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  1. Maybe you can combine with some other members who are keen on the other bushings.
  2. I have all the bushing except the Differiential bushing mounting set. I've had all mine done apart from the subframe mounting ones (by TDi) how much for them young man I am looking at 500 pounds for all those new TRD bushing mentioned above.
  3. I have all the bushing except the Differiential bushing mounting set.
  4. Hi, I have a brand new set (still never open from TRD boxes) of the following TRD Competition bushing for sale. a) Steering Rack Bushing B) Suspension Bushing Set c) Rear Suspension Member Bushing Set The above is suitable for IS200 or RS200. Interested parties, Kindly give an offer for the above-mentioned products cos I am changing car soon.
  5. From my experience, having the 18inch rim looks great but the downside is the initial take off speed as compared to the 17inch is much slower which mean a little sluggish.
  6. Hi, Anyone done the stroker kit and care to share his/her experience after the upgrade. Thank you.
  7. Anyone care to share, what is the stock IS200 compression ratio and has anyone increase the compression ratio to have a better engine response at low revs.
  8. There have been 'issues' with IS200 timing belts failing WAY before their due date. Dealer tech recently showed me one he was doing - looked worryingly frayed!! Warned me to keep an eye on mine - not easy to get a look at though. Well, have them to check at 125,000 or 130,000km to play safe.
  9. Hi John, You are planning to change your timing belt?. According to BM, our timing belt will last up to 150,000km
  10. I managed to get 217km at the trip to Sepang.
  11. I had this problem 2 and it is on the front passenger side near the door & gloove compartment. Anyone had this 2 & care to share the remedy. Thanks
  12. I think the weight is about 10kg and shipment cost really depend on which courier u choose. We have DHL, TNT, UPS, Singapore Post etc in Singapore. I think it is much better if you could send a mail to AUTOFIX and ask them to quote you the price including shipping cost to your country. Alternatively you can give AUTOFIX a call at 65-64544940 and look for Chris.
  13. In UK pound, the price is 360 pound. I felt that the AUTOFIX header is much better in performance & flow as compared with my previous header with pre-cats removed.
  14. Hi Assin, Kindly post your queries including pricing to AUTOFIX at autofix@pacific.net.sg. I hope that they are able to help you. Thanks