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  1. Exactly same...but what you need to know is that they are Sht. So to refurb them you will not be advised to get them recut but to respray them in a silver paint and lacquer to last longer. I don’t know...build one of the best cars on the planet and mess up the wheel quality...🙄
  2. I agree...probably ok if the dealer is bothering to sell it...obviously a trade-in. I don’t like the sound of them trying an as seen bit but I wouldn’t haggle over £250 but I would ask for a new water pump! Mileage is no issue as my friends have stated. Get a full MOT on it as that will pull up any issues.
  3. I'd change them for that "peace of mind" state and you can then forget about them for a long time. They are awkward considering in the good old days whipping plugs out was a few minute job; although you had to gap them... I used a myriad of tools and extension bars - all tiny as possible to get the leverage. I did not use any grease on the threads going back in as per factory. I've attached my guide...I used Denso. Changing LS 400 Spark Plugs.compressed (2).pdf
  4. Cars were fitted with either Denso or NGK I say that as my ls400 at 72k Miles had shot ngk’s with no evidence of plug changes in its Lexus service history. I got my Densos in a sale at Opie oils. Good value and fit for tons of miles.
  5. Yes Kwik Fit might be able to help. If it’s a pipe they can fix. Seems like leaking servo or master cylinder or rear caliper seized but I doubt caliper.
  6. Tinonline

    Rear ended

    Sorry to hear and sometimes the impact has taken some toll although surface looks ok. Be prepared and don’t let the insurance company do anything until you have made the call...good cars get written off for nothing because insurers can’t be bothered to process the claim.
  7. I’d be a bit surprised if it is the diff. Plenty of rubber bushes or UJ worn more like. Not always easy to detect.
  8. Yep second that...lovely new sump plug...I believe the worse case price is £15quid for a filter...
  9. Hi I don’t think you’d find the OE too expensive There is one letter difference from those made in Japan or China and they fit from Feb 96 on. 90915-YZZJ4 is OE made in China for Toyota/Lexus cost me £11.99 from Lexus Birmingham.
  10. Really? I took mine off in a cambelt change and it was not one of my issue items...what was the problem? Just seized solid? If it’s that trollied maybe a new unit is due. I thought bleeding was easy...from earlier post...I mean you don’t need leeches or a blood letter...😀
  11. The testers and staff always praise Lexus 400s when I roll up for my MOT. One advisory: ball joints are leaking grease but there is no movement in the joints. Certainly need to replace them and I’ve yet to sort out the lower control arms too. All else is good.
  12. Malc ha ha! Isn’t the criteria for owning the older marques? Only those with a not so great memory may apply? 😂
  13. Fair point Steve. Wouldn’t be fair on us and breaks the rules. If you have something good to sell it is worth buying the Gold membership.
  14. I bought my 400 from a neighbour that had reached an age where he felt he could no longer drive. The local Lexus dealer would have taken it off his hands. The wheels are poor, plenty of paint off the front bumpers, couple of dents and a ding. I replaced the cambelt, pulleys, water pump. Serviced it: it too had Lexus history. Recently I replaced the front discs and pads. You can't scrap it. In fact you don't need to. I would do the wheels but not the respray. Perhaps forget the current value and consider that to replace it with such a quality and reliable car would be a) difficult and b) expensive. Please don't sell it to trade. There are plenty of Lexus fans and first-timers who will take your hand off. I thought I'd take mine as a runabout until I could muster a big fancy sports beast. Can't sell it, it's too good and nicely fast when pushed. Keep it/buy it yourself. Believe it or not, you have a very desirable car that whilst it's not worth a fortune, is sought after.
  15. Welcome. The force is with you. 😉