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  1. Tricky...inSpain where accident rate is horrific both my sons 18 and 22 get cheap insurance on an Alfa 155 Sport in red with spoilers and it’s a great car. In the UK my 22 year old gets quite cheap insurance on our Jag S 4ltr. Which was a complete surprise to me although it is on our policy... Don’t get hung up on no claims...get driving. You can get your own policy when economically viable.
  2. Tinonline

    Brake pads

    I've done my rounds of brakes. Disaster with Pagid set-up on the front of my Renault Laguna - couldn't get them to stop squealing. I was selling the vehicle anyway so off it went. Textar on 1979 Porsche 911 Targa & BMW 635csi - good braking & wear. Mintex on Jaguar 4ltr S type. Squeaked a bit as they bedded in but are really excellent in terms of braking & wear. Brembo on XKR - Brembo calipers on the Jags are poor quality - the alloy expands and blows to such an extent you either replace them or have to file down replacement pads to fit. Stops so quickly...in an emergency you'd probably collect a line of rear end shunts as you stop but nobody else behind you can! I was wary of hard breaking at junctions... Lexus discs and pads on front - Mk4 LS400 - perfect. I've got a full set of Brembo pads to go on my 1995 Alfa Romeo 155 Sport - it's a L/H drive out in Spain. That's a whole story on its own.🙂
  3. I agree with all comments. There’s a figure for not quite classic but lot of motor for the money motors...it’ll be priced up at £7,995. I might pay a negotiated amount off this for a Mk4 Year 2000 in the right colour and a dealer history.
  4. The age is what you least need to worry over...just that there’s no hidden faults. MOT history check will assist here...🙂
  5. Get OEM as they last forever and are perfect. Even dealers do a good deal. You do have to shop around.
  6. Tinonline

    How to Change Lexus LS400 spark plugs

    Just a note to amend my own experience. I discovered/read a Lexus manual on this and one step is applying electrolyte grease to the spark plug threads. Next time I will do this. There was certainly no sign of this on removing my plugs...Lexus service history to the then 72k Miles.
  7. I agree with cruisermark. I bought some lower ball joints from RockAuto in the US. I don’t get the cheapest: they’re Beck &Arnley. You need to factor in VAT and tax plus fee. I try and fit OE but some parts are excessively expensive.
  8. You might be better off getting a new float as a 2nd hand one could have some years on it. The float itself looses it’s sealed coat and saturates so turns into a sinker. The light for low fluid stays on. They’re around 70 odd quid but at least will last about 20 years. I confess I took a wire off mine so it shows on ignition and goes out but that’s it. I really must just replace it. Some folk repaired theirs but I couldn’t get mine to recover.
  9. I got rid of my 4.2 XKR with its notorious and shocking ZF gearbox same unit that plagued Range Rovers and BMWs. Build quality was poor and the coil packs went, rear shocks with 50k on the clock. Wife’s 4ltr S type is awful to work on with corroded a/c pipe and very difficult to cure cam cover gaskets that are a major pain job. Split header tank 2nd in 70k history and replacement thermostat housing with improved aftermarket unit, two water pumps and front and rear suspension work. This has a Ford gearbox and it needs a solenoid...can’t go on. Oh yeh and coil packs... Lexus 400: cambelt, water pump pulleys, front discs and pads, I’ve got ball joints and need lower bar bushes.
  10. On the button as always Malc👍😂
  11. Wow that’s a red rag😂 I have a long and current history with Jaguar and Alfa. I didn’t expect to be with a Lexus for long but I saw the light. I find the forum responsive, very polite and open to debate and incredibly supportive. I’ve been talked through a couple of stuck points on a cambelt change. Sorry to my US friends but US forums are full of know it alls, the need to redesign stuff, thread hi-jacking is a complete nightmare....all marques. what more can I say?🧐
  12. Not sure if it works on Lexus but does on a Merc: disconnect the MAF If mid or rough running goes you have your culprit.
  13. Sorry to be boring but given the importance of tyres: yours are old and near end of life...of course you would change these at the earliest opportunity. They don’t wear completely evenly so can easily cause or contribute to issues. Front discs do warp so if they’re old... Lower control arm bush is a weak area... MK 4 will fly through an MOT like mine but I know I have to replace lower ball joints: leaking grease but solid = not good enough and lower control arm bushes=look okayish = shot.