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  1. Hi .I see you posted a lot of info on wheels .Can you give me some info on down sizeing from 19" to 18" on a Lexus LS 460 .Thanks Barrie.

  2. What did you use Photoshop or Paintshop?
  3. ifraz We have gone for Ebony Black. Claire If only I could justify buying 2 cars, but because I only spend 6 mths of the year in the country it is a bit of a waste. Thanks to you all.
  4. Well Lexi, If you have not already picked up on the fact, I have had to Part Company with my Lex. I am quite sad as she has only been with us a year. She leaves us in April to be replaced by an Audi A4 Quattro. I know there is no need, but I feel through loyalty I should explain why: 1. Due to the arrival of my son, we found the boot capabilities not up to our needs, and I know what you’ll say, and yes we looked at a sport cross and found it was not much better, it also left us with problem 2! 2. The Lex was entirely pointless in winter; the slightest drop of snow and the wife was terrified to drive her. This as you understand was impractical. So firstly to you Lexi, I hope I can still visit with you within the community and share my knowledge…………………………………………………and secondly for LEXUS, get back on track the IS needs replacing now not 2005, and give us a bigger boot!! Regards Graeme Brown
  5. Check out this amazing deal!! Eyebrow deal!!!
  6. Sorry to leave this so long but just got home! Steve, it did not look like the one in the picture, it was more or less a GS with the two lights at the front and back, but with this badge on the back, might be a mistake, stuck on Avalon instead of Aristo. Who know's!
  7. Spotted the badged Toyota Avalon outside my hotel today, it is very similer to the GS but I belive the are badged Aristo, am I wrong or can someone shed some light on this. :duh:
  8. and now they've gone and shut the site down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Midnite Challange!! Someone who is "UNKNOWN" stole my $177000 Skyline GTR!!
  10. Nissan Blubird, How could 20 Million Taxi drivers be wrong! Nissan's old Z cars were fantastic to drive, they just turned to rust at the meare sight of H2O! But really, I have only one good word on buying a Nissan: SKYLINE!
  11. :duh: :duh: :duh: What a good night out is all about!!
  12. They most likely didn't charge you anything for the HKS, but if you read your documents the have an administration fee of around that figure and thats's what you paid for them typing for 5 secs on the computer. It still sucks the big one!!
  13. You wear Stilts on your feet don't you!!
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