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  1. Sounds like the seller is being more economical than a hybrid 🤪
  2. Does sound like a dealer hiding and with a very poor attitude to boot. Agree with my friends’ comments above. Walk away I think most owners know a decent amount about their cars...find one that does. There are quite a few good ones on the market.
  3. Oh yes. Bushes are available for the Mk 4. Worth checking US suppliers and no need to fear importing if you factor taxes and shipping. Always check Lexus Birmingham and ask for a discount. A garage fitting needs a friendly garage as plenty will only do their parts...
  4. Hi Do you mean the lower bars with the camber settings bolt? If so...I bought the Lexus OE bushes with a discount for about £95 and got a garage to fit. I do a lot of work on my car but preferred to pay for the job. I recall it cost £230 labour plus vat but included fitting x2 lower ball joints, x1 tie rod end labour charge. Those parts were not expensive.
  5. Oh it’s just a bit out so that’s fine. Castor angle is adjusting the lower control arm adjustment? If so that’s the ****** that burns up the inside tyre tread...I have no idea why that garage couldn’t do that. It may be time for new control arm bushes... and a new garage.
  6. My local Lexus dealer uses Shell Helix fully synthetic...got that info in a friendly conversation when picking up parts...so that’s what I use, 5/30, on a 90k mile engine. Puff of smoke is a bit of wear and unlikely to be cured by oil type. Is the engine using oil?
  7. Hello Malc my friend - nice to hear from you. Yes I can't and won't get rid of the LS400...probs you won't remember...one of my first posts was a comment of mine saying I'd use the 400 until I bought something more flash having just dusted off and sold my useless 2003 Jag XKR...now look...my LS400 my pride and joy 🤣 A lot of Bentleys are 5 owner cars...does that mean a lot of dreamers? 5 crops up a lot...enough to be a pattern. They certainly have gremlins although the drive train and more are fab. I was only dreaming...other half is expecting a kitchen to the same value. Guess who will win... If I did get another carriage - Lexus...has to be. But the 400 stays.
  8. Hi Seems an age since I last posted...eventful pre and summer with me having to scrap my wife’s 4ltr S Type at only 70 odd k miles due to head gasket failure...my 1995 Alfa 155 Sport passed all but emissions in its Spanish Test and as I thought needed some exhaust work and a new LAMDA which has not done that much mileage. So that now means my dearest is now using the LS400 😱. “It’s good...” is all the meaningful comment I can get from my wife...she likes the sports mode...😳 can’t think what that means. I have to check the tyres regularly as they loose pressure evenly. I don’t know if a much needed refurb will fix that? Last work I did was for the MOT where the emissions failed on tick over so a new air filter, cat clean and thrash did the trick. I’ve peeling bumper paint and some previous owner dents plus wheels to sort. when the rear brake pads go i’ll do the complete rears. Few more miles left though. I’m at 92,000 miles now. Been drooling over a Bentley GT...then compared against a 460 or 500 which I know are kind of different experiences. Running a Bentley wouldn’t be so bad for me as I do a lot on my motors...whatever happens the 400 is not going.🤗
  9. I’d give Lexus a call to check the options and get part number for any available upgrade. Check the price. Look at sourcing from scrapper or online.
  10. Ah that’s it: the LS400 uses a CD and the 430s DVD so there’s an answer.
  11. So the question is whether 430 disc will work with the LS400? And the cost too...
  12. I’ve seen this issue a few times and suffer too...I’ve had some interesting journeys... I believe later formats have postcodes whereas the early ones don’t so they are incompatible from software/database capacity. My year 2000 has Roman chariot roads and looks like I’m flying🙂.
  13. I’d stay with standard and put the money into keeping the car right up to top condition with OE parts.