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  1. Hi Steve hope you are safe and well.  Marion and I will not be buying another Lexus when our PCP ends in August.  We are going for a fully electric car which Lexus do not, at this time produce.  It is over 17 years since we bought our IS200, and we attended many LOC meetings.  We want to thank you for all the work you have done for this club over the years.  You never know, we may pop up in an electric Lexus someday.  

    Thanks Steve


    Jim and Marion


    1. Steve


      Hi Jim

      I remember us celebrating your 50th at JAE all those years ago. Good times. 

      Let's hope Lexus hurry up with that full electric car. Definitely needed.

      take care and hope to see you again.


  2. Hi Steve, I'm trying to find out how to cancel my membership.

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    2. steve2006



      Steve should have sorted it by now and notified you, he said no further payments will be taken for renewals.



    3. Wallace


      Hi Steve  thanks for the help.  I'm trying to find if Steve Barnes is still in the club as I wanted to say goodbye to him.




    4. steve2006


      This should be the link to his page.



  3. I was told it never charges to 100% and never goes completely flat at 0%. So there is always an unfilled bar at the top.
  4. Thanks for all the input. I've had the battery on charge, on and off since yesterday, as I was celebrating rather late yesterday and it's raining today, so anyway it starts OK and I will try and take it for a run, not too far from home, and see how it goes. Just one question, if these small jump start battery pack will do the trick, can't you just put any 12volt battery across the flat battery terminals to get it going?
  5. Well well what a small world, I retired from GPO/Post Office Telephones/BT/Openreach in 2012. You still have to pay for tyres etc, and batteries aren't covered out of warranty, which ours is. I'm going to leave it on charge and see what tomorrow brings.
  6. Is on a trickle charge right now. The PCP runs out in August so we are hoping not to have to spend any money on it, but it's always best to check, just incase. I can't believe it's such an awkward size.
  7. Ordinarily on my birthday I would be off to the local for a pint or three, but not today as the Lexus won't start because the battery is flat. So I have spent a couple of hours trying to find a replacement, but with no luck. Has anyone actually found a direct replacement?☹️
  8. Does anyone remember being there? One of the very first Lexus Owners Club weekend meetings. All my album says is JAE 2002.
  9. I bought the plate in 2001, and have transferred it onto 3 new cars in 2007, 2014 and 2017, so as long as you are making your car look older, that's OK. You cannot make it look younger and "V" the last time was 2000. So any car after 2000 is OK , I think!
  10. I got this wrong, they estimated £500, so i guess no reasonable offer will be refused.
  11. I got this wrong, the site said it estimated £500, so I'm guess no reasonable offer would be refused.
  12. My cherished plate is for sale as we are leaving Lexus this year. I bought it 19 years age with my first Lexus, a Silver IS200 Super. We now have our fourth Lexus an IS300h, which is how the IS has evolved over the years. I have been offered £500 from an online site, but I would rather it went to a LOC member. Please PM.
  13. My cherished plate is now for sale as we will be leaving Lexus this year. Iv'e had it for 19 years and 4 x IS300's. I've been offered £500 by an online website, so that means they will sell it for £525 at least, i'd rather it went to a LOC member. Please PM me.
  14. OK Rayaan, You cannot get one now, or in the next 6 months, and we had a test drive in a UX and rejected it as being too small in the boot/back and a bad ride because of the short wheelbase. The UX300e is coming 2021 by which time there will be a plethoras of EV's on the market.
  15. Here's my thoughts. We have had an IS200S, an IS250 Sport, an IS 300h and now have an IS300h Sport and this will be our last Lexus because we are going EV. Neither Lexus nor Toyota make a 100% electric car at the moment. We have driven "reserved" a Kia e-nero and also "been allocated" a VW First ID3. We see the market taking off this year with sales of EV's. We had to "reserve" the Kia 6 months ago because they had sold all of the 2019 allocation in the early part of the year. It is a very very good car to drive and as we have solar panels it kind of makes sense to go EV. The VW ID3 looks a very good car on paper, and VW obviously can see which way the market is going. I still cannot believe that Jaguar did not see the slump in the sale of diesel cars coming. Anyway it will be sad to leave this club, as we saw it grow from the 1990's to what it is today. Good luck all.
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