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  1. You need to get this checked and a good garage will cope at not too many £’s. Gearbox oil has to be red. Engine oil clear light see through light tan. If new almost too clear to see. Rough changes from time to time are normal when you catch the system at the wrong speed/time particularly on deceleration. It’s called catching the gearbox out. But again, gearbox oil should be red and not smell bad even if it’s old.
  2. If you don’t have an owners manual...do get one as it’ll be useful. Depends upon speed and load but you won’t go too far wrong around 30 but please check exactly as it makes for safe, efficient driving.
  3. Yep I get Blueprint blue washers...identical and a quid or so...depends on whose offering what at the time. I get a Lexus oil filter but from any reasonable source...they’re made in a few countries but seem ok. I too got plugs from Opie...very good value. Air filter changed (now) every year as I failed emissions in latest MOT but non OE but not too cheap...changed filter, added cat clean and thrashed around for a few miles...results were perfect-very good indeed.
  4. I agree and doubt there will be any appreciable wear...in fact there won’t be. Needs a thorough service and some mileage...it’ll be good as new. Given that it’s a straight car...
  5. Me neither Lee...I’d ask for the real reg number and validate the mileage. Looks trade or is this a library pic and is not the car itself? Looks a cracker...
  6. I didn’t get as far as driving it...didn’t feel the urge. If it gets off the line my wife will be happy and with a roof down...delighted...I’ll get to drive more of a match to what I’m after...
  7. Good afternoon I've just stepped in to this room as I'm to be found in the LS400 lounge...🙂 My wife's Jag S Type 4ltr has crossed the line and after 10 years of ownership and too many new parts...looks like a head gasket failure. Reading through the manual...I'm not going to fix this and I'm certainly not going to pay for it. I've had my eye on an SC for a while now...floated back and forwards and I'm in no doubt whilst not perfect...(what is?) the SC is a very good prospect. Today I visited one for private sale in Reading. Asking price was £4,500 for a 87k 02 plate. Summary MOT due 4th June - previous advisory was exhaust leak Lowered suspension Non standard exhausts - sounded well throaty on idle but when wellied actually went quiet...what was the point of that...? Ground clearance very compromised. Non standard wheels - tyres were good Oil was old (very smelly) and halfway between min & max Coolant looked clean and didn't smell but needed a slight top-up No cam belt service sticker and owner stated this had been done approx 6 years ago Break discs looked very clean (brake fluid looked fresh) Everything worked that I tested - there was damage in stitching to rear seat swab, headlight lenses were not clear My conclusion was this was at the high price range for a non-standard car, particularly with an imminent MOT. I noted that the car had been warmed up prior to my arranged visit, there was a lack of receipts and no evidence of cam belt change. I didn't make an offer on this basis. Hunt goes on. 😊
  8. 😀 Ok so a quiet day at the office... Picked up a new air filter and a bottle of Wynn’s lower emission additive. Rang ATS and booked a retest so after fitting the filter and chucking in the fluid to my just over 1/4 full tank I had just under 1.5hours to Italian tune. Damn...M4 has roadworks for miles at the junction nearest the centre. There are some good straights in the business parks and they were deserted so I thrashed about trying to burn as much fuel as possible. Drove in 2nd for a spell, hard accelerating and braking. Do I put some good fuel in now or let the additive work with what’s in the tank...keep as is. Clock ticking and I pull up for the test and let the car idle for 5 minutes and Rev it a bit before switching off. The test started a few minutes after I’d arrived. Result: Pass Take a look at the results (attached) 👍🙂 Now what sort of dumb idea is it to just thrash the car, burn fuel expelling all the rubbish to the atmosphere then run a system that will clog again in traffic? Air filter though will be an annual event from now on. I will use this additive again, I do use Redex once a year...will use premium fuel more often if not all of the time.
  9. Well the air filter certainly needs replacing. I did think of the Cats but then the results for other test points are a Pass albeit with high readings.
  10. Thanks Pete Given the miles I do (not many) I don’t need to worry so much about fuel costs. To my shame I realised my air filter is nearly 3 years old and has done just shy of 10k miles. I’ll fit a new one this evening. Time goes so quickly I thought it was younger than that. I’ve also got some MAF cleaner on order in addition to cat/emission cleaner.
  11. Yep thanks for all your replies...it runs on Tesco unleaded most of the time although a dose of shell went in a bit ago... Think I’ll bang some quality fuel in with a cat cleaner and exercise the motorway tarmac a bit...👍😉
  12. Bit annoyed really as I’m not convinced the car had been properly warmed up for the test. My Lexus yr 2000 mileage 89532 all servicing up to date. Fast idle CO. 0.01 Pass HC 8 Pass 1.010 Pass but natural idle test failed: CO 0.71 Fail Any ideas? 😢
  13. Hi I use Euro carparts for oil and a range of stuff. For parts I try to buy Lexus but from Birmingham Lexus as they give a discount. Recently i’ve purchased lower ball joints for my LS400 from Rockauto in the States but I went for the top range at about £100 all in. Lower arm bushes were Lexus. All pulleys, waterpump, belt were Gates parts from the US too at a snip as they were on offer. One pulley was same manufacturer as original part...true might have been made to different spec but who’s to know? I’m careful of eBay and there’s a lot of cheap junk out there even by what seems to be reputable manufacturers and big distributors. Next job up will be rear brakes and I’m torn as a pair of Brembo discs and decent ceramic pads and shoes from the States even with tax and delivery are way cheaper than Lexus. For me price and quality are a balance. I need to repair probably about £2ks worth of dents, bumper damage and get the wheels done and other half has allocation for new kitchen, bathrooms etc.. 😂 I’d like to see quality standards applied to replacement parts so buyers have knowledge and choice.
  14. Agree with comments doubt it’s cam related. I’d suspect one of the pulleys...waterpump included.
  15. 😉 For the cost of a new belt...I'd replace it anyway but given your mileage I wouldn't think twice. You need two pairs of hands for this - or that's just me...ha ha ha