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  1. Lexus IS300h £40,000, satnav update £165 Garmin satnav £100, map updates FREE for life. Makes you think.
  2. We've come to the same decision. Don't want another IS. Looks like the UX will be too small, tested an NX and that was underpowered so that the engine was always "screaming". INHO. Also think they have missed the boat by not going for an all electric car, now that we have been bitted by the bug.
  3. Yes i've given up also. I get occasional message saying it can't download a route. I now use a separate Garmin in the car as it has all the speed cameras. Luxus satnav £40,000 with car. £200 plus to update maps. Garmin satnav £99. Lifetime FREE map updates!!!
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I think I will continue putting the odd tank of Shell in to dilute the Tesco or Asda fuel.
  5. Has anyone tried premium petrol in their IS300h? I've seen Honest John in the Telegraph twice say something like " why pay £40,000 for your car and put the cheapest petrol in the tank?".
  6. Spotted in Wellington, Shropshire today. Could have started a club meeting!
  7. Had an invite to Lexus Wolverhampton's yesterday. They have one as a demonstrator, and the official launch is this weekend.
  8. Back to the drawing board Martin. No "online search" or "select browser" in Shropshire anyway. Can't find the routes I sent from the computer, someone point me in the right direction (no pun intended).
  9. That's where I am exactly, street view works and I can send a route to the car but non of the other promised features. Our dealer said the portal is undergoing upgrades so it's just a matter of sit and wait.
  10. No Tel, no eggs to suck here. I've got it now. Now all we need is for Lexus to get the rest of the online services working.
  11. Hi Tel, yes now I get the little man and Google earth picture. I cannot connect to Online search. When I try to make a journey on the portal, all I get is where the journey starts, add a step and a huge map of my estate. I am using wi-fi Hotspot, as instructed by the dealer so I don't understand your comment about being close to the house.
  12. Forgot to mention the 15% discount with the LOC card.
  13. Had a bit of success today, we reset all the log-in in the car and we can at least get Google Earth now, it doesn't always connect to the portal, but Lexus are still working on that.
  14. Passenger side fuse box just under the glove box.
  15. Went to Halfords and had a Nextbase 321GW fitted, so I think this post is finished now, thanks for all the input.