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  1. here we have a gear kob with some light scratches on one side . i would rate it at 6.5 out of 10. make me offers i reckon p+p is £3. cheers kirkyboy
  2. yes they are black. iam of to work now how does £30 delivered sound if kazi refuses then you can have them diddykong
  3. hi guys have sold the sportscross and bought a sharan tdi sport :D so i have a set of oem lexus sport mats with sport logo and locating eye on drivers side and a granite sky sports grill both are in excellent codition make me offers before they go on ebay. if intersted ring me on 07828885203 or send me a pm with your email and i will send pics cheers kirkyboy
  4. hi we use maxi cosi car seat which just fit with seat belt then we splashed out on isofix base :D best £100 spent in a long time i think there is only a couple of car seats which fit is200. if you go too a mothercare superstore they will sort you out. let us know how you get on :winky:
  5. i have got my 50 k service comming up , so i rang lexus plymouth and they said i would only get 5% discount with my gold card :duh: is this right or are they trying it on. cheers kirkyboy
  6. one already sold so only one left, be quick grab a bargain :D :D
  7. i dont get it i read it all with out a mistake :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh: (only jokimg very good) :D :D :D
  8. sorry if this is in the wrong section just wondering if anybody wanted first refusal on 2 sony ericsson w800i walkman phones these are in very very good condition and come complete with all original packaging, disks, head phones, instructions, memory cards etc. they both will come with new sim cards, i will put in 2 orange, 2 tmobile, 2 o2, 2 virgin and 2 vodaphone sim cards so you can take your pick on the network. the phones and the charger are the only things used everything else is in sealed packaging, also the phones come with loads of games videos (inc porn let me know if you want the
  9. thanks guys for all of your replies they all came home today. he didnt say much about the car though :duh:
  10. sorry but i just had to post this.... michele my wife gave birth to our fist child on monday. jake arrived at 7pm on monday weghing only 5lb 12oz he was 1 day early. iam so proud of them both and over the moon really really chuffed and so excited. cheers kirkyboy :D :D :P :P
  11. hi my baby is due on the 16Th of jan. we had the same problem, we purchased the quinny buzz with the maxi cosie cabrio car seat, mothercare said this was fine wiyhout a base for our 52 plate sportscross, they fitted it in the car and said it was fine without the base. also toysrus at the moment are selling these for about £100 cheaper than mothercare cheers kirkyboy ps goodluck to everyone
  12. thanks guys for the card :D i have two now one from here and one from myselfe
  13. i have bridgestones, dont drive hard enough to say if they are ok, i liked the fact that they were only £ 20 dearer than a budget tyre, someone will turn around and say well they are a budget tyre
  14. just got my gold pack today :D :D , well to say iam impressed is an under statement. really really chuffed that i went gold. thanks guys, i cant recomend going gold enough, do it :D do it do B) it
  15. i fancied one of these but could not work out how to fit to car? :duh:
  16. when i drove it, it seemed more responsive, also it is afair few inches shorter so it should weight less. correct me if iam wrong. cheers kirkyboy
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