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  1. My new Lexus sources went in April 2015. Saying nothing so as not to tempt fate. 🙂
  2. I'm with Malc on this. I shopped around comparing cold start power and having to ensure size and terminal position...ended up with one from local Lexus dealer at an ok price. Worth checking with your dealer. It's not worth getting a bargain brand: been there and done that...ended up with a refund and paying more for a top name. (On the late S Type Jag that I scapped at 73k miles,,.it stopped a slow drain that was plaguing me...).
  3. Looks a decent car and the mileage is fine. Certainly is a classic. Have you had a look at the Mk4 or datewise 98-00 last of the line? I think they all suffer similarly with front brake disc warping, front suspension, cambelt and this looks harder to replace over later models? But you have it covered.
  4. Like Malc (hi Malc 😊) I have one side UCA playing up but the other is ok - driver's side is not happy. If buying from abroad with postage it's probably worth getting the pair. If you are on a budget and cashflow is king - I'd get the best you can afford and only do what is required - the one side is fine... The-Acre rightly says tax and admin charge will add to the bill; so needs to be factored in. Nevertheless, Rockauto are very good value and have plenty of choice. I don't expect to claim on warranty as from experience wherever you are...UK included, this can be very difficult at the best of times. I use the warranty info to get the best I can for the £/$.
  5. Part sourcing is a major exercise and we are poorly served in the UK, no doubt about it.. I try and retain Lexus parts wherever possible - but there is a fair and reasonable limit or value to a part. I have no issue buying from Rockauto and I opt for quality over price. I breached that principle last month, probably for the first time and I could have done better...paid £70 for wiper blade refills and a coolant cap... oh the pain, the pain...at least the parts manager was good enough to fit the blades. Then I got a windscreen washer float from Amayama... genuine article for £38.30 all in so that was a win. Next shop is for upper front suspension links - looking like Rockauto for these...
  6. 😯it's a bit of a job to get out...I trust that is true: I always reply to these statement: "What?! Naaah - I would do it but I can't be bothered it's not challenging enough - should take 10 minutes tops..." Reminds me of VW selling on the fact repairs were simple as you could get at everything in/around the engine by whipping out x4 bolts and just disconnecting a few wires and gear linkage out came the complete engine assy.. This then after purchase turned to a "plumber's whistle": 😧 oh that's a job...we'll have to take the engine out to do that... The Indy repair shops are great as complex repairs like electrical units, amps etc that could cost a lot to replace even from 2nd hand parts come back good as new for a reasonable sum. Hope you get sorted soon.
  7. Thanks for your replies...I might try a nut splitter if it’ll go on...I’d have to remove stuff for a grinder and buy a grinder...I’ll investigate further.👍🙂
  8. Given the milder weather today here in the tropic of Thames Valley, I set about changing the drop links. I can get a 17mm socket on the lower nut but even with my electric torque gun and WD40 it won't move. I thought if I could get it moving at all, I would then use a spanner and allen key or bit to hold it. There is very little room for the spanner. To me it looks like the bottom ball joint etc. has to be dismantled to get proper access It seemed a bit pointless pondering and fiddling so I drew a halt. What are the Lexus manual steps for this job? 🥺
  9. Thanks to you both...I do have the roll bar bushes...yep and the Allen key have a key and impact version sockets...will use axle stands and my jack...
  10. Hi Having had the lower arm bushes and ball joints replaced I've experienced much improvement. The light knock over bumps has not gone - although this was not my reason for replacing said bushes and ball joints - they were at or beyond serviceable operation. I've bought a pair of front roll bar drop links as these are likely to, either be the culprits, or require replacement anyway. (Rock Auto - Premium choice: Proforged at £63 all in for the pair). Question is: What are the exact replacement steps? Doesn't look the same as earlier cars... My 400 is Year 2000 (at 93,000 miles). Bar above bits all original. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated.
  11. Well these barges...the Mk4 is quicker than the v8 Jag S type as I had an S type...scrapped at 73000 miles...
  12. My Mk4 runs on 225 x 60 x 16 97W on standard wheels. I’ve x4 Continentals. Definitely worth picking up a handbook.
  13. Yep always need to check the VAT etc but worse case still worth the extra. Sometimes it is included but not always...
  14. Hi Are you sure they are not removable and haven't been welded in by time/heat and dust? On the MK4 all metal work falls out and clips in! 😀 Definitely need photos... The pic is from Home Depot ad in the US showing some of the metal work from 1995-2000 for one side. There are also two plates/inserts please refer to Autozone diagram = excellent.