to Qtr 1 2008 edition. Promotional DVD - IS200 launch Ads from 1999 and other promotional video. Lexus lightweight jacket in tan. LOC cup coasters x 4 LOC window stickers and tax disk holders. Lexus motor insurance key fobs x 5 Should anyone want this 'lot' then the only condition is that you must collect it from Felixstowe, Suffolk. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  4. Very many thanks for all your kind messages of condolence and special thanks to janey for organising flowers on behalf of LOC; they were on-show at the crematorium then the following day we took them to Felixstowe Cemetery and placed them on the family plot. The funeral service was totally befitting for the selfless and very fondly thought of man that Tony was. His immaculate TTE Supercharged IS200 SE was parked proudly in his memory 'front and centre' of the entrance for all to admire as they arrived. After the service the subsequent gathering at the Oyster Reach, Ipswich, was a wonderful event that gathered many of Tony's friends and family together to share their memories of him and enjoy looking at countless photos from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Happier days. As an enduring memory to all his friends of the LOC community, I have posted this photo of Tony with his pristine T90 OSE; a photo taken by our Mum circa 2004/5. Tony Goose 10 Jul 1966 - 9 Mar 2013 May he live on in the memories of all who knew him or were so fortunate to have met him.
  5. As TonyGoose (bruvver) says, I still have 2 sets of 'as new' continental headlights. If they are of any use let me know but I will only them go as pairs. A pair will cost 75 notes + postage (they will be supplied in their original boxes).
  6. Can you use these gadgets to talk to people aswell?
  7. Hope they don't change the external appearance at all, the car already posesses awesome looks. Must put a more durable paint on to prevent beards of white chips over the front end. More guts required from under the bonnet. Alloys are nice looking already but must have something done to increase resistance to corrosion. In addition to electric and heated front seats, I would love to see memory put on the Dvrs seat. Knock ten grand off the retail price and blow up all slimey rip off Lexus car salesmen, especially those who work in Swindon.
  8. Well, sadly I let my pride and joy go to a slimey rip off merchant dealer in Lexus Swindon yesterday . Been advertising in Auto trader but no joy so had to let it go at a ridiculously low price. Car was 11 months old with 12 thousand miles on the clock, IS 200 Sport in Granite Sky. All I wanted was 17K , had to settle for 16200K . It will probably be on Lexus Swindons forecourt for 18995K tomorrow . I'll never understand why they have to make so much profit on a sale. Whatever happened to aftersales service and customer care. (I suppose they did give me a lift to the bus station after they had taken my keys). And so ends 2 years of driving brand spanking IS 200s. May have one again in the future (as long as they sought the paint out) but for now I'll settle for my 1995 BMW 525i SE which I picked up on Monday for under 3 grand. Hope you don't mind if I continue to visit this marvellous club despite being a BMW owner .
  9. The worst has to be the 1989 Vauxhall Nova 1.3L (First Car), but even that was good fun! Other cars: 1986 Vauxhall Cavalier SRi Saloon - Very quick! 1983 BMW 320i Coupe (LHD) - I loved this car, kept it for 7 years and I was only the 2nd owner. 1992 BMW 525i SE - Autobahn cruiser! 2001 IS200 Sport 2002 IS200 Sport
  10. Was ist los mit der deutschen bundespost?
  11. May 2002 IS200 Sport in Granite Sky with Exmoor half leather interior. 10500 miles on the clock, FLSH, 1 owner. 2 years manufacturers warranty. Immaculate inside and out (no scuffs on wheels). GBP17500. Note: This car is NOT an Import, it originated from Lexus GB.
  12. Tyre pressures can be found on a decal inside the drivers door. Open the door and look on the foremost side of the centre pillar, voila!
  13. No need to drop the engine to change the belt on a mondeo?
  14. Hi Liam, On your 2000 model you only need to press the lock button once to double lock your car (deadlock). If you press the lock button a second time the indicators will flash 5 times indicating that the interior motion sensor has been disabled. The locking system was revised at the back end of 2001.