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    You need to be a gold member to buy / sell / swap here mate
  2. Does anybody else have experience of loudly ticking catalytic converters or should I and my wallet be worried. The cats on my 97 sport have a noticeably loud tick even if the car has only been a short journey and not been overly warmed up. I put it down to cooling/contraction when the engine has been switched off but I've also heard the ticking when idling at lights whilst the car still running. cheers Chris
  3. Cd Diagnostic

    Been there as well pixie. Wanted to charge £55+vat to do a diagnostic and then said that all their audio repairs under warranty were sent to Belgium and out of warranty stuff went to autosounds in Bradford - maybe they are sending yours to Bradford? Chris
  4. Cd Diagnostic

    cheers pixie. I live in Hartlepool but work in Middlesbrough. If Autosounds is the place in North Ormesby Road i've already tried and it was they who said they couldn't help and to try Lexus Teesside. I'll check in't yellow pages and see if it was the same place. Boris
  5. cheers for the replies - was beginning to think I may have throttle body gremlins - glad to know its normal but I agree it can't be doing the box much good engaging 1st gear at 1300rpm. I've had beemers, jags, volvo's and audi's prior to the lexus and all maintained a normal idle speed from stone cold start - why not lexus??
  6. Forgive what may appear to be a daft question but is it a quirk of Lexus that my car will tick-over at 1300ish rpm from a cold start until it's warmed up? I've not experienced this since the bad old days of carburettors and chokes! Drove home 15 miles from works - parked the car - went back out 2 hours later and high revs at tick-over. Strange
  7. Cd Diagnostic

    Any members located in the North East know of a local car audio shop that would do a diagnostic on my GS 300 head unit and cd changer to try and suss out why it's not working? I've had contact with Autosound in Bradford and they can do the diagnostic but its a bit of a hike and a last resort really as I don't much fancy taking both out and posting and being stuck without any sounds for longer than necessary. cheers Chris
  8. Newbie

    Cheers for the welcome - and the advice. Tried kosher discs as opposed to the usual "burn em yourself" as well as a laser cleaner but no joy. The changer is stacking okay but nothing at all at the head unit - not even an error message. Looks like a trip to the stealers. Miles - tried the disc upside down - no luck but cheers anyway.
  9. Hi all - new to the forum having just bought a 96 GS Sport 85k with FLH. Brilliant drive but a few badly touched up battle scars to deal with at some point. My main irritant at the minute is a non-working cd. The multiplay seems to be loading the discs okay as you can hear it shuttle but when you push the cd button on the head unit - nada-zip nothing! Anybody had any experience with a similar fault? All the car hi-fi bods round our way don't want to know as they cannot get diagrams,parts etc. from Lexus and I don't fancy having my pants taken down by the local Stealer for a 2 hour diagnostic just to be told my head or shuttle is knagged and I need a bank loan for a new one! cheers Chris