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  1. I have had some more of the issues than I've voted for on the rattle side but as mine will be gone in a month I've not bothered to visit to have them sorted. Mechanicals though have meant trips to the dealer. Rich.
  2. Me too, the performance of mine seems worse now - fuel won't go above 37mpg even on huge motorway runs and first gear is just scary so pulling out quickly on roundabouts means superhero levels of braveness or massive clutch slip! I've spoken to our fleet manager and am swapping mine for a 320d Msport estate which is due back into our 'pool' in Jan/Feb, it's 9 months old but I'm looking forward to getting it I have to say!
  3. I don't think you can really compare the CO2 from 35k miles of driving to the CO2 output from 10K The fact that the Micra puts out 60% of the emissions of the LS430 is enough I think... Figures for the missing Lex IS200....4.48 Tons of CO2 IS300...ranging from 4.93 Tons to 5.1 Tons as the quoted figures range from 256 to 265gCO2/Lm
  4. Hi John, The only fault could be a thermostat failure - this might be worth checking, or the electronic control function changing the heat exchanger/fan setting i suppose. In your mail you don't mention just putting it on auto (don't have it on dual) and setting the temp to say 21. You'll need to leave it a few minutes to get settled but this should sort itself out. The only button to use then is the window one if you get steamed up/cold morning and then press this again to get back to normal. I only have trouble with mine when my wife puts the temp on her side to about 25 when we first get in because it's cold thinking this will warm it up quicker, when she only wants it on 21 in the first place Rich.
  5. There is another way of getting a bootliner - there was one in my courtesy car at the 10k service and the service manager commented when I brought the car back that he was amazed it was still in there, they don't usually last that long. The courtesy car I had for the 20k service didn't have it in when I took that back
  6. I've flown loads of times with my keys (at least once every 2 weeks for the last 18 months) and the key's fine and the scanner operator has never asked to see them B)
  7. You've done the right thing getting the test drives, just make sure they are long enough to give you a full opinion. However, from your comments on comfort and quiet, with reasonable maintenance then maybe the Lex is for you. If it's a purchase (rather than company car) then I think the general concensus would be 250 Auto if you can stretch to it, it does the same mpg as the diesel anyway! If not poss, then the experience of the three you've highlighted will be different so it'll be interesting to see what you decide. Rich.
  8. Have you actually tried pressing the starter button without the clutch pressed It puts the ignition on to what was ACC, and on mine the dials light up and spin round. I was having trouble in mine early on, then I put the seat forward a notch (seriously) and all was fine.
  9. If you have a good search you'll find most of these on here - mirror is normal as the bass is very powerful, high idling is normal (to get the cats to temp?) but should stop when the engine is fully warmed up. Not heard of the starting issue though, someone else may be able to help - mine turns over a few times but this can be a feature of the car rather than an issue. Welcome to LOC. Rich.
  10. Don't know what you do at work but there are a lot of other things you stop doing on holiday as well as driving. If you use a PC, what a about swapping the mouse over to the other hand - that solved my sore arm and lower back pain a few months ago after getting the advice of a chiropractor (sp?) Or do you drive gangsta style with a big lean back, arm on the window kinda look
  11. I used the Mobil 1 0w-40 as it matched what the book said. Was £14.99 for a litre and it's the first I've had to put in it (has a red flashing oil low warning whilst on the M40 so was worried). Took the whole litre but I'm on 29k so almost due for a service. Rich.
  12. I agree, go through your own insurance - they'll try and repair it as standard anyway which is free - if it breaks then it'll be a new screen. However, as mine has been in the bodyshop since Thurs having the paintwork repaired where the Autowindscreens fool screwdrivered the glass out and scratched both wings and A pillars, damaged all the under bonnet plastics and clips, and broke clips off th A pillars which hold the edge trims down - if they do repalce it I'sd watch them like a hawk if I were you
  13. Not a lot of help I know but mine doesn't do this so it's not a normal 'feature'
  14. That's wierd as in mine the headlights can turn on and off on auto, but the dash can stay bright until it gets that little bit darker. The dash will only dim when the headlights are on however...
  15. That'll do it, the reason you can overide it by turning the lights off and on is the different switching points for dimming - it goes dim at say 20% light level, but won't go back bright again until 50% (just example numbers to get the point across). So, if the light level drops below 20% it'll dim, but then the light level only goes back up to 30% they will stay dim - unless you turn the lights on and off and hey presto bright display as the light isn't below 20%.
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