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  1. Here's an option I posted in a topic earlier. Essex based. Ages ago someone here (can't remember who) recommended a firm on Canvey Island, Essex. Made a note of it at the time for when I want some wheels doing. JP Polishing TG
  2. Ages ago someone here (can't remember who) recommended a firm on Canvey Island, Essex. Made a note of it at the time for when I want some wheels doing. JP Polishing TG
  3. Last few weeks been watching my mileage creep up through the 60's. Been thinking wonder if I'll actually notice it with all 6's and here's the saddo bit Nipped out briefly on Sunday and arrived home with mileage at 66664 so .... drove round the block a few times to make sure I parked up with it at 66666 All so I could get this picture with the meter showing the sixes. TG
  4. Hello Dan Surprise surprise seeing you round here Welcome to the club - hope you find it useful ... TG
  5. It's pinned in the Lexus General Maintenance section. See here - OBD2 trouble codes TG
  6. Can't remember who it was but somebody round here mentioned buying one of these :- Car fault reader TG
  7. I got a newsletter email from Lexus UK earlier this week with the following link :- The All-New IS TG
  8. From todays Auto Express email. LFA RIP TG
  9. I'm with you on that but not because I particularly like Yellow. People with FOG lights for their intended purpose generally have Yellow as that's what works best in the fog. Those who just have them as another set of lights might go way up the K range instead. Much less effective light output but perhaps just going for pretty colour Blue or Pinky Purple TG
  10. I agree with that. Renewed mine online for last 5 years. This years renewal form arrived in post today so number 6 to follow shortly. TG
  11. Article today in Auto Express email about pending coupe models also mentions new IS launch. LF-CC article TG
  12. Do you see the collapsible subject options down the left hand side ? Page looks like this :- Start by clicking on "Repair Manual" followed by the area you're looking for. That page (and some people) say it only works with Internet explorer browser but I'm using firefox at the moment. TG
  13. The manuals the dealers use can be found here workshop manuals TG
  14. Well at least being in the UK they have a choice. Across lots of mainland Europe you don't get to choose. If it's winter then you must have winter tyres. That's the law. Not just the huge mountain countries either. Pretty much the first thing people mention when you say "winter" tyres is snow. Although they DO provide a benefit there that's not all they're for. TG
  15. I received the following personal message so if anyone is interested then have fun TG <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Hi. I'm editor of Classic Car Mart magazine at Kelsey Publishing and we've planned a photo shoot comparing the LS400 with the Jaguar XJ40. I know it was done back in the day but it will be interesting to see how well they compare so many years later! Would you be able to put us in touch with a forum/club member with a suitable car who might be interested ? We'll try and do a photo shoot somewhere in the Midlands like the Gaydon museum within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your help Regards Paul Wager Editor, Classic Car Mart 07973 771514 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  16. " Locking with key " from the owners manual :- 1) Vehicles without double locking. Locking (or unlocking) the driver's door will lock (or unlock) all the other doors simultaneously. 2) Vehicles with double locking. When locking or unlocking the drivers door, only the drivers door is locked or unlocked. In case of locking or unlocking other doors, please operate with the power door lock switch. Be ready for the alarm to go off if you're experimenting TG
  17. Pretty sure they weren't standard anywhere. There were a couple of group buys for some on these forums which is probably where yours came from too. TG
  18. Lexus Birmingham have some in their ebay shop Lexusbirm TG
  19. Check your brake lamps are all working - including the centre high one. TG
  20. I've just bought some "non standard" discs for my IS200 and some Ferodo pads to go with them. Not fitted yet - saving that until the spring. Just taking advantage of an offer. Similar deals for GS300 here Clark motorsport GS offers I've had Ferodo pads too on previous cars and had no problems with them. TG
  21. Lexus Birmingham have some front discs + pads in their Ebay shop for £160 + £15 delivery. Here's the link if any use GS discs + pads There's some rear pads in the shop too. TG
  22. Doing just a pair of winter tyres can be very dangerous = not recommended. If that's the plan then better to go for the "take the bus" option. TG
  23. I'd suggest the first option should be winter tyres. Quite surprising the difference they make if you've not had them before. TG
  24. Good news ? Item in this weeks email ... Auto Express CT200h 5th report TG
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