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  1. They are called route trace and I'm guessing the system will only remember so far. try turning it off and on again. I think its designed for recording a specific route you travel instead of the three shortest/fastest routes the system suggests.
  2. By the looks of it you do have headlight washers fitted. They use the washer fluid to push up the cover when operating and it looks like its frozen the fluid and expanded pushing it up. Try heating the area up gradually with luke warm water.
  3. Heanorboy can you tell me what the towing limits for the NX are please, I googled it but couldn't find a definitive answer.
  4. IS200D Is a different engine to the 220d. I Loved my IS220D it was a 2006 model and had 160000 on it when I sold it, however I had to have the DPF cleaned and regularly removed the EGR valve to clean it (maybe twice a year). I Do about 500 miles a week long motorway journeys' and all though probably better for the car it still gunged up and wasn't much better on the MPG than my mates IS250. I strongly suggest you wait out till a nice 250 pops up and an auto would be ideal the manual gearbox in the diesel is useless and makes no sense.
  5. Rayaans right about it being lower and that might be an issue but I thought that was a given since one's a hatchback and the other an SUV. No the CT's boot is not going to be as big as the NX however as I stated it depends what she is moving around on a regular basis and whether that is worth the extra £10 -15 grand.
  6. The boot in the CT200 is reasonable but it all depends what your wife's gonna be luging about, I get two large luggage bags in the boot without having to put the seats down. Its a flat floor job with storage underneath. mines the F sport so has a Sub enclosure on one side as well. I have two kids that still use boosters and there's plenty of room in the back for them. No road tax and 50mpg on avg, make it practical enough for me. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/lexus/ct/19458/lexus-ct-200h-third-report
  7. Yeah Mikeyb999 your right, that's why I've only just noticed this after long journey's and I've had the cruise control on. I have just spent half an hour going through the settings but couldn't find anything so had to look at the manual. Next question is why can I not have my tach and cruise control switched on ?
  8. Ok its not a big deal but I've just noticed that my car has started doing this. If I put it into sport mode during a long journey the charge gauge doesn't change over to the rev counter. Everything else changes the lights, the engine etc. I know its not a big deal just wondering if its a sign of my dashboard degrading. Anybody else had/have this?
  9. Did you check the fusible link? there is a big plastic lump with a clear window on it between the battery and the fuse box and essentially it is a bigger fuse that taps off power to other systems. looks like this
  10. Thanks I will have a look into that when I get back of my hols.
  11. Just after a bit of advice on repairing or sorting out my drivers seat. Any recommendations on products or repair places?
  12. Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule
  13. Its a while since I got rid of my 200 but follow the + line from the battery and it should feed into a fusible link before it starts feeding into the fuse box. The fusible link is like a big strip of metal that taps off power to your other systems and is essentially a bigger fuse. I know its not the same engine but most modern cars use this system.
  14. Hi, very nice car there mate. I Also swapped my IS220D for one of these.