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  1. The yokohama's are dangerous in the wet. I ended up with some back on my car when the mitchelin cross-climates were not available. Regretting it now.
  2. My PCP ends in Sept and I'd like to go EV next but as Lexus don't have anything yet then I guess I'll be in the same position. It's a shame.
  3. What is shocking with the new WLTP figures is that the fuel consumption of the NX is similar to the heavier and bigger engine'd RX.
  4. Just spotted this old post. I had an RX400h (2008). It didn't have adaptive cruise control, just plain vanilla cruise control. It was great. I had it for 5 or 6 years. In some ways I wish I'd kept it instead of getting the NX. The RX was faster and more comfortable. Not as cheap to run (28-30mpg and £270? tax vs 37-40mpg and £130 tax for the NX). The adaptive cruise control on the NX is one of the things that makes it better but it was an awful lot more expensive to buy being newer.
  5. Agree with this. I thought it was more down to the engine but whatever the high revving noise is just embarrassing. It's like you're overtaking in a 1 litre car thrashing the socks off it. After driving an RX which was just quiet, effortless and fast I do miss that. (Shame the newer RXs are too big for my garage.)
  6. Lexus is also starting to stand out from the crowd by not having a battery electric vehicle. I find that sad and means that my next vehicle is likely to be not a Lexus (and I'm on my 4th). Many of their competitors either have one available to purchase now or in the near future. Nissan and Tesla have had EVs available for 7-8 years. I don't think I'd class Lexus as leading the way any more. More like falling further and further behind.
  7. What bugs me (I have a pre-2018 facelift Premier) is having to wait several minutes after starting the car before I can select music either via manually browsing or voice commands. Ok so I have about 5000 tracks in folders by artist then album but is the processor really that slow? The usb drive just stays plugged in. I rarely add new music.
  8. Nice to see they featured the Lexus "bong" sound. Shame mine doesn't fly. It doesn't even go fast.
  9. Yup, same for Android and iPhone but works better on Android cause iPhone is rubbish (I have an iPhone 8 after years of Android ownership and have used both with my NX). On Android it'll show all text messages not just those received while connected. Get a text message while getting into the car and switching on the ignition with an iPhone and it won't show up on the car. With Android you can select a reply from a menu, eg "I'm driving, I'll arrive in x minutes" with the x replaced by the time from the sat nav. Apple's bluetooth API doesn't allow sending of messages so this isn't enabled for iPhone. On my Android I could set up the car as a trusted device so my wife could use my phone without unlocking. iPhone doesn't have trusted devices/places. etc. At least it fits the pre-facelift charging tray...
  10. I switched it on when my car was collected to be taken to a bodyshop so I could see if they took any detours. Also reset the MPG to see how they drove it. I normally get 37-40 mpg. If I drive it hard I can get low 30s. They somehow managed to get 25 mpg over a mix of urban and motorway 😮
  11. 😮I think I'll check mine and see if I can get a LC 500 too.
  12. Very wise. I had a wickes articulated lorry hit my RX400h in their carpark. Smashed the rear window and bent the tailgate.
  13. Not really, although mine is Sonic Titanium. Mine has a few small stone chips on the bonnet and front bumper but less than I'd expect at 3 years old.
  14. It's perhaps an academic question as Lexus don't seem in a hurry to build one ("early 2020s" was mentioned in one news article) and by the time they have the competition will be way ahead: eg
  15. Under the settings somewhere you can switch summer on or off. From the label not mentioning the clock it sounds like it should also change the weather... A couple of weeks ago I remembered to change the clock on the NX sat nav to summer. You don't want to rush things...