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  1. Thanks Chris, wicked £1900 05 navigator 87ks on the clock I thought I'd get 2500 but they just wernt budging and it did need some body work as well as alloys being scuffed. Thanks for your help guys and maybe one day ill be back to the LOC
  2. Thanks Ian but if the car was registered in her name would she not need to be insured herself?
  3. Hi guys, hoping for your help here probably my last request on the LOC Basically I've now finished paying my lexus finance on my IS200 and with the running costs being twice what they were 4 years ago I've been shopping for something more economical. Anyway visits local car supermarket like a VW passat TDI R LINE agree trade in price on the IS finance refused oh crap, so my wife with no license registers the finance in her name all completed signed off pick up the new car next Monday, But now I'm wondering about the registration of the car can I still register it in my name? Am i breaking any rules/laws Will this have any adverse effect with changing over with my insurance company? Any advise appreciated
  4. That's what I was fearing mikey I've ordered a new key and fob of eBay I guess I can just swap battery etc etc into the new one easily? And as you say get it cut any idea on cost? Thanks again
  5. Thanks noby new key has been ordered
  6. Hi some advise again needed please, The plastic fob on the master key is cracked and ready to snap into pieces, my question is am i able to buy a replacement key fob and just swap everything over? Or am I going to need a replacment from Lexus? Cheers Gordon
  7. Was just wondering if it was anyone on here that had a black/grey IS200 on the back of a recovery truck that I passed on the M1 J25 today? If so I really hope your ok? It was a complete mess look like it had done several summersaults as well as several rollovers, it really brings it home when you see a sight like that! one can only assume the heavy rain weve had and the dreaded rear wheel drive claimed another victim
  8. Clifton thanks for that , I'm guessing it's quite common for leaks to occur then! I guess I'll just have to hope it lasts, can a leaking pump cause any other problems than just needing to replace the pump?
  9. I've been reading up on some of the problems you guys have had with cam belts etc etc and one thing I've noticed is changing the water pump with the cam belt! When I had my cambelt change 11ks ago I advised I wanted the water pump changed, when I went to collect the car they advised that the pump change was not needed or not required as the pump is not connected to cam belt etc etc, i admit i didnt ask too many questions im not a mechanic, but judging by your posts I might have took my car to a two bob garage, if I really do need to have this done? Is it easy enough to do? And what grief could it cause if not done? Cheers G
  10. Hi brilliant thanks for info regarding taxing the car, maybe I should of been more descriptive with my issue regarding the mpg gauge, basically I can be cruising at a steady 70mph however the MPG gauge needle will literally bounce around between 40-80mpg it's only started since I've had the cam belt change so I'm just assuming it was maybe related, but if not I'm at a loss, can I emphasise I'm fully aware that the mpg gauge goes up and down in relation to how much I put my foot down but as said when steady cruising the needle just bounces around its very strange any advise appreciated Gordon
  11. I guess the good old days of the helpfull LOC have gone!
  12. I had posted on here a while back but as one problem seems resolved another starts, I had my cam belt changed around 10ks ago pretty much straight away the battery indicator would dip to a very low level when at idle, it seemed to fix itself and i thought the problem was solved, now however whilst cruising on motorways the MPG gauge jumps around not drastically It just kind of bounces up and down between 40 70mph, I'm suspecting this might be down to the cam belt change? I would take it back to the garage but surprise surprise it's closed down..... Any help or advise really appreciated, as I say I've done 10k with no real problems, Also does anyone know can my wife (non insured) pay my car tax at post office if I give her v5 and MOT etc etc or does it need to be me? Once again I'd really appreciate your thoughts Gordon
  13. Thanks for your time guys I've had a quick look at the belts all seems to be ok, but I'm not to sure what to be looking for best I take it back to were I had cam belt done and ask them to check it over and hope it's a simple fix! This is my 3rd IS and all I've ever had to replace is a brake light bulb hopefully it can stay that way regards Gordon
  14. Steve thanks for the response mate it's as I thought regrettably, I'll get and have a look as soon as, were is the alternator located? Also I've not long had the cam belt done could it be related? Thanks again Gordon
  15. Hi guys I've got real concerns I may have a problem, I suspected I had a low running battery as the voltmeter started to dip towards the 9volts were as previously it stuck around the 14volt mark, also the car struggled to start up a couple if times, according to the manual between 18-9volts is normal however I changed the battery anyways it was probably due, now I have a fluctuating voltmeter while driving when I'm at idle it drops down to 9 volts and when I'm on the gas it rises to 14 mark I've and again I'm not always confident she's going to start up Sorry to waffle on again! but I've never noticed any fluctuation before and am worrying there is an underlying fault such as alternator etc etc I've not long taken out a warranty with warranty direct and I'm not covered for ware and tear faults until after 90days and I'm guessing a new alternator would bring me a nice bill if £500. car is 05 and only done 70k am I just being paranoid or has anyone had similar experiences? thanks for your time Gordon
  16. Hi, 05 IS200 I've noticed on the dash battery indicater that the the needle sticks nearer to the 9v (about 10-11v) rather than the usual half way between 9-18v is this just a sign that the battery needs changing? or does it indicate something else? advice as always deeply appreciated Regards Gordon
  17. Hi, 05 IS200 I've noticed on the dash battery indicater that the the needle sticks nearer to the 9v (about 10-11v) rather than the usual half way between 9-18v is this just a sign that the battery needs changing? or does it indicate something else? advise as always deeply appreciated Regards Gordon
  18. Thanks mate, im already booked in to have mine done i was jusst wondering if they automaticly chnged the pullys? and not just the belts id love to have a go myself but not that mechanicly minded
  19. Hi, im booked in next week for cambelt change and having the water pump changed at the same time, after reading some posts about the pullys/tensioners bending/breaking before the cambelt actually snaps, my question when they qoute for a cambelt kit does this automaticly include the pullys as well? Regards Gordon
  20. It says they will "check and report condition of plugs" and only standard plugs will be replaced The IS run on no less than Iridium type plugs, its a bit crafty as 1st glance at there service spec sheet makes you think they include it!
  21. I recently had mine done 60K at Halfords auto centre (major Service), was £230ish but i received 15% discount as an AA member so worked out at £199 does not include Spark plugs although i complained to halfords that they had obviously had not greased the door or bonnet catches as per their servicing spec, and won me free fitted iridium spark plugs hope this helps Gordon
  22. brilliant thanks for the info ill maybe try and have a look myself I had a major 60k service at halfords a couple months back they said they would do a visual on cambelt when asked they stuttered and said yeah its fine so wether they really checked it or not im unsure but thnaks for the input
  23. I have a 2005 IS200 65K on the clock ive read varied reports on the when to change the cam belt some at 60k some at 100k my car was registed may 05 so im only 1 month out on the 6 year guide and aim to get it done over the next few months, my question is will it be ok for another few months surely lexus give a bit of grace on the belts snapping its a case of paying the rent or paying for the car its pretty tuff at the minute and I simply dont have £300 to spend on a cam belt and I know full well it will cost me an engine if it snaps I guess im asking surely im alright for that little bit longer? Regards Gordon
  24. Sorry but what are droplinks someone suggested this might be the fault I have, potholes and speed bumps and heavy braking cause a sort of light bang/rattle from the undercarridge very hard to pinpoint where its coming from i've had several local garages have a look and its m.o.t done last week nothing shows howvever they all agree that they can hear it, I cant afford a lexus check up and most mechanics just say wait untill the problem develops...... i've found at motorway speeds the car seems unstable its hard to describe but she just does not feel as planted as she used to be, any suggestions...
  25. thanks for your input some intresting reading with regards to there service
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