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  1. Yup - confirmed that the studs were missing and I've tried to be creative with allen bolts etc. but the tolerances are very precise - it's bad enough getting the nuts on with the original set-up. A small garage around the corner from me is swapping them over. I should have things sorted by Saturday providing the electrics behave when everything is back in it's rightful place.🙄
  2. On to part 2 of the saga. Resigned myself to stripping down what was required. That did the trick and I removed the bracket this morning. Try as I might I could not get the studs to shift even using the 2 bolt method and think I need better bolts to try this technique. Of course the Gates kit should have some with new studs...from Rock Auto...but didn't. The parts box was well and truly damaged inside the shipping box...and it looks like the packet of studs has come out. This is the second time Rock Autos part box has been well mashed up. Now I'm stuck trying to get the stu
  3. Having some time and the weather a few degrees warmer I set about changing my fan carrier bracket on the 400. (Year 2000). I was prepared for some work. But the spanner gods were not with me. I ended up draining the rad as the top hose had to be separated to pull the fan cowl up and away. The bracket doesn’t look like it will come out with a lot of the pipe work out of the way. Do I really have to remove the r/h cam cam wheel cover? To make matters worse the dash lights were flickering and indicators not showing on locking up the car-ah I forgot I disconnected an earth wire und
  4. Thanks to Bluesman and The-Acre I ended up in a very cold Brighton to at last, get to Grove Garage. As mentioned, Lee is ex-Lexus and the garage in addition to catering to all vehicles is badged up as a Toyota Specialist as indeed they are. Lee also repairs and fabricates exhaust systems. The entrance is small and tight but leads to a good sized workshop. They were very busy. Once the heat shields were off, it first appeared as though a quick repair would be in order with two leaks towards the front of the Y on both sides. These welded up but the driver's side section towards the Y w
  5. Hi An off the hoof sounds as though you followed the new battery installation procedure...or I don’t think the car would start. But the car has to recognise the fob. My later motor (year 2000) requires ignition on and left for 2 minutes then off and then restart. So fob and system can sync. Settings ought to be retained. If in doubt reset everything and just for your own sanity put new batteries into the key fob itself. It’s well worth getting the owners’ handbook if you don’t have one.
  6. Hi 😁 Was postponed and weather etc permitting I’ll be in on Wednesday. I must add I’m an essential worker and need the car to get to work and have worried about travelling at all...
  7. Panic slightly over...lifted the rod firmly with bonnet ajar which undid the spring loaded hook. Had a better view of the unit and the screws and end bots are rusted together so removal of the unit will destroy it - shred the plastic. 🔧🧐
  8. Hi Following the breakage of my aux bonnet release catch under the grill I now can’t open the bonnet. So the cabin release works ok but I can’t unhook it. Any ideas? Year 2000 LS400
  9. Thanks...had another look this morning...the front headlight bracket bit is in fact intact but missing from indicator unit. Rear bit is ok on indicator but missing from rear of headlight.😁 I’ve gone for a new indicator unit as two retainers should work. I’ll place some Velcro along the side just to add support. When I did my cambelt change at around 72k miles I replaced everything apart from the fan bracket. Now at 93k miles it’s getting noisy on cold start up but quietens down quite quickly. This morning: cold but not as last few days it was fine. Wish I’d replaced that so it’s anot
  10. A few gremlins are out and about in my LS400 year 2000. The auxiliary bonnet catch has given up the ghost so an OE at outrageous £’s per square inch will have to do.☹️ More perplexing is trying to keep an indicator unit in situ. The top bracket has all but gone having sheared in a number of places...I drilled a couple of holes in what was left and have twice secured with wire and now string to keep it in the bottom of the unit moved out - cardboard wedges for now. The side lug on the head lamp for the indicator has long gone. Also that wing has a slight ding in it from the previ
  11. Hi I’d check fluid level which I’m sure you’ve done. Look for any leaks around reservoir, master cylinder and brake lines, calipers. See how worn the pads are. Best tool is a self bleeder. It’s a standard size. From memory I recall the wheel that is furthest away in terms of position is not actually so in terms of brake circuitry. I don’t think it will be the fluid might have a tired, failing brake master. Not the end of the always with a Lexus once fixed, whatever it is it’ll be good for years.
  12. I spoke to Lee from Gove Garage in Brighton. Very helpful and knowledgeable as an ex Lexus mechanic. I’m paying a visit early next month for pipe surgery...he’ll check the EGR pipe at the same time. If the flanges are shot he’ll cut them off and replace them...sounds good to me. 🔧👍
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