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  1. Hy! Here videos from my RX300 in the snow :) Fun in the snow :) a other funny video in the snow :D here a Video of my new muffler, its a RACTIVE universal Muffler with 2,5" input und 2x3" Tips The engine was cold A video in the night :) and the newest video, with little bit action and fun :D and the latest pictures :) greets Boergsn
  2. HY! many years ago, i see the panasonic radio in a test in a car&hifi magazin and i was MP3, front/rear(sub out and Line In, Touchscreen with 1 million colors, very good sound and many more, but the new price was 800 euros! The new price was 800 Euros! :( i found the radio on for 460 euros from a car-hifi-shop and bought this radio. 2-3 years, i have the radio with the normal single-DIN- adapter in my IS. But the look was not lexus-like. i become a defect original radio and installed the panasonic dispay in the original frontmask. i search the contacts off the buttons on the print and the conducting paths for the led´s to combinate to a group and set the brigthness to original with resistors. The buttons connectet i to a original panasonic remote control and installed the IR-LED to the IR-receiver beside the panel. its read very easy, but its a hell to find all connections and hubs on the prints and connect correct for the funktions. here pics from the conversion: the first test: i need more paint-session to have the correct surface. Its RAL 9005 matt, this color is perfect for frames, gauge pods.... the time, that i needed to finish complete this radio with all problems in the constructions-time, maybe 50-100 hours, or more
  3. Hello! Its a very bad job to do this :duh: but its look original in the IS B) on the afternoon, i take pictures if the construction from my radio online with a discription of the work. greets Tom
  4. HY! I rebuilt my IS to a standard IS and sell the Turbokit with the exhaust system, all Pipes and the FCD, Apexi SAFC II and the Blitz SSBC. my failure was, i driven a GS430 S16 :D the car is great, from the first moment, i was in the car, i was happy no other car from Lexus can this :D have considered a while to change the IS turbo to a GS V8. i think, its the right choice. Next week, i take the last photos and after this, the rebuilt beginns! greets Tom
  5. hi! her a video from the inside the car by the dyno-test :) greets Tom
  6. hy Stav, some posts above i wrote the work original have the IS a smalle pipe from the throttle-body inlet to the head inlet (i hope this the correct words) for 3 cylinders a small pipe with max 5x2,5cm! after the mod, the intake manifold is a comparable with a supra TT intake manifold. this have the thottle body, a big volume und 6 seperate pipes to each cylinder. her a picture from a Supra intake: the engine spools faster up with the turbo, before this mod, the boost was on the gauge and a little bit later comes the acceleration, with the mode, the boost comes ande the engine accelerate in the same time i hope you understand a little bit of my discription of the mod *g*
  7. Thanks! i need 2 weeks, every day at night to make the gauge-pod. i have the old gauge pod for sell, but you need a good painter and the original dash box for a good look. The gauge-pod was self made. I changed this pod to a original pod and installed a Zeitronix System. The Radio new painted and the brightness is passed from the buttons to the original light in the IS. her new pics. the Apexi SAFC II and the SSBC was installed in the cup Holder B) 5 weeks ago..i installed the EBV Premium Discs and Green Stuff Pads on the front axle 2 weeks ago, i deinstalled my music system (26kg) and i will change the high of the spring cups on the koni damper and i see on the right rear side, a broken H&R spring! :o one week later were a a set of new h&R springs installed. anti-theft device new springs :) the car drives better as afore, with new springs and lower weight on the rear axle, a new feeling on the road B)
  8. yes, the pistons and rods are original. Only the intake manifold is modified, 250ccm Injectors with original petrol system (3,5bar pressure) in the spring, i test again with maybe 0,65bar. i will test with the new intercooler and other things. i think 240-245hp are possible.
  9. Hy! Last Friday, i was with my IS on the Dyno 227hp on the flywheel and 288Nm is a good run with 0,5bar and original engine. Next steps: new clutch, new tyres, bigger intercooler, modified downpipe with new katalysator, maybe a new boost controller B) greets Boergsn
  10. Boergy

    Tte Wheels

    great wheels B) i have this wheels on my black IS. The best wheels for the IS :D greets Boergsn
  11. A turbo too fast for you? no :winky: a friend will buy the kit. The turbo is good, in the winter comes a bigger intercooler, painted front lights,..... and more boost B)
  12. Hello Snowman, you have PM :)
  13. HY! Some members in the Euro-LOC have a problem with the broken flexible Cable in the display housing of the CD-navi System. After many mails with eclipse in germany, is the cable ready to buy :) You can order her: Part Number: 134941-3280A700, Price 21,28 € Shipping (in Germany): 9,30 € This cable greets Boergsn
  14. Hy! her a video from my IS in the snow :) is funny with summer tires video link greets Boergsn