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  1. Can't get near it with the current weather conditions but I've done 700 on a tank: DATE 04/08/2014 MILES 711.00 LITRES 62.509 MPG 51.71
  2. You do need to drive one to get to grips with the drivetrain. The whole rpm thing is quite different to any 'conventional' setup due to it not having any fixed gear ratios. If you poke the throttle firmly, the revs will spin up to basically maximum and stay there until you ease off. A lot of people (seemingly) can't get on with this behaviour.
  3. As stated by others the engine revs are more related to load than speed. It's possible to travel significant distance at only about 1200 rpm if the terrain is flat. In the summer, taking it steady but still at around 70mph, I saw 60mpg from Manchester to Portsmouth. Realistically, that's about 56 as the computer is a bit optimistic. More than any other car I've owned, it's very sensitive to how you use your right foot. Very good numbers are achievable, but will plummet once you start pushing. My work commute (30miles m/way, 15 mixed A-road) can vary by at least 20mpg depending on circumstance/mood/weather. Over 10k, I've averaged 50.
  4. Damn, when you posted the other day (powercut thread) I very nearly said to check your battery terminals, but then I got diverted onto something else.
  5. It's already in the pipeline http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_vehicle_warning_sounds I've had a couple of near-misses with people walking into my path - makes 'em jump when they realise. What might be more useful is a proximity warning app to wake up all those muppets who wander all over the place while obliviously fixated on their twitter-feed or whatever it is that's so interesting on their smartphones.
  6. You need to drive them both and consider what you need from a car as, aside from both being hybrid drivetrain, they're not alike at all.. For me, the IS is in a different league.
  7. I did get over 700 miles a few tanks ago. I didn't really intend to stretch it that far but I was running late already and didn't have time to go via the petrol station. I did 30 something miles on zero range, and it took 62 litres to fill. I'm usually getting mid to high 600s to the tank.
  8. The reason you get more power in cold weather is because the fuel/air mixture is denser, you still have to put more fuel into that mixture. When the tyres throw up spray, that's energy being wasted moving the water. Whatever the reasons, every car on which I've bothered to measure the fuel consumption gets worse mileage in the winter.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S4. Not looked what the s/w version is on the car, but it sounds like Colin has answered the question anyway.
  10. Definitely better mpg during warmer weather for a number of reasons. Engine takes longer to reach operating temperature and you're likely to run the heater, lights and wipers more in winter which will result in more load/engine running. Cold air is more dense and will need more fuel to maintain the correct mixture. There's other factors like in winter it's more likely to be wet which will increase rolling resistance. All these little things add up.
  11. Yes, I get the option when I receive a text. There's 3 screens of pre-programmed replies to choose from (you can edit them)
  12. Very few saloons have a rear wiper. It's not easy to package a wiper mechanism in the available space. Plus, they always look really ugly. Use a repellant like RainX which will really help the water to bead and run off.
  13. I hate the parking brake, but the IS has Hill Start Assist so I don't think you would ever need to use it except when actually parked - I haven't needed it yet.
  14. There's several options, including "average after refuel" which is the one I've got set.
  15. You select what appears on the Multi Information Display with the Settings option. You need to be stopped to change these. Press left or right on the joypad on the wheel until you see Settings on the MID. Then use Up, Down and Set to change the Drive Info 1 & 2 settings to your preferred options. Drive Info 1 has the option for current MPG I think. You might have to play around a bit (or look in the book if desperate!) - there's quite a few options and it's not easy to explain in a few words. Welcome to the club :)