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  1. I still have a mooch about here every now and again. 10-and-a-half years and 65,000 miles since I bought my IS and it's still as good today as it was when new, although sadly I'm getting ready to sell as I feel the time has come for a change
  2. I typically get 400 miles to a tank of Tesco 99, 420 is about the best I've done when driving a bit more miss daisy style, but as I like to go quick I don't do it too often :) Never knowingly reset the ECU but after nearly 10 years of ownership it should be finely tuned to my heavy right foot by now :D Always liked the Goodyear GS-D3 tyres, which I replaced the Dunlops with after about 3 years from new. Went for cheapo ones on the front earlier this year as I wasn't sure how much longer I'd be keeping the car - definitely not as good grip-wise as the GS-D3s or the newer Goodyears which I have on the back.
  3. Tis the Nieman Marcus special edition that was available at Christmas in America... more piccies on ClubLexus: It also got polished alloys and an 'F' logo on the headrests (which make it go faster too :P)
  4. Southampton have always been great to me and now they're doing 12% discounts too :D
  5. I keep getting disapproving looks from all the old people who live round here as I slide out from junctions in an almost drift-like style ^_^ I need some kind of sign that says "It's not me it's the car"
  6. This is a blast from the past. It's an Altezza Evoluer - it was either some kind of special edition or a set of dealer fit options from Modellista and Netz Toyota in Japan. There's not much left on the interweb about this model nowadays but I did manage to find a set of scans from the original brochure here. The carzone car has: - front bumper - sideskirts - grille - tail lights - orange seats/doors - single colour dash (this came as trim pieces so a whole new dash was not necessary) - sat nav + controls - gear knob - special colour (code 1D2) aka Thunder Cloud Metallic or Thunder Grey (is this the same code as Kodiak Sky?) Unfortunately it doesn't have the Evoluer wheels which I used to quite like (it's the reason I remember this model). I've attached a ZIP of the pics just in case the link doesn't work.
  7. £8.99 - you might be able to find it cheaper but I was too lazy :D
  8. I went for a Philips cassette adapter from Asda - had it for about a month and think it sounds pretty good and it doesn't make too much background noise either!
  9. i wouldn't get too steamed up about the hp figures - the press release says: "a high-performance version of the IS saloon with more than 400 horsepower from a 5.0-litre, V8 engine" it'd be best to wait until they release the actual figures (probably 401hp :))
  10. It'll be Royal Sapphire on a 'Y' - the newer blue came out for the '51' reg iirc. It should have the top loading CD-player, two-tone dash, lowered suspension and both front seats should be electric.
  11. Less than a week to go before we see the real thing and this ad was spotted by the guys over at ClubLexus - not the best picture but gives some more clues :)
  12. Dunno why you're worrying about pedals when you don't know if the geneva car represents a specific trim level. I think it's still only the 'Sport' model that has the fancy pedals in the current IS (the '54 reg SE I borrowed the other day had basic rubber pedals)... Anyway, you can vote for which car looks best, new IS or new 3 series here:
  13. i like the metal it's gonna look very sharp... the rear is definite improvement on the current car imho :) i like the nod to the current car's speedo with the numbers 'round the outside :D edit.. and the front bumper looks much better in '3d' on the video than it does in the photos
  14. not long to go...heres a new pic from showing a good likeness to the autoexpress and lexus europe drawings :D (it's the silver one at the case you panic and think it looks scarily like a honda ;))
  15. Sorry if it's been posted before..but a good spot by a poster on there's an outline of the new is :D