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  1. OK well Bush is as mad as mad can be, Blair is his lapdog and Chirac well he just wants to protect his rotten apples. We were all ways going in 250,000 troops and billions of funds said yes a long time ago. Matt practice your NBC drills well, and learn to hold your breath for at least 2 days. The thing that worries me is what if Saddam does stand and fight, they may be crap, but 200,000 troops, 100 tanks, rockets, chemicals all comming at you are going to hit someone. Look at the Yanks, in conflicts in the last 15 years most casualties have been caused by friendly fire, YIKES. Also what if we take massive casualies,are we going to use tactical nukes, that would open a middle eastern pandoras. Are we going to get Iran, Syria, Egypt etc upset. Peronaly I cant see why with all the advanced sattalite imagine, and intelligence we cant just employ a multi national Military Police force to ensure Iraq stay good, cheaper and less death than war. Besides my life is too cushy to risk being called up to make iraqi sand castles mixed with blood and not water. Matt take care if you do go, get yourself an AK47, and a shotgun more reliably and there will be plenty of ammo lying around.
  2. Hi all, just a wee bit of info that may be of some use, was looking into superchargers and found out from a specialist that foam filters let in slightly larger particles that mix with oil from intake and can act like a grinding paste. It is possible that this can shorten life of supercharger. Normal life is about 65,000 miles before a rebuild, this could be different due to the above and the way it is driven/its an add on mod. By the way some of the engine bays are looking very sweet, may pop up and browse at JAE. Regards Tonio.
  3. Try using sony CDRW's something to do with the fact they are a bit thicker than other makes, they used to play in mine. Just make sure you end session when you burn the disc.
  4. I am pretty sure that was the flywheel power, that is why I was peed of at the time, if it was at wheels I could have added the % loss and would of been happy, but I wasnt. Look forward to seeing some new Dynos. Regards Tony
  5. When I had my IS i had a dyno done at a well known tuner, The result was 184bhp only. I sent figures to TTE and they siad that each rolling road is different, pretty weak reply but the figures I had were there.
  6. cheers guys, and gals, chris and I may pop in to you at jae, may do some BBQ ing, you never know, I see a lot of you are modifying lots, kool keep it going. Enjoy your wheels, have seen lots of IS200,s down here but none with club stickers, will try and enrole them for you. Chow, enjoy and live life to the full.
  7. Well the dealer I bought it from is great, I blows away supercharged Is 200, it out handles them by miles, yes its not jap, but how many guys have had problems with their lex ( gearbox, wheels, paint, corrosion, brakes), its all in moderation, clarkson loves the V6 engine. Grim no I do not wish I had my lexus back.( ur still the same talk the talk but you would probly cry like a baby if i asked you to walk the walk) There have no been many problems on the Alfa owners club site, about the same as any car. and well residuals do an auto trader search for IS200s lots around the 9/10k mark, You are all happy with your cars, I am happy with mine. Its nice to see the friendly atmospheric side of the club again.
  8. Just click on link and have a peek, Chow for now Tony
  9. Hi guys and gals, yep may pop up to see you all at JAE cooking, mmmmmmm maybe. Water melon and spirits ok then. Will keep in touch, chow
  10. Hi all hope you are all good and the cars remain sweet and undamaged. Just thought I would let you all know I nearly bought a Altezza full body kit etc. However I went for a nice red Alfa 156 veloce' 2.5 V6 6 speed manual. Iwill kep in touch with the club, Mat hope the conversion is going well. take care all Regards Tony
  11. Hi all , I am looking at maybe getting a 99 GS300 sport, with all the bits on, is this a nice car, does it have more room in the back than the IS, need to fit my 3 kids in comfortably. Would obviously get a bit modded. cheers all chow for now not so supercharged morph
  12. Well, I now have use of premices for my sports massage so I will wait and see what new IS200 coupe is like, enjoying my 4x4 at mo. May also consider a nice Pilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica with a nice big V8 in it. Also considering an imported Lexus coupe.
  13. The middle east has never been stable but anger created by outsiders only adds to the instability, the underlying fact with isreal and palastine is the fear of the third temple being biult which is according to beliefs ging to bring about armmageddon, if the temple is built then ***** will be reborn and so will the Devil and they will fight on earth. The rest of the middle east has gone from being territorial/religous to a hatred for the west . The solution is simple, talk face to face, treat others fairly and see what happens, we could all be suprised.
  14. Firstly, what does a war with a poor nation achieve, secondly as a Ex Bootneck I like a *** fight but being a pawn in a political power lust to boost ones economy is not favourable. Secondly think about this, we know Saddam is a bit of a nutter, but he is pretty predictable so we can guess what he is likely to do, if we force another leader then we have the unpredictable. There are countries with more scary weapons than him and just as big a nutters in chardge. The balance in the middle east is bad enough, the proirity of our Governments should be to stabalize Isreal and Palastine as this is the flashpoint for WW3. Dont get me wrong if I was called up if thing really hit the fan then I would fight but I would not be happy to die for in a war so THE USA can boost its falling economy. Look at JFK he was assasinated because he was going to stop massive arms sales at a time when there economy was faltering. The business men and bankers of nations make desicions not polititions. Hey deep and heavy but think about it. Chow for now Morphy