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  1. HI folks, I kinda have difficulties to get use to that shape. I rather stay with the current model but would love a bigger engine...:) maybe the idea of Matt to install a Supra engine might be to consider :D :D :D Cheers Mike
  2. Hi Folks I had my 60000km Check in Germany which costed me 630 EUROs, and they only have the normal standard check plus changing the Braking pads, which was the most expensive thing on my bill. Cheers, Mike P.S I guess the 90000km will be the expensive one
  3. Hi folks, Read this: http://www.topgear.beeb.com/content/latest...survey_2002/05/ Cheers, Mike
  4. I mean sure i did not mean to outaccelerate a 2,8 but it was not too easy to be outaccelerated. But I have to admit I drove at the very limit, had a fully serviced car, nearly empty fuel and I was using Optimax. My car was light and it was a flat road. I pushed 4,5 and 6th gear to the limit.... Easily to handle however is the 200k Kompressor VW Gti V5 Audi A4 TDI 130bhp VW Passat TDI (huh do not even try) BMW 320,320 d, Cheers, Mike
  5. guys2 the 10000mile is not so expensive...you all got new cars. I tell you I got mine back and I had the 60000km one....and well guess what I paid 630 Euro man...!!!! so far the most expensive one I am driving around 45000km a year
  6. another thing which came accross my mind was that a bmw like a lexus needs revs to get quick and having only five gears is a bit slow on lower revs don't u think so ?
  7. well I think he was pushing hard as he was using his lights to try to get me off the left lane and well in a normal situation everyone will try to pass someone as quick as possible if you are using some lights from far behind what might be the case is that he did not shift down to fourth gear when he was trying to over take me
  8. Hi, but you have the supercharger, maybe they also change the limit cause mine is on 6500 rpm. Cheers, Mike
  9. Hi Guys, I have driven my IS 200 on the A5 German Motorway on the long three lane Straight between Darmstadt and Frankfurt Airport, behind me a BMW z3 2.8 who wanted to pull me on the right lane, I was in fifth gear and pushed my car to the limit till around 190kmh where the Rev was hitting slightly over 6000 rpm and pushed into sixth gear. I was pulling over to the right middle lane to let the BMW z3 pass, but he could not until around 210 kmh, when his higher top speed allowed him to over take me, so I conclude that the IS 200 is not that slow. Reading all your comparisions with Audi and Merc, well we sure do not have to fear. Besides my car does not have a supercharge and I was able to go head to head with a z3 which has around 195 bhp and its light weight. I am getting an AirinxII Filter which should give the car more boost. if I had the seventh Gear maybe I could have driven against the Z3 until full speed. Besides, I have driven the car in sixth gear until limit, until the automatic control slowed the car down at around 230kmh according to Speedo and 6500 rpm. How high can you guys rev up the car ? Would it be harmful for the engine to rev it up like that constantly, as I am driving that way everyday at about that speed :smilegrin::smilegrin: Anyway awaiting feedback from you. Cheers Mike
  10. I agree with all the points: Still a few to add: 1.Gear box knob should be offered still in that metall ball 2. Prices should be still reasonable. There is no point to launch a car at a price which is far beyond normality. Look current IS 300 3. Options like TTE Compressor should be offered at cheaper prices. 6500 Euro is a fortune... 4. Lights in the Boot could be of use when you load your car in the night. That realls annoys me. 5. Board Computer 6. Two Exhaust pipes, like Audi A4 1.8 T 7. Strong but smooth Diesel Engine 8. better damping of engine at high speeds 9. longer gears, so that more top speed 10. Better Built Quality. 11. Automatic Cruise Controll also for Manual Gear Box driven cars
  11. i went to my dealer and he told me that the smell comes due to the exhaution pipe. The exhaution pipe is very hot and all materials which are in that area and which are out of plastic or other synthetic stuff are somehow melting or getting heated as well and the smell is due to that but of no worries cheers Mike
  12. Cannot imagine either that car to have 820 hp, well maybe try for a test drive and find out, but it still looks awesome.
  13. Hi Grim, well see my other link maybe we should take the 820bhp engine and put that in a lexus :))) ask if you can have the engine only, Regards, Mike
  14. Hi folks, if it interest you there are two more awesome supras I found in www.mobile.de, if anyone is interested here are the links: number one: http://www.mobile.de/cgi-bin/search.pl?Cou...che=1&x=48&y=10 Number two: http://www.mobile.de/cgi-bin/search.pl?Cou...che=1&x=48&y=10 The second car drives with NOS, unfortunately no picture. Regards, Mike