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  1. I don’t know of any BEV that takes 2 hours to charge. Mine takes 20 mins to charge 10 to 80%. That works during a toilet/coffee break. Mine may just be “an experiment” and “garbage” but it’s better (with the exception of problems on collection, but plenty have no problems) as a car than any Lexus I’ve driven and better than their current BEV offering sadly. Yesterday I drove 4 hour / 185 mile round trip to visit family. I didn’t need to charge during the day and returned with plenty of range left. It was really relaxing to drive being so quiet and smooth and when I wanted to have a bit of fun, which I did quite a bit too, it did that more than adequately. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds (Tesla 3LR with acceleration upgrade) makes for fun leaving the lights/roundabouts. Cost for “fuel” was £2.76 when it charged while I slept on cheap rate. EVs are already better than petrol/diesel and very necessary now. It just needs a mindset change: refuelling is not something to stand around for. It’s something you leave the car to do while you sleep, shop, pee, go to the gym...
  2. 😮You could buy a lots of different full EVs for similar or less and do 200-300 miles on electric and pay 1/10th the price of petrol.
  3. Guessing it would be no where near as easy as they cover the bottom of the car but it probably won't stop some people even if they cause massive damage and aren't successful. 😢
  4. I wonder how Lexus marketing will square that when they've been selling the idea that self-charging is superior to the better options of plug-in hybrid or full electric. 🤔
  5. ` I did the calculation based on published range for several cars when I was deciding what to get after my NX. Telsa Model 3 LR = £135 per mile. Lexus UX300e = £208 per mile The only EVs which came out worse that Lexus on my list were Audi e-tron, Jaguar iPace, Volvo XC40 Recharge and Mercedes EQC but I suppose on that basis you could say the UX300e is better value than other established premium brands. Full list: ID.3 138 UX300e 208.67 Tesla 3 SR+ 159.41 Tesla 3 LR 135.03 Hyundai Kona Premium 64kWh 119.27 Kia e-Niro '3' 64kWh 119.61 Kia Soul 122.05 Peugot e208 GT 143.48 Corsa-e 143.65 MG ZS EV 156.41 Polstar 2 160.62 Audi e-tron 243.57 Jaguar iPace 223.27 Volvo XC40 Recharge 239.9 Mercedes EQC 265 Note that's all based on published and not actual range.
  6. I've bought from Reading and another Lexus dealer in the Jemca group (Sidcup) and they were great. Really good for servicing too. Always ready to go the extra mile. The receptionist would remember my name despite only going in once or twice a year.
  7. That's what I did. PDP on my NX ended in Oct. If the UXe had been worth waiting for I'd have got a little run around for a few months. I was really disappointed that Lexus couldn't manage better. Bought a Telsa Model 3 Long Range instead. Longer range that the UXe, faster charging (up to 5x the kw), CCS charging instead of the Lexus "betamax" choice of Chamedo, super charger network, faster acceleration (0-60 4.2s), bigger boot, over-the-air updates so it improves gradually over time. It makes my NX look like an antique. Would never go back to an ICE car.
  8. You nailed it here. Most people will charge just a days worth of commutting, or charge every few days. Rarely will you reach 0 and charge to 100% on any day. EVs will help smooth out demand by using surplus power, eg wind power, overnight when little else is being used. It already happens. On the Octopus Agile tarriff they sometimes charge negative overnight to encourage people to take the excess. Then there may come a time when smart chargers are used to manage demand and still finish in time for you to leave in the morning. You mentioned 22kw charging at home... that needs a three phase supply which will cost you a few thousand. I find 7kw fine. I'm on Octopus Go (My referral link is if you want to switch - we each get £50 credit) and get 5p/kw charging from 00:30 to 04:30 and that's usually long enough to charge my daily usage. Also it equates to about 1/10th of the price of petrol. (The £50 credit I got on referral effectively gives me 3,000 miles free fuel.)
  9. According to the National Grid (from "Enough capacity exists With the first of these, the energy element, the most demand for electricity we’ve had in recent years in the UK was for 62GW in 2002. Since then, due to improved energy efficiency such as the installation of solar panels, the nation’s peak demand has fallen by roughly 16 per cent. Even if the impossible happened and we all switched to EVs overnight, we think demand would only increase by around 10 per cent. So we’d still be using less power as a nation than we did in 2002 and this is well within the range of manageable load fluctuation."
  10. The auto wiper setting on the model 3 is pretty good. If you want an extra wipe you can press the end of the left stalk and if you really want to change the speed then there are voice commands for it so you don't actually need to touch the screen for the wipers. If you do decide to then they are bottom right on the screen and closest to the steering wheel, no menus to navigate. Perhaps they were once not there but the user interface and features continually improve. Ooops reaslise now I was commenting on quite an old post. Just ignore me 🙂
  11. In case it helps anyone I have just moved from a Lexus NX to Tesla 3 Long Range. I love Lexus and still stop by here occasionally. Tesla build quality is a lottery. My car does have some cosmetic issues and they're being fixed on Thursday. On the Tesla forums I hear a mix of experience: very happy owners with no problems at all; problems on collection which are completely sorted followed by trouble free ownership; owners with various ongoing problems. Buying Lexus (eg the new UX300e) will almost guarantee good build quality intead if it being a lottery. The Tesla quality problems are not acceptable, not excused by them being a "new" car maker as they've been making cars for about 8 years (?). They are a product of the push for volume of sales and they are selling a lot. (Vague memory something like 3,000 vehicles in the UK in Sept.) There were 20 people collecting new cars the day I did in just the Bristol dealers. Apart from quality Tesla are sadly way ahead of Lexus, including the new UX300e, and other manufacturers. That's why people risk the lottery of the quality issues. Yesterday is a good illustration: My car had an over-the-air update available in the morning which improved the cruise control and Spotify interface. I'd left it at 71% charge and had to make an urgent trip from Reading to Cambridge. Normally I leave it to charge overnight to 80% (no need to go somewhere to fill up), and soon when I move onto a new elec tariff that'll cost me 10% the cost of petrol. If I was planning to go out I can set the car to warm the cabin, either timed or via a phone app. The car was quiet, smooth, fast (0-60 is 4.2 seconds) and I used the auto-steer with the cruise control. Better to drive than my NX was. Before returning we went to a drive thru McD and sat watching Netflix on the car screen. I could have just made the round trip without charging but stopped on the way back and plugged the car into a Tesla supercharger to charge while we went to the toilet. In that time it added 120 miles of range. That was charging at 3x what the UX300e will be able to manage and the car will manage 5x on the newest Tesla chargers. I would not have been able to make the trip without charging in the UX300e even with 100% battery. But Lexus quality and customer service are first class and I will miss them. Looking forward to when Lexus build something better.
  12. When the PCP ended on my NX there was no problem with the car having no service book, just online history. I was half expecting a battle to not be "fined".
  13. Before I handed my NX back I had this problem. Just remembered I'd not posted about it so as a warning/info to others... I had a cracked windscreen and got it replaced by Autoglass. They used a non-Lexus windscreen which they assured matched a Lexus one in every way. After fitting the HUD was displaying at an angle. The sent someone to my house to check it and agreed they needed to use a genuine Lexus windscreen. When I arrived at my next appointment the fitter explained that he'd been told to fit the same make as they tried before, from the same batch and that it would be fitted in the same precise way. We agreed that was unlikely to make any difference so he was going to ask for a different make to be sent and I left without it being fitted. Then I had a call about another appointment and was told that they would not consider a different make until they had tried the same make, same batch again. So I went back and got it fitted. It made no difference. They then agreed to order a genuine Lexus windscreen. Once that arrived I returned again, had it fitted and the HUD then displayed correctly. The fitter was going to write a report so that hopefully no one else suffers the same but just in case you can quote this incident and push for a genuine Lexus windscreen. This all happened over the lockdown period so in all I think it took about 5 months to get sorted.
  14. Bit of guess-work and think it would be £12 with parcel force. Where are you? Wondering if I pass near on visiting family etc.
  15. Used Lexus NX boot liner, £30 + postage (or collect if you're local, I'm in Reading). It's a thick rubbery plastic and good protection for the boot floor. It does mark easily, and this one is marked, but better that than the boot floor. Selling as my Lexus NX PCP has ended and the car is going.
  16. It's too late for me and a pretty poor attempt. 😢 I know build quality and finish will be excellent but it's really a half hearted attempt. You can buy a Vauxhall Corsa with longer range for 10k less. I'll sadly be leaving the Lexus fold for now. PDP agreement on NX ends next month and my conscience says no to another petrol/diesel car. I've ordered a Tesla model 3. Compared to the UX300e it has longer range (254, 329, or 348 miles), faster charging, CCS connector (the leading/growing standard in Europe, the Lexus has Chamedo), supercharger network access, faster acceleration, larger boot and over-the-air updates. (You can get all that for the same money as the Lexus but I've gone for the Long Range model: 348 miles per charge for a few thousand more and 0-60 in 4.4s.)
  17. The yokohama's are dangerous in the wet. I ended up with some back on my car when the mitchelin cross-climates were not available. Regretting it now.
  18. My PCP ends in Sept and I'd like to go EV next but as Lexus don't have anything yet then I guess I'll be in the same position. It's a shame.
  19. What is shocking with the new WLTP figures is that the fuel consumption of the NX is similar to the heavier and bigger engine'd RX.
  20. Just spotted this old post. I had an RX400h (2008). It didn't have adaptive cruise control, just plain vanilla cruise control. It was great. I had it for 5 or 6 years. In some ways I wish I'd kept it instead of getting the NX. The RX was faster and more comfortable. Not as cheap to run (28-30mpg and £270? tax vs 37-40mpg and £130 tax for the NX). The adaptive cruise control on the NX is one of the things that makes it better but it was an awful lot more expensive to buy being newer.
  21. Agree with this. I thought it was more down to the engine but whatever the high revving noise is just embarrassing. It's like you're overtaking in a 1 litre car thrashing the socks off it. After driving an RX which was just quiet, effortless and fast I do miss that. (Shame the newer RXs are too big for my garage.)
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