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  1. You only need the range to drive for a couple of hours on the motorway and the charge speed to top up in the time it takes to stop for a break (eg toilet, coffee). EVs have that already. (eg mine will do 4 hours+ / 250-300 miles on the motorway and recharge to 80% in 22 mins.) Degradation is low and already better than the earliest EVs. Things like reduction in weight and use of cheaper and easier to source materials are going to be more significant (eg Tesla's LFP battery which doesn't use cobalt).
  2. Build quality is a lottery. When I bought (Sept 2020) mine had a list of cosmetic issues that they fixed under warranty as did many others but plenty had no problems at all. These days the UK ones are built in China and soon Germany and the quality is meant to be much better. Reliability wise after purchase mines been great and any electric car should be way more reliable than a hybrid or pure ICE as there's far less to go wrong. (My breakdown cover reduced when I changed from Lexus to Tesla.) Just waiting for Lexus to build a class leading EV. (Sadly the UX300e and RZ450e aren't 😢 ) Most surprising to see broken down: any Lexus. I've seen a few but not many over the years.
  3. I had a IS220d Sport. The gear box was better than the non-sport which I had as a courtesy car once or twice. 6th gear was so long that it struggled at 70 as mentioned. Sport gear box was nicer to drive but a bit clunky to deal with the torque. The amount of torque and the responsiveness was good. I modified my previous IS200 but didn't feel the need with the IS220 as it had everything and was quicker. Fuel economy wasn't great for a diesel as they'd just worked out how to meet some new emissions regulation. Vague memory something like mid to high 30's as the sport was less than the non-sport too. It had some recall thing done on the valves or something I think. Apart from that it was reliable but maybe I was just fortunate. If I bought again and was still into ICE cars I'd prob get the IS250 though.
  4. From
  5. It's a good job petrol isn't flammable...
  6. You don't need an app for to pay for destination (AC) chargers. They're provided for complementary charging for customers of the restaurant etc. Looking at that photo I'd guess the one on the left would work for a non-Tesla. The app is just required for (DC) superchargers.
  7. Tesla destination chargers are AC. If red and labelled for Tesla charging then they only allow Teslas to charge. If white and labelled for EV charging then any car can use them. Often there's one of each. Tesla superchargers are DC. Some (eg 15 in the UK) are open to other makes as part of a trial but they're only suited to cars with charge ports in certain locations (eg rear left or front right) as the cables are short.
  8. I don’t know of any BEV that takes 2 hours to charge. Mine takes 20 mins to charge 10 to 80%. That works during a toilet/coffee break. Mine may just be “an experiment” and “garbage” but it’s better (with the exception of problems on collection, but plenty have no problems) as a car than any Lexus I’ve driven and better than their current BEV offering sadly. Yesterday I drove 4 hour / 185 mile round trip to visit family. I didn’t need to charge during the day and returned with plenty of range left. It was really relaxing to drive being so quiet and smooth and when I wanted to have a bit of fun, which I did quite a bit too, it did that more than adequately. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds (Tesla 3LR with acceleration upgrade) makes for fun leaving the lights/roundabouts. Cost for “fuel” was £2.76 when it charged while I slept on cheap rate. EVs are already better than petrol/diesel and very necessary now. It just needs a mindset change: refuelling is not something to stand around for. It’s something you leave the car to do while you sleep, shop, pee, go to the gym...
  9. 😮You could buy a lots of different full EVs for similar or less and do 200-300 miles on electric and pay 1/10th the price of petrol.
  10. Guessing it would be no where near as easy as they cover the bottom of the car but it probably won't stop some people even if they cause massive damage and aren't successful. 😢
  11. I wonder how Lexus marketing will square that when they've been selling the idea that self-charging is superior to the better options of plug-in hybrid or full electric. 🤔
  12. ` I did the calculation based on published range for several cars when I was deciding what to get after my NX. Telsa Model 3 LR = £135 per mile. Lexus UX300e = £208 per mile The only EVs which came out worse that Lexus on my list were Audi e-tron, Jaguar iPace, Volvo XC40 Recharge and Mercedes EQC but I suppose on that basis you could say the UX300e is better value than other established premium brands. Full list: ID.3 138 UX300e 208.67 Tesla 3 SR+ 159.41 Tesla 3 LR 135.03 Hyundai Kona Premium 64kWh 119.27 Kia e-Niro '3' 64kWh 119.61 Kia Soul 122.05 Peugot e208 GT 143.48 Corsa-e 143.65 MG ZS EV 156.41 Polstar 2 160.62 Audi e-tron 243.57 Jaguar iPace 223.27 Volvo XC40 Recharge 239.9 Mercedes EQC 265 Note that's all based on published and not actual range.
  13. I've bought from Reading and another Lexus dealer in the Jemca group (Sidcup) and they were great. Really good for servicing too. Always ready to go the extra mile. The receptionist would remember my name despite only going in once or twice a year.
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