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  1. Thanks for the reples. I used yesterday to phone around to get quotes for the service and MOT and was offered such a good deal with Lexus Oxford that I've booked my car in. They have different labour rates for older cars and gave owners club discount too. Interim service is £165 plus only £39 for the MOT, which is cheaper than my local garages! Not wishing to put anywhere down but the other Lexus dealer closer to me in Milton Keynes came in at £350 for service and MOT, with discount, so a no brainer there. Incidentally MK did offer me a cheapo oil change service but no service book stamp for £120. Cheers, Buzz.
  2. Hi all, It's that time of year again; I've got a 9yr old RX300 with 60,000 miles that's going great, but I don't think it's now worth continuing the Main dealer service record from now on, due to the car's age/value. So, does anyone know of the closest Independant service garage to my area please? (Towcester area). I'm happy to travel a reasonable distance if the price differential makes it worthwhile. Any suggestions (polite one's that is ;-) gratefully received. Cheers, Buzz.
  3. Hi Ken, Just spotted your reply and I totally agree with your sentiments...... what a rip off! I did find a couple of RX300's being broken up for spares and after many attempts to get the part I gave up. No responses etc. I'll keep my eyes open for another breaker locally. Cheers, Kevin.
  4. Hi Ken, I can't believe it but I'm looking for exactly the same stick on trim bit..... is it RHS? Again my stealer asked me for about the same price to replace a whole window, which is not needed. It makes me wonder if there are more of us out there with this problem due to a design fault. (My trim just came off on a journey) Let me know if you find a solution eh?! Regards, Buzz.
  5. Thanks Ian, That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. I'll keep hold of the RX and will get the gearbox oil done too. ....... guess I'd better go and clean it then! Buzz.
  6. Thanks Colin, How bizarre that its not in the schedule...... I'll make sure that's done next service. Buzz.
  7. Hi Kam, That's pretty much what I thought too. I did have an LS400 for a few yrs and that was brick built and will go on for donkeys years. Just wondered what the top mileage was for people on here with an RX300. Thanks, Buzz.
  8. Hi All, My RX300 is now nearly 7 yrs old and has done 93,000 miles and so is not worth much. Its been practically faultless (1 bulb change!). We use it as a 3rd car and it still gets serviced by Lexus, BUT, the question is how long do these RX's go on for until they start letting you down? I'm toying with the idea of trading it in for a newer model but only if the reliability will be suspect. So, has anyone got an older RX with interstellar milage or knowledge of what to expect please? Thanks, Buzz.
  9. Bloody hell, I was just going to bed until I saw that! On Saturday I start my motorbike course..... test on Weds.(Mid-life crisis dont ask ;-) . Dont think I'll be having sweet dreams now! Was it a fake pic? Keep 'em peeled B) Buzz
  10. Looks like a nice piece of kit.We'll be on the list asap. Just got the new PSP,that's great for its size. Buzz.
  11. Thanks for posting these.I knew it was possible but not how. :D Buzz.
  12. Realspeed, I just took my RX300 to Lexus Cov for 50K service on Mon (£200) and my rear wiper blade was replaced immed,no probs.Maybe you should try somewhere else next time?Interesting to note 50k and not even had so much as a lightbulb gone wrong! Cheers, Buzz.
  13. Knew it would'nt be long.......Just ordered a Vauxhall !!....VX220Turbo in red with all options too. They are a bit swifter than my SC was,but I dont get it for 5-8 weeks. Roll on the summer, Cheers, Buzz
  14. Well put my SC on the market and it went in 24hrs!Good price too. Talk about one extreme to the other.....who's been test driving Caterhams.....with a broad grin?Anybody had any experience with them? Buzz.
  15. Michael, Sorry to hear you got stung that much,but thats what moneys for eh,to enjoy!You cant take it with you and you might as well use it before your kids get it!! I'm the next one in the line,since my SC goes on the market next week.No replacement chosen as yet!I'll prob wait a while whilst choosing something else. Cheers, Buzz.