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  1. Got my discount confirmation from TfL yesterday. Fantastic - that's me driving in and out of London every working day for the next year for a £10 outlay. Bet they knock the RX400 out of the discount scheme next year when they extend the CC zone... But for a year at least - fantastic.
  2. I have now recievd an official letter from Congestion Charging London to tell me that the RX400 is NOT an approved vehicle for congestion charge discount. So much for that then. Still can't understand why Lexus GB think it is eligible and my Lexus dealer says he knows at least two people who have successfully claimed for discounts on the RX400. All seems most odd.... Martin
  3. Hi, I can help with your first question only. You are quite right, I'm afraid. If you're doing more than about 2 mph the contacts in your phone book disappear from the screen and you cannot dial out until you slow down again. I often end up speed-dialling from the phone itself. Defeats the object somewhat, but better than not being able to make a call! Needless to say you can receive calls at any time. I don't know whether you can dial by voice. I guess that depends on your phone. My useless BlackBerry 7000 doesn't do voice-dialling under any circumstances. Whether something sensible like a Nokia can work with the Lexus system to voice-dial I don't know. Can't help with your other questions I'm afraid. By the way, I have had many, many complaints from people I've been speaking to from the car that they can't hear me very well. The microphone seems very poor, and I end up almost shouting (even when driving very slowly). Don't think it's adjustable, either. A real disappointment , if I'm honest. (Love everything else about the car, though!) All the best, Martin
  4. According to my dealer (Lexus Park Lane) at least 2 RX400h owners have managed to get exemption from the congesiton charge. It's absolutely impossible to get a straight answer from the congestion charging people on the phone. They say all you can do is apply and see what happens. The RX400 is NOT listed as an exempt vehicle on the Energy Saving Trust site which holds the master list for congestion charging discounts/exemptions. So I guess the only thing to do is to apply and see what happens. Just wondered whether anyone here had had any luck? All the best, Martin P.S. Lexus GB took three days to call me back with a comment. they said they thought it would be exempt for the coming year, then not exempt when Ken tightens everything up and the zone is extended. But they won't be quoted on it, preusmably becasue they're terrified of being sued for misrepresentation. I have to say I'm very disappointed with Lexus for not getting a truly clear line on this.
  5. It's an absolute steal at £24k guys. Full details can be found here. SC430 on eBay Don't hesitate to contact me directly at martin.bostock@nelsonbostock.com if you're interested. All the best, Martin P.S. I wish you could edit subject headings when yuo've typed something stupod like "preoce" instead of "price" !!!
  6. If you'd like to see some more details and pictures of my beautiful baby, here's a link to an eBay ad I've set up. SC430 Not exactly expecting to sell it on eBay but it's a useful place to show the full story. All the best, Martin [Edited by Javadude to correct link]
  7. After owning my wonderful Midnight Amethyst Pearl SC430 for 4 years since new, I have finally decided to part company now that we own a new RX 400h. The car is an imported Soarer SC430, but all sorted for the UK including a British-tuned Mark Levinson entertainment centre. The sat nav is Japanese though. The car has been superbly looked after by specialist Japanese car dealers Jem, and I recently spent £2k having it returned to showroom condition, including having the alloys all re-done so they are like new. It's done just 25,000 miles I'm looking for somewhere around £28k but I'm happy to talk turkey. The car is in North London. If anyone is interested, drop me an email on martin.bostock@nelsonbostock.com or send me a private message. All the best, Martin
  8. Aha! I never even noticed the help function. Thanks very much Damian, I'll give it a try. Martin
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where I might find a list of all the voice commands available with the RX400 (and I assume RX300) when you have the full Sat Nav etc. None of my manuals seems to have a list, and it would be really useful to know what the voice control is actually capable of so I can stop guessing. It's amusing at first but saying "increase volume" only to find that the machine turns down the air-conditioning becomes annoying eventually! Thanks for any help, Martin
  10. Thanks for the reply Sami. I don't have access to the Sony over the weekend. Maybe I'll try doing the whole thing again from scratch on Monday, but I really don't think there was a different way of doing it from the way I used. Puzzling indeed.
  11. Using my chum's Sony Eriksson, I have Bluetoothed my contacts into the RX400's phonebook - hooray! Problem: I can see the names in the Phonebook, but they're all 'greyed out' if you know what I mean. I can't actually accessed them. I am connected to my own BlackBerry by Bluetooth I have a good strong signal I am in stationary and in 'park' (tried engine off and engine on) Identical problem each time: can see the names - can't access them. Any ideas?!?!?! Thanks Martin
  12. RX.300 you beat me to it! I have been searching round the web and come to exactly that conclusion: my SIM into a mate's Sony Eriksson, job done. (Well, in theory, I haven't actually done it yet...) Thank you. But why, oh why isn't there a manual option? How hard would that have been to build into the system? Martin
  13. I’ve had my RX400 SEL for just three days and I absolutely love it. I'll happily write a long review at some point, but meanwhile I wonder if anyone can help me with a stupid phone problem:- My BlackBerry 7100 connects fine via Bluetooth but (as some of you may know) BlackBerries cannot send data via Bluetooth – only voice. So I can’t download my address book direct to the RX400. “Never mind”, I thought: “I’ll just manually enter names and numbers into the RX400 system’s phone book..” But I can’t!!!! I simply cannot find a way to enter a number, give it a name and store it in the phone book. Surely it’s possible? It must just be me being stupid, right? But I have spent about an hour on this so far, and have read the manual front to back. Please don’t tell me this can only be done via Bluetooth from a cell phone… Thanks for any help! Martin
  14. Thanks guys. No I didn't notice that the rear seats are adjustable - good point! That could make a difference. John, I'd love to read a proper review from an owner. Lexus can only tell me that mine will arrive "in September", so I have time to consider To be honest, the list process here seems pretty shambolic! Lexus Park Lane (the dealer) say that Lexus UK took back responsibility for allocating away from dealers. Hence it's all gone odd and the dealers don't really know what's happening. That's their story anyway. Ah well. I'm really interested in the experience of anyone who owns/has driven an RX400. All the best, Martin
  15. I've got an RX400 SEL on order from Lexus here in London - probably due to delivery in September - but last week I took one out for a test drive. I am not familiar with the RX300, so don't know how it compares, but here are a few reactions. Sorry, don't have time for a proper, detailed review:- Extraordinary driving experience. Turn key. Brief (and not very attractive) beep. Great screen graphics show battery in operation. Then silence. Pull away in silence. At about 15mph, petrol engine kicks in - but I was unaware of it till I saw the screen display! Remarkable technology. Performance - very nippy. Plenty there when you put your foot down. Petrol engine shuts off again as you break - but you still don't notice it. Seamless. Amazing. Very comfortable, but I worry about the leg-room in the back. How do you guys feel about space in the back of your RX300s. Liked the new grill and light clusters. Will I still buy it? Yes, I think so. It's very expensive (£45k for the SEL) yet I feel that Lexus may have cut one or two corners to keep the price "down". E.g. Interior aluminium trim is tacky compared with the wood in my SC430... Great Levinson hi-fi but I felt that money had been skimped on the DVD and rear-mounted screens. Very cheap. I could be partly swayed by the result of the London congestion charge decision. I really liked the hybrid experience - the sense of driving something 'new'. But is it enough... Couple of months to make up my mind. Hope to see more reviews! All the best. Martin