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  1. Hi, Had my IS220d Sport for 3 years so time for a change, so just bought a BMW 335d M Sport. Lovely car, pick up on Saturday. Anyway, does anyone know any good forums/owners clubs? I'd like one similar to this one, friendly and informative. Thanks,
  2. Thanks, time well spent posting that reply... Not sure Google can do recommendations based on cost and personal experience, which is what I was after. Anybody else help?
  3. Hi, Am looking at potentially using personal contract hire for my next car and am looking for athe best deal, are there any companies that offer good deals, or anyone that is recommended? Thanks,
  4. Will speak to Lexus tomorrow. Its never done it before and I've had the car nearly 3 years. Only started when the weather got really cold. Maybe there is a battery backup or something for heater settings? Anyway, I'm still under warranty, so I'll get onto lexus.
  5. Thanks guys, ordered some energizers for both fobs from eBay. £3.50. Bargain.
  6. Hi, been told by the car that the keyfob battery is low, can i change this myself or do lexus need to do this? If so, how much will they charge? Thanks,
  7. I've had an issue recently when I start the car, the heater does not retain its previous settings. It flashes orange for a about 30 seconds on windscreen/front button, then stops with no heating settings and a default temp of 22 degrees. I then have to reset back to auto with 21 degrees. When I start then engine next time same again? All my other stereo etc settings are retained. Not spoken to lexus yet, not sure if its a fault? PS I don't have multimedia unit. Any ideas?
  8. You have to adjust to the driving style of a diesel or petrol. Yes if you are travelling at say 40 mph and floor the petrol auto it doesn't seem to do much. I had a C270 CDI before that and did notice it when I booted the petrol. So you have to use the gears and rev higher. But the sound - ooh it's like comparing champagne to cheap lambrusco when you rev the petrol. A beautiful creamy v6 growl as opposed to a weedy unrefined coarse sound. That's what I'm talking. The petrol is quicker PERIOD. Get over it. Torque is nonsense. Listen to yourself
  9. As an IS220d Sport owner who has driven both IS's many times, I'd prefer an IS220d Sport auto (if they did one) over an IS250 Sport Auto. Whenever I've driven the IS250 for services/recalls etc. The engine feels really gutless in normal driving conditions, and lets be fair, nobody drives normally at 4500+ rpm. The overtaking ability is excellent. Theres a stretch on my way home from work, uphill goes into 2 lanes for about 1/2 a mile. 4th gear from about 45mph, it goes like a train! The IS220d feels faster in normal driving conditions. IMHO
  10. Mine have done over 20,000 miles so far and still have a reasonable amount of tread left, and there's more on the fronts than the rears. What's your expectation? If I did all motorway miles I'd expect to have even more tread left as I do tend to explore the grip limits on some of the quieter A & B roads we have around here Looking for around 30000 miles. This is what the Dunlops gave me. But something a bit quieter. Thanks,
  11. I'm a bit worried about the durability of the T1-R's. Anybody recommend something that is hard wearing and quiet. I do alot of motorway miles, so grip isn't the be all, more important is quietness and durability? Thanks,