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  1. Didn't JC demostrate this on Top Gear? It may well have been Top Gear, it may even have been a post on here ? but you can't help but try it.
  2. I didn't believe when I heard it so it tried it. The other good what is that if you walk away from your car and you think "did I lock it" and you press the lock button but your too far away , hold the key to your head and it will lock it, obviously this has its limitations but it will extend the original range.Probably bad for you mind
  3. Hi All, its been a while since I posted. This key locking is a good one and I have done it in my IS200 probably quite common it comes with being able to eject the boot without opening the car putting coat in and thinking doh. I had a new 250sr demo at the weekend and heard a strange bleep as I tried to lock the car and voila coat on back seat. Very clever. But this will help you if you do manage to lock keys in a car thats not as intelligent as the new IS Call your wife, partner whoever on their mobile phone, at home(assuming thats where the spare is) on your mobile phone stand next to the car and get whoever has the spare key to point it at their phone while you point your phone at the car, and it will unlock the car, try it its fantastic.
  4. Was one taken inside the house and the other outside ?
  5. Could be warped disc or seized caliper (or both) or even the balance on the wheels
  6. You could try unlocking the car not openning it and letting it re-lock itself. Worth a go.
  7. The wife has these blades fitted to her C-Max and they do seem pretty good. IF you went to Halfords it would probably cost similar money for so callled "normal" blades
  8. If he sells that using the buy it now, mine will be off the Lex within the hour Maybe it's an april fool :duh:
  9. A few possibilities : a) seized caliper B) a warped disc c) incorrect wheel balance.
  10. Shahz, I found it happened for a couple of days then nothing (touch wood). Atleast its not a jiggered receiver, although I guess you'll have to pay for a valet
  11. Not sure about the screw, but as for the unlocking, I have experienced this before (more than once) it is a strange phenomena. I think you'll find that if you open the car with the key, the alarm will sound, start the engine straight away, the alarm will continue to sound for another 10 secs or so then it will stop. Move your car down the road or into the next street, get out and try locking and unlocking and it should be fine. The only "explination" is interference ?? The car thinks its being tampered with and shuts itself off. Hope this helps.
  12. It looks like the Limited Edition and the colour Kodiak Sky. I was looking a one in Lexus Teesside, and it looks similar
  13. Thanks guys Any truth in the salesmens :tsktsk: about only producing 200 ?????
  14. 20K service is a main service so not a bad price. I had mine MOT'd yesterday by Lexus and it was £50.00, although £5 or £10 more than other garages it was in for is 90K service and it was more conveniant for me to get them both done on the same day. The other plus is that if you ask for a courtesy car they might give you a 250 B)
  15. Morning All It's been a long time since I posted, in the main due to trouble free motoring. I currently have a 2000W se with SatNav with 92000 miles on The warrenty runs out next month and to the best of my knowledge Lexus wont allow and extension due to the car being over 7 yrs old. The dealer does have a 53 plate 200 Limited Edition, which apart from Coulour, HID & full leather looks the same as mine. My question is what was the "LE" based on sport / SE and are there any other differences, apart from it doesn't have SATNAV Thanks in Advance Chris
  16. I had vibration at speeds above 60. Had new tyres fitted and it's gone :)
  17. I've just had my best tank ever. It was 75% motorway driving and I tried a different approach, I usually set the cruise at 75 when on a Motorway. But on this occasion I wasn't in a rush, so set the cruise in the usual manner but then when on a flat (no gradiant) piece of motorway I adjusted it down until the fuel metre was showing in the region of 40mpg. This meant I was doing closer to 70MPH That was on the way from Middlesbrough to Birmingham Airport. On the way back I just wanted to get home so revereted back to the old 75 set. The following 3 days, was my usual around town commuting to work getting to the road speed limit ASAP. I filled up this morning and got 34.4 MPG which I think is really good. It's just a pity that most of the time is 25-27. Regards Chris p.s. It's an auto.
  18. I probably won't be cheap to repair, but then again nor will it be cheap to replace. I think Autosounds in Bradford would be a good starting point, I am pretty sure they are the UK repair agents for Lexus, but please dont quote me
  19. If anyone has it will probably cost you BIG money, I had my screen (only) replaced last year under warrenty, the bill.......................£2800.00 :tsktsk: mind you £95 of that was fitting :D
  20. I would be intrested in the results. Thanks Chris
  21. Pirate Pete, just out of curisity what MPG are you getting ? and are you Manual or Auto please ?
  22. Welcome Reading this post I feel like an old man ..... @ 34
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