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  1. TRUST/GRACER AIRINX B-TYPE for Lex IS200 and 1G-FE Engine (2.0l 6 Cyl) want pic ?
  2. hy, think it´s from Win click for Pic
  3. Thanks SuperchargedIS200, that is exactly which I to ask wanted, only me was missing the correct words
  4. Hy TRD328 mmatecki: im not too sure what you are asking...can you explain it again?? In your dyno chart I recognize that of the stock engine over 7000U/min turn, which 1g-fe however limited with 6200U/min. Question was, does why your stock engine turns so highly?
  5. Hello TRD328, saw your performance diagram. Ask the number of revolutions with 6 cylinders the is200 by a speed limiter with 6200U/min, your engine light an exception to close there and turn over 7000U/min. As can be?:?:
  6. Hello, has then a problem with your Website. If I visit on your sides and make after some minutes no further activities, does this side appear which is that, a Trojaner?? kind regards mmatecki
  7. Hello together, I am likewise interested at the theme. Can somebody is assembled me explain where the ECU- Box is and how exchanged the chip? thanks mmatecki
  8. I think it is 6cyl. 2.0l Engine 1G-FE Type GXE10 Altezza AS regards mmatecki
  9. I think this is Zees, you can find here every amount : look at Altezza regards mmatecki
  10. Searches you for a good Onlineshop? Go to Onlineshop, they have a lot of Parts for the Altezza (Lexus IS 200). I order there also some times, is cheaper than to the USA or UK.
  11. Offset mine is 17x7 50mm!!??
  12. Dispatch only to the USA and Canada!
  13. Eibach springs fit with stock shock absorber? I have H&R 35 mm lowered and Koni yellow shock absorber. Search still for a front Strut tower brace like on this photo A manufacture CUSCO Japan , however, for the SXE 10. Attempts already for a few days this Part with Takakaira Inc to order. [Edited on 4-12-2001 by mmatecki] [Edited on 4-12-2001 by mmatecki]
  14. Which time becomes in the column " last post " indicated? CET? PC-System?