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  1. Hi! Like Javaboss - I'm going to change my 2000X IS200SE for smthg else. Against a IS300 my car was valued at just over £13K. Overall I've been extremely happy with my IS & the Coventry dealer - The stereo (13903) has just been replaced due to ERROR3 problem, I've had two complete sets of alloys - the latest having some wild coating where breakdust can just be jetwashed off (instead of using wonder wheels etc). There's a big but tho' - Cruise sounds good, auto box doesn't. I've taken the IS300 out a couple of times and played the Eshift buttons. This is the rub, I've always had manual gearboxes and the IS200's manual, on the whole, is very satisfying. I do a mixture of parking, usually around M40/M42/M5/M6. The question really is, has any IS200 manual devotee already made the plunge and gone for IS300 and was it a succesful leap?
  2. I've had two sets of tyres at 50K miles. The Potenza RE040 and Toyo Proxes T1S both lasted 25K each, but my driving is nearly all motorway! Guess that's why I havent replaced my brake pads yet either..!
  3. Like Blue Thunder, I had my alloys replaced and found within 6K miles that front inside tread had completely disappeared - I was running Bridgestone RE040's at the time. I am sure in my case, that the "new alloys" have been made heavier than the old ones as it immediately affected the steering. Since noticing this and Lexus suggesting to try tracking - I have replaced tyres, had wheel balancing / 4 wheel tracking done. The Toyo Proxes at 35psi seem to be lasting tho'
  4. Worst thing ? Kev it up big style for 59p by sticking a Halfords own-brand self adhesive spangly "T U R B O" badge on the boot lid. mmm,tasteless.
  5. Here's my recent results from a Bleissbarth ML4600 Wheel alignment system. Hope you find it useful Regards, Ed
  6. Hi All, I'm disappointed with the number of stone chips I have on my Black IS200. My car has done 30K in 18 months and theres a large number (50+?) stone chips just on the bonnet. With most of them you can see the grey/silver primer or a white coat. There again some cars are just prone to it, and if your local council is like Worcs Districy Council it doesnt help when road resurfacing is just a splash (tar) and dash (grit)... I cant imagine a uk Lexus owner putting a car bra on... It would look too odd.. I'll use chipsaway or just get the bonnet completely resprayed when I sell...
  7. What I'd really like to see are static reviews of all these after market addons you all seem to be buying. Like a buyers guide, pictures, sound fitting tips, how much to pay, where to buy from and who to see to get it fitted. Esp things like the Superchargers, Back Boxes, Springs etc. :)
  8. Toshiba PDR-M71 3 Mega pixel, about £300 at Has had good reviews at and at PC Pro issue 90.
  9. My local dealer suggested that a 5sp IS300 would be ready for the end of the year in the UK. I also remember reading somewhere in one of the car rags that they couldn't use the IS200's 6sp box as it wasn't up to delivering the amount of power that the 3.0l engine pushes out.
  10. Lexus' Own Insurance (pick up leaflet at Lexus) 10 Yrs no claim (only 7 counted) Fully Comp plus Business Class 1 Garaged at Night 0 Points, SP50 in 2000 £650
  11. Worst Car? - Umm, had a few... FIAT (Fixed It Again Today) '97 Punto GT Turbo (Black). For 3 months it went like a rocket, the next 18 months it was in the garage being "fixed"! - repeatedly for spitting its coolant out when idling in traffic - then overheating and making some very strange noises from the engine. Also had the nice side effect of being on full boost at standstill in traffic. The iconic '93 Clio 16V was great until the power assitance hose for the breaks split at 85 mph on the M1. All the fluid was instantly vapourised on the cat, the cars following me went thro' a mile long fog patch. Still it had the best seats of any car Ive driven. And more dials to watch than any car this side of a Aston. The slippery '97 Mazda 323 1.8 Exec. Had the oddest gear ratio ever, was a sloth up until 80 mph then went like a rocket to 120mph.... The boy racer '99 Saxo 1.6 VTS had the worst seats of any car I've had.....But the most sublime suspension setting for B french roads.
  12. I'm a tech manager for an IT.NET firm in Brum specialising in MS infrastructure products.
  13. I got 25K out of my Bridgstone RE040's before replacing them with Toyo T1-S Proxes. They cost £102 a corner inc fitting. The only thing missing from the Toyo's that I liked on the RE40's was a alloy protector ridge/rim.
  14. Yup, I agree with all the comments. Last year I had RE040's and used SNOW button and it was pretty useless got the brakes stinking after 10 metres. This year I have Toyo Proxes T1-S and still the same. Best thing is to have a front wheel drive car for the few days a year its icy/snowy in the midlands.