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  1. i got the same problem twice!need to keep press the key many many time or keep holding it til it unlock,but next evenning,a fuse has a clicking noise and drainning the battery,sth even worse was that i got it from lexus just over a year(it's y reg used car),so i had to pay by myself.... :tsktsk: i had this happened twice in 1 year and few weeks..!! :duh: :duh:
  2. i am in!! come on every one,let's make a list see how many of us are interested! cant wait to get them
  3. It's not illegal unless you completely changed the colour of the car and didn't change the V5. Don't know why you'd want to make your Lexus look like a taxi though. :P :P i just want to loose some weights of my toy
  4. is that legal if i change the bonnet to carbon fibre and the colour is different to the car?? and any one know where i can get the breaking parts? any helps would be greatful... thanks chris
  5. got my is200 se last september,y reg was 28k miles on the clock when i got it from lexus southamton.. now i am having some problems with her first.. the EFI fuse is clicking when i turn off the engine,it's drainning the battery,so every time i leave the car and drive the car,i need to take it off and put it on... 2nd..the right front brake has some annoying clicking noise when i brake in a certain level,it's very very loud,went to lexus and they said because the brake pad has movements so thats normall :tsktsk: !! how the hell could it be normall?!?! sounds like if there isn't any noise thats not normall!! i am now thinking to get a pair of new brake disks and pads to see if can fix the noise.. finally,had upgrade the speakers and sound deaden,so the car is a lot more heavier than it was,any choices i can loose some weights apart from carbon bonnet??? thanks chris
  6. yeah,i've spoke to him.he tolds me the same as you did. if they don't disappear after few days, go back to him..but i saw many nice cars in that range rover, range rover sport... so i have the confidence to let them do it at that cheap price.. here is my 'big' baby.. :P :P and the sport i have in China. :P :P the one i have at home. the place where surrounding the window controls are sth like rosewood. so lovely they are! can i get them in here??
  7. finally, got it done! left the garage at soke-on-trent(haven't got time go to nottingham ) with smile.. two passengers windows are top quolity....but when i got home, found some bubbles on the back window... should/can i tell him to do it again or it can't avoid?? it costs me 140...will post some pics. any one got some domain that i can upload pics?? ;)
  8. thanks, Aaron. would try it tomorrow.
  9. my rear skirt is coming the bumper,can i use anything to stick it back? if so what should i use? any help would be appreciated.. :)
  10. thanks for you all! i've booked for saturday,will post some pictures when it done~
  11. opps..i think ive got two wonder why i have't got the gold logo on~~ no...why when i log on to gold forum is gold,click on public is not gold???
  12. That'll be Richard over at Tint-R - he's ace and I've used him on both my cars now, and recommended loads of friends and they're all well happy. Mike Morse reckons he's one of the best in the country, and I'm certainly happy with the work he's done for me :) can i only do the rear window and back passengers door mirrors? how much roughly? :)
  13. hi,i recently move to hatfield to study at the university, looking to get my windows tinted..can anyone suggest me some good places to go,would be great if any discount with loc gold member... and places near stoke on trent as well...thanks!! :) :) :)
  14. thank you so much!! i could save a fortune now!! sorry to hear that about your glass..
  15. Ive done the boot and the door so far..waiting for the dynamat delivered. i have ordered 2 bulk packs,do you think thats enough for the floor? also,can you tell me how to take off the mat under the roof??