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  1. Thanks. Shame. Odd to have the newer models remove good stuff from the older ones. (And I still can't get over why they removed the best bit of nx styling on the facelift: the sharp contours at the sides of the front bumper. Oh well, my next car will be electric so at the moment that means it doesn't look like it'll be a Lexus anyway.)
  2. I'd be interested to know too. On my old RX400h it would recognise the voice command "Suspend Guidance" but a decade on and they've removed this functionality from the NX. I go to the sat nav menu and then select suspend guidance there which might be slightly easier than deleting the destination but still not hands free.
  3. javadude

    Lexus UX prices

    The description of the options is rather confusing. Needs a table to explain what you get with each, what is standard on each trim level etc. I guess that will come in time.
  4. I've noticed it too but only in certain lighting(?) conditions. I guess it's nothing to worry about.
  5. javadude


    Thanks 🙂
  6. javadude


    My daughter's considering the same dashcam. How's it been? Would you still recommend it?
  7. javadude

    Radar cruise control in the rain

    It does make me wonder if self driving cars won't work in the rain.... which won't be much use in the UK.
  8. javadude

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    With my iPhone it will show texts received while connected, but not any received before/during getting in the car. Also you can't use the pre-written reply feature, eg "I will arrive in x minutes" (with x populated by the sat nav). I believe that they are restrictions in the API provided by Apple. (Having moved from Android I've found this any many other failings of iPhone surprising and depressing given how highly some people rate iPhones. I only got it as the iPhone 8 is the only modern phone which will fit in the small pre-facelift Qi charging tray.)
  9. javadude

    Tried an NX Today

    Wow, but it so smooth and quiet compared to the NX. Rev the NX and you just get this embarrasing loud revving sound and no action. My daughter's Peugot 106 sounds better revved.
  10. javadude

    Tried an NX Today

    Got an IS300h as a courtesy car today. Smoother ride than my NX (not F Sport and has Mitchelin Cross Climate tyres). Also big reminder of how awful the NX engine is. The (also) 2.5 litre engine in the IS is much smoother (being a V6), quieter, faster and more economic (although that might be in part to the different body shape etc). Wishing I didn't need the practicality of the NX luggage space.
  11. javadude

    Cleaning door trim on rear doors

    Thanks. Some good suggestions to try. Will probably start with the toothbrush. Maybe not my current one though....
  12. What do you use to remove the dirt between the rubber seal and plastic door trim on the edge of the rear doors? I tried running a finger down it and sliced my finger on the plastic trim at the bottom. Maybe Lexus should offer a special brush...
  13. If you fancy a bit of fun try setting the voice recognition to another language. I've been practicing (and often failing) my french with it over the last couple of days. Ok so "play artist... " etc isn't going to get you very far on holiday but it's a good way of eliciting lots of "oh dad" comments from the teenage daughter. An interesting side effect is that when it reads out english text messages it assumes french sounds for the letters and reads with a french accent so it sounds like a french person with bad english skills. It's all a bit "allo allo".