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  1. I’d give Lexus a call to check the options and get part number for any available upgrade. Check the price. Look at sourcing from scrapper or online.
  2. Ah that’s it: the LS400 uses a CD and the 430s DVD so there’s an answer.
  3. So the question is whether 430 disc will work with the LS400? And the cost too...
  4. I’ve seen this issue a few times and suffer too...I’ve had some interesting journeys... I believe later formats have postcodes whereas the early ones don’t so they are incompatible from software/database capacity. My year 2000 has Roman chariot roads and looks like I’m flying🙂.
  5. I’d stay with standard and put the money into keeping the car right up to top condition with OE parts.
  6. I like good information and honest detail. But one can tell over verbose, enthused, hyperbole. Least said the better with a line of honesty. Made my point?
  7. Yep evidence is king...copy receipts, packaging it’s important history. I know Alfas and Renault belts snap...more likely a waterpump would go. I’ve got a Gates unit on mine.
  8. Oh bless...no way... It’s as hidden as a...buried body... No yellow stickers recording the change...no change.
  9. Deferring to my experienced colleagues...try what they suggest. Might be a motion sensor moment and plugging in to get a fault code might be a start. I’ve had that light on when I’ve jacked up the car and have been meddling all over the place. Also had the light on at random but on restarting it has gone out...haven’t had this now ever since...but it was a recurring event for a few times. It just stopped... Worth covering a few basics: brakes are clean and have meat, fluids are ok...if you can check break pad sensors...I know a different light should show... Annoying but nothing to worry about. But need to resolve...for peace of mind and safe motoring.
  10. If I see another car ad for a Lexus that says...or another seller that tells me: ’oh yes the belt has been done...I don’t have the receipt but I’m sure the garage will verify it...’ walk away moment... 🙄
  11. I read that corrosion of cap and valve can cause problems. A lot of folk fit plastic caps to avoid the issue...I don’t know if this requires disconnecting the sensor system.
  12. I’d go for the reds right now. How handy are you with a spanner? You can do the battery? If you have a good/friendly local mechanic or garage then source the parts from US and get them fitted...I do this if I’m not fixing the car myself...you can get a good price quality balance. Garages want revenue so they’ll generally do this. Always try Lexus Birmingham first and ask for a discount...🧐 I prefer genuine parts but don’t get hung up if your budget is tight. As mentioned by Texas it’s all come at once. Think of it this way...it’s worth doing. Unlike my wife’s S type Jag...(same age as my LS400) year 2000, under 73000miles...scrapped the other day. Head gasket...air con hasn’t worked for 5 years...other niggles...pile of rubbish and horrid to work on. My Lexus would be fixed if it had the same issues... 🙂