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  1. Hi folks, This is about an interesting product I have just found and I think it will satisfy a lot of demands that factory built nav systems will never do. It is called NavNGo Limousine. I did not find a lot of info on the Net in English but for sure it is coming. It is planned to be released to the market in the coming months. This is an additional PDA-like computer without its own screen that can be wired to factory installed screens in different cars, like the one in the Lexus. Hope they will release the Lexus connection kit, too. This computer will run a software called iGo that curren
  2. Hi Damer, Not sure my experience will help out, but in case it does, I share it with you. The RX in my opinion has the center of gravity too high (as expected for a SUV) and if you still rise it by adding extra weight on the top of the vehicle, it might be less secure to drive at higher speeds out of towns or on motorways. Think about side winds how they can already make you feel the car unstable even without bicycles on the top. This will be even worst (much worst) when you have your bikes on the top. And surely you do not want to go on holiday based on whether the wind blows or not. For t
  3. Hi folks, Despite all promises we've got no further update from Lexus Europe so far. Fe_La
  4. Hi Steve, Do not bother too much about the tricks to override the disabled Bluetooth phone. Once you do it and start using it you will find out that it lacks in voice qality when you call out from the car and you have difficulties with your stored phone numbers, etc. Otherwise it is the blue wire on European models, the second one from the right in the bottom row you have to cut if you look at the screen from the front. It will not disable anything else just gives you back the usability of the Bluetooth phone. If you want a high quality phone in your car matching the "marketed quality" of Le
  5. To jaroph: First as I see your location you are based in Florida in the US and might have no real picture on how the EU RX400h is downgraded compared to the US version. The missing features are not too much emphasized by the dealer here when we buy or order the car, however they expect us to give a high score to the brand based on US customer satisfaction data. We trust that we can make all the tricks or extensions (i.e. Vaistech iPod) as the US owners can do and get frustrated down to the disappointment when the car gets delivered and nothing works what you learned from the forums. I am not
  6. Dear all, We had our meeting with Lexus Europe on the 21 June in Brussels. On the meeting three Lexus RX400h owners were present with three managers of Lexus Europe. For most of our questions we have got disappointing answers meaning that they are not able to foresee any change on current cars and maybe just a few of them on future European models. However at the end of the meeting we agreed that Lexus Europe managers will provide a summary of the meeting topics what we can publish here to all of you within a few days after the meeting. It's been more than a week passed since our meeting and
  7. Hi All, Many of you might remember one of my earlier posts in the thread titled "Phone + Navigation Override Tricks Won't Work". Things are going on and we are shortly going to have the opportunity for a meeting with Lexus Europe thanks to many of your's feedbacks and the special efforts of Williz (RX 400h owner from Austria). Sorry for the length of this post. Please read on, it is going to be interesting for all European RX 400h owners! Based on earlier discussions in this and the LOC EU forum Williz managed to start discussions with Lexus Europe in order to have a meeting where a few RX
  8. I agree with Williz that the first 'page' which comes up with the nav is more than enough for adults. It also complies with the European law requirements. I am used to confirming the warning from my previous cars and I think so are you people. I assume the RX is not the first car with navigation for most of us. Last weekend I had the opportunity to drive quite a few hundred kilometers with my new RX 400h. We went down to Normandy, France with my family. On the way my wife was playing around a bit with the navigation, especially when we drove from village to village along the coast line. I was
  9. Hi all, I've got my 2006 RX 400h last week in Belgium. Just to confirm: none of the tricks work what I found on this nor the US web site in different threads except the bluetooth connection setting which seams to really improve sound quality of mic and speaker. Due to my work I drive a lot and I am used to get the navigation system handled by my passanger all the time on the move while I drive and I make phone calls regularly from the car to save time. I hoped when I ordered my car back in December last year that the tricks to override the 'nannying' will solve all my worries. I am quite disa
  10. Hi Gonzosgone, as far as I remember from Vaistech website or from other RX400 threads the SoundLinQ iPod interface comes with detailed instructions which helps you get it installed in less than an hour. In case not, here is a link to a web site which provides with instructions for the RX 330: I saved this link in December last year and at that time it was a free step by step instruction. I am suprised to see now that the guy charges about 5 bucks for this info. From which company did you order your SoundLinQ? The ones I found (spen
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