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  1. Cougar

    Wanted: full set ISF 19" wheels

    Ive got 3 sitting in my garden in need of refurb though. Let me know if you are still after any
  2. Decided to sell my discs and pad set if anybody is interested. I'll take £280 + delivery costs
  3. Cougar

    Damaged Alloys

    They do all the Lexus and Toyota exchange programme so must have got it from somewhere
  4. Yeah that retail direct from Lexus
  5. Pads are £345 and discs are £125 each
  6. Part numbers for the discs are 43512-0W060 for the discs and 04465-0W120 for the pads I think the both were close to £600 with VAT
  7. Cougar

    Phone Problem

    Try keeping your texts and emails to a minumum on your phone, no more than 30 conversations or threads as you can imagine trying to download lots of messages may cause the system to freeze, try turning off 'OK google' on your phone too. as for the poor blue tooth sound quality mentioned earlier in this post try turning down the transmit volume to -5 on the headunit which I think is page 433 in the manual.
  8. The AA now do a car entry and key cutting service, its around £150
  9. Never used mine and still in the box if anybody is interested - going cheap
  10. Cougar

    Damaged Alloys

    I found the best place is Prestine Wheels. top class work and have the correct paint code too! They also do an exchange wheel plan
  11. Did you replace the discs and pads with non OE and how much did you pay for them? I paid nearly £600 for my OE ones which I never fitted
  12. Cougar

    Is 200 Tte Front Bumper

    Have you found one yet?
  13. Cougar

    Is250 Parts!

    When you mean Sat Nav, is that the multi display unit or the controller you are after?
  14. I may have the one you need, drop me a message if your interested
  15. Cougar

    Sat Nav /bluetooth

    I'll get a photo and part number for you if you are still interested