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  1. Had my 2003 MkII RX300 converted to LPG a few months ago - the tank goes in place of the spare wheel under the car. So far it is excellent - you cannot tell it is running on LPG!!! Instead of costing £50 to top up it now costs around £25 - absolutely fantastic, wish i had had it done earlier. Jon
  2. Strangley my problems has cured itself - a couple of days later they have started working again?
  3. i have an mkII RX300 and am having a weird problem with the rear windows - they work fine from the buttons on rear doors but they don't work from the buttons on the drivers door. Also if you hold the unlock button down on the key they don't wind down any ideas? Jon
  4. Hi Has anyone had the new style RX300 converted to LPG, i have seen people with the MkI have had it done but wondered if anyone with the MkII had, if so what has been your experience. Jon
  5. Hi I want to carry three youg children in my MK2 RX300 - however this will mean one of them going the front which means i need to turn off the passenger air bag - is this possible? Thanks Jon
  6. I have had the same problem with my 2 year old RX - its been back to the dealership a number of times, they always say it is fixed by it never is! Anyway i have managed to fix it myself - i have wedged some thin card down the side of the dash and its done the trick - i think the noise was the dash rubbing against the side of the car. Hope this helps Jon
  7. Took my RX into the dealer the other day because of squealing breaks - turns out the pads are worn out (24k miles). I really expected the car to have a warning light for this - turns out it is the noise that indicates the pads need replacing. Jon
  8. Have had exactly the same problem with my RX - lots and lots of stone chips on the bonnet, some are now going rusty! After a lot of protesting they have now agreed to a respray of the bonnet. Jon
  9. I had an IS300 with the same problem - it was just embarrasing having people in the car and having to explain the jerking. I complained for around a year to my dealer and custome care - no luck! I then wrote to the head of lexus GB and within a few days they offered a complete refund if i bought a new car. Went for a RX300SEL and it has been fine (fingers crossed) - i get the odd ***** but can never decide if it is my fault or the car. Hope you get sorted - i now have an issue with rust on the front of my car. I don't think Lexus customer care is as good as it should be in cases.
  10. Hi, I have a RX300 that is less than two years old and has done less than 20,000 miles. I have also had an IS200 and IS300 all of which have been prone to more than their fair share of stone chips. My problem with the RX is that the ones under the grill have all started to rust (at least 6 or 7 seperate spots) - my lexus dealer and the customer care department don't want to know. Basically they say it is not covered by the warranty. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you get it sorted? Am i being unreasonable expecting a £38,000 car not to rust? I have looked at other car a similar age and not seen anything as bad. Any help would be appreciated. Jon
  11. Out of interest how much did the tyres cost? When i had an IS300, I took it in for a service and they pointed out it need 2 new front tyres - the price they quoted was twice what i actually paid at a local tyre fitters!
  12. Hi Not sure if this helps or not but i had exactly the same problem with my IS300 - it was fine for 3000 miles and then the gearbox suddenly started playing up - it would change into second with a big thump that jerked the whole car. The battery was disconnected but after 3000 miles it came back again - it eventually got so annoying that i took it up with lexus who denied there was a problem at first. Eventually after having the car a year they admitted it was a problem and offered me a deal - I got my money back on my IS300 and bought an RX300SEL Thankfully i have not had the problem with the RX. Jon
  13. Hi, I have a new shape RX and one of the bolts that hold the rear number plate on has snapped - does anyone know how to get in to replace it? Jon
  14. Hi I have had my rx300sel for around 6 months and i too have a creaking noice while the car is warming up - it seems to be coming from the passenger side of the dashboard, either the air vent or from the air bag compartment. More annoyingly i have a rattle from somewhere within the roof lining - maybe the sunroof, seems to be above the front passenger. I have to drive with the cover pulled across otherwise is drives me up the wall. I spoke to my dealer about it but after very poor service from them over the years i don't have any faith in them fixing it. I have also lost faith with my next nearest dealer over problems with my previous car, an IS300. Anything you find out about your rattle i woud find interesting. I wish i could find a dealer that i had faith in, i am on my third lexus and even though i love my current car I sometimes think i might try a different brand next time simply because of my local dealers attitude. Jon
  15. Has anyone experienced a rattling noise coming from the sunroof on the new RX? I have to drive with the sun blind shut as it is that annoying - even then it is still a pain. My RX300SEL does it all the time - i have been to my dealer but they said it was a day and a half job and after problems with them in the past i don't trust them to do it - i think they would probably make it worse. Jon