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  1. Hi .I see you posted a lot of info on wheels .Can you give me some info on down sizeing from 19" to 18" on a Lexus LS 460 .Thanks Barrie.

  2. What did you use Photoshop or Paintshop?
  3. ifraz We have gone for Ebony Black. Claire If only I could justify buying 2 cars, but because I only spend 6 mths of the year in the country it is a bit of a waste. Thanks to you all.
  4. This should explain. Sad Story
  5. Well Lexi, If you have not already picked up on the fact, I have had to Part Company with my Lex. I am quite sad as she has only been with us a year. She leaves us in April to be replaced by an Audi A4 Quattro. I know there is no need, but I feel through loyalty I should explain why: 1. Due to the arrival of my son, we found the boot capabilities not up to our needs, and I know what you’ll say, and yes we looked at a sport cross and found it was not much better, it also left us with problem 2! 2. The Lex was entirely pointless in winter; the slightest drop of snow and the wife was terrified to drive her. This as you understand was impractical. So firstly to you Lexi, I hope I can still visit with you within the community and share my knowledge…………………………………………………and secondly for LEXUS, get back on track the IS needs replacing now not 2005, and give us a bigger boot!! Regards Graeme Brown
  6. Anyone want to make me a sensible offer??
  7. Check out this amazing deal!! Eyebrow deal!!!
  8. Free set of 19" League Velocity's with 4 good 235/35-19 Falken tyres. <--- See pic to the left and also in gallery. These fantastic wheels cost £1600 new with tyres. To qualify for this exciting offer all you have to do is buy a set of TOM'S light brows already painted black. For the bargain price of..............................£995. Only one set left so be quick before this offer is gone. Contact me by PM. :yahoo:
  9. Make me a sensible offer if you like! I'm not unaproachable.
  10. I'm selling my 19" League Velocity's with 4 good 235/35-19 Falken tyres. <--- See pic to the left and also in gallery. £1600 new with tyres, yours for the mega discounted used price of...................£995 Contact me by PM. Hurry before I change my mind!!!
  11. Sorry to leave this so long but just got home! Steve, it did not look like the one in the picture, it was more or less a GS with the two lights at the front and back, but with this badge on the back, might be a mistake, stuck on Avalon instead of Aristo. Who know's!
  12. Spotted the badged Toyota Avalon outside my hotel today, it is very similer to the GS but I belive the are badged Aristo, am I wrong or can someone shed some light on this. :duh:
  13. and now they've gone and shut the site down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Midnite Challange!! Someone who is "UNKNOWN" stole my $177000 Skyline GTR!!