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  1. hi, i spoke to a lexus sales person and decided the best way to fund the car is finance. I was told to pay half the deposit now and the remaining half the deposit when i pick up the vehicle. Is there anything to look out for when i go to pick it up. What forms do i fill in and what do i look out for on the forms? Can i get my depoit back if i decide not to go with the quotation or if they my credit rating not good enough? Buying a new car is really a nervous experience and like to know what to look out for anything dodgy. Thanks,
  2. the reason screws were put on the face of the kit so it gives more pressure tostay in that position with the glue. now the glue has dryed i can take the screws off. once i take the scres off there will be obvious be holes in the body kit. what do i do to get rid of these holes?
  3. there a couple of screws along the face of the side skirts and the same for the back lip.
  4. the glue has dryed now and now i can take the screws off. i will only leave the screws on the arch. when i take the screws off i just want to know what i use to fill the holes that the scres have left? what is the process of doing this?
  5. what bodykit have you put on ? the trd body kit for is200. its made out of fibreglass.
  6. For those who fitted on body kits themselves, after screwing the body kit onto the car and waited for the glu to dry, after removing the screws what do you put in the holes that the screws left and how you repaint over it? what is the process?
  7. I know chipsaway do interior and exterior. do they have a website and where are they based in birmingham? do they valet as well? cheers, ChipsAway Lexus Stoke use them for there any work they need doing. Don't think they valet though. if i were to do it myself, what would i need?
  8. I know chipsaway do interior and exterior. do they have a website and where are they based in birmingham? do they valet as well? cheers,
  9. hi, I have a few scratches on the dashboard as well as dozen of scratches on the fibre glass body kit. Do valet services offer to fix these? Or do I have to go to a bodyshop? I live in B'ham, is there any company that valet and offer to fix hese scratches as well before valet? cheers,
  10. Erm..... And for your next question - here's an example: :D i bought a autolok gear lock. if the thieves can remove the gear stick head then they can easily lift up the lock. please advise.
  11. I think you are going to have to elaborate on your posts .............. ??What do you mean by removable ? As in, change the gear stick head ? Convert the Auto into a manual ?? yes i mean change the gear stick head on a is200? can it be done?
  12. is the automatic gearstick on a is200 removable?
  13. hi, what happens if you park your car for long hours without the gear in P (Automatic transmission Parking) and leave it in Drive or gears below Drive? will it do any harm to the car? cheers,