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  1. Yes to get at the coils and plugs.
  2. You’ll be fine. It’s a gentle but firm task...use two hands to remove the connentors from the coils that sit on the plugs. Take photos for your own reference...and to show us🤪 don’t force anything. With any job if you don’t have the right tools: buy them. It’s really worth it.
  3. Gently pull with a wiggle if you refer to the plastic cover, having removed from memory, four securing nuts.
  4. It's OK - take your time...it's not a race. I remember using and swapping around a few tools to get the reach around objects etc.. and I was very gentle. Good luck and please post your pics/experience!
  5. OK for some reason it is not in the How To's but I've uploaded a fresh copy there. Here it is... Changing LS 400 Spark Plugs.compressed (2).pdf
  6. Yes I posted a mini guide it’s in resources somewhere or guides, let me see if I can find it.
  7. ...and please change the plugs...🧐
  8. So it’s the throttle body sensor or MAF?
  9. Recommend you speak to a non Franchise garage.
  10. Yup no info on servicing and the time belt info.
  11. Yep so that’s 6.6 to 60? In all fairness sports mode is needed and ok conditions with proper timing. Given diesel emission figures I think all figures from cars are sus.
  12. Ooohhh it’s got an inhaler. 🧐
  13. I don’t think it’s childish...it’s what manufacturers test and sell on and motoring press et al report on. Given Lexus engineering I doubt there is a power decline. It’s best and safer to have a time keeper with a sat nav for accuracy.
  14. Interesting...you have Mk3 or 4? The 0-60 time is always quoted based on Mk 3 not the quicker Mk4. Any takers on this? By the time the 4 came out it was competing with other V8s like the S type and it is a tiny bit quicker.