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  1. Happy Birthday UltraViolet!

  2. Steve, When I do a mail run - I weigh one to see the cost, then take the whole lot (unstamped) to the post office and pay for the lot (say 1,150 x 60p) and they sort the lot - apply postage etc. I simply drive round the back, show them my recepit, then pull a trolley up to my car and empty my boot into the trolley. Got to be easier than franking hundreds of envelopes????
  3. Scott - email me if she comes through ...... otherwise next weekend - she'll be gone! Sammy@hondarevolutions.com Thx
  4. Except he couldn't give me that unless he had a buyer waiting. Aparently the market doesn't value SEs at all. The private buyer wants the Sport and consequently the trade (for a mint car) only value at 2002 car at a little over £11k ..... if they had a ready buyer - they would sell for over £13k - hence if he finds a buyer - he will give me £12k Best cash price I have had will take the car next week if nothing better comes along. If I accept it - the Lexus will have lost almost 50% of its value in 2 years - that is shocking. Especially considering one of the factors in chosing the car was I thought they held their value well. By comparison .... a mate bought a BWM Compact at the same sort of time ....... done more miles and is much lower spec - cost a little less than my Lexus, but has been sold for several thousand more. I am not a Beemer fan (far from it) but you can't argue with their comparable residuals.
  5. Now inviting offers. Advertised elsewhere at £12,750 The car cost over £20k only 2 years ago. This is the heaviest depreciation I have ever suffered in my life!!!! Someone make me an offer before I just dump it at the dealers.
  6. Price now £12,900 If anyone wants to buy it - I could fetch her to Gaydon and get a lift home from a friend!
  7. Scott - £13k and she's yours! That is one heck of a good deal .....
  8. No-one know anyone looking for a 2 year old IS200 ??? What's it worth??? Well .... a dealer today told me that as my car is mint, brand new tyres, never smoked in ..... even still got the label on the cd player (as they do when new) .... he could give me £12,200 - I told him to go away (politely) It must be worth more than that. 40% depreciation in 2 years is pretty rough!
  9. Just to add - 4 brand new tyres .... being fitted tomorrow (current tyres been on since new, 3mm of tread left but 3 sideways moments coming off roundabouts in the last 7 days has convinced me that despite being legal - the existing tyres are no longer suitable! So £13,500 for a 2 year old IS200SE in Alan Partridge blue :D
  10. I am considering going into a garage tomorrow and asking how much if they just take the car off me. Bit worried they are going to come back with something like £12k! :tsktsk:
  11. Thanks .... but that one has only 13k miles though not 35k. Mine is a manual which is preferable to me, but cheaper new. Also mine doesn't have parking sensors. And I'm not trading it in for another car ...... so I doubt I could get £14k. I have seen other 2002 cars advertised for £12,750 - but to be fair, they have not been pristine examples like mine. My car is still like new. It has the new wheels and hi-fi and I travel alone usually so the seats are all perfect - I am not a large person - no strain on the bolsters! :winky: It is disappointing though as one of the reasons I chose this car was due to historically having good residuals. The market has really dropped.
  12. Cripes - does no-one want these cars second hand??? Usually if I put one of my cars up for sale, they sell within a day or two!! Any sniffs at £13k ????
  13. Okay - £13.5k to £14k sounds about right. The car is in great condition. I have owned it from new and as those who know me will confirm - I look after my cars very well!!! Anyone looking for one at this sort of dosh?
  14. Hmmm - no one wants one of these? Or can give a rough price. I would prefer it to go to someone who will enjoy, but if no one wants it, I will just let the dealer have her back. I have owned the car from new and it has been well looked after. Not even driven hard as I have other cars that I prefer for that sort of thing. I will give it a few weeks and if no-one wants her, I shall see how much the dealer thinks it is worth.
  15. Afraid so Zee ...... but what the heck - I used to always fetch a Honda to meets anyway - so as long as I'm still welcome.....