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  1. Good news is just a battery New one fitted today and it's back to it's old self
  2. FOR SALE My gorgous Lexus Gs300 Sport in Dark Metallic Green(Almost black in some lights) Basic Spec :- Full Cream and Brown Leather interior Electric Windows/Mirrors/Seats Electric Height and Reach + fold away steering wheel 19" Mania Vertex R's alloy wheels + new rear tyres + new spare Prolex 4.5" Cat back twin exhaust system + custom baffles + I have orignal exhaust as well, L-tuned rear roof spolier Aristo headlights + still have originals Hella spot lights + still have originals Freshly Painted and smoothed front bumper Brand new fuels lines right the way through the car Brand new brakes discs and pads all the way round + new fuild and rebuilt Capliers + painted black with gold lexus logo. Brand new Lexus washer bottle motor Brand new battery today 9th Aug 07 Lexus rx400 clear side repeaters Lexus factory gold badges and I also have replacements I also have a sprayed up ready to go on Abflug grill just haven't got round to fitting it In just over 15 months I've had the car I've had it serviced twice and it drives faultlessly it's a really nice place to be. This car has been treated like you wouldn't believe I will be very sorry to see it go but times are changing and due to needing a tow vehicle for my next project I can't jusify sitting it on the drive and using it now and again. All mods due to the car are easliy reversed and can be taken off with a couple hours work. Few Pictures This car is the business and turns heads wherever it goes every day people tell me how nice it is. I've spent hours(days)polishing it and bringing it up to the standard it's at. I'm looking for offers in the region of £3500 given the mods and the condition of the car I think this is a good price - any details or pictures you want just pm me on here and i'll gladly go through it with you.
  3. Cheers Gents i'll give that a go :) I might stick it on charge just to see can't hurt
  4. Yesterday morning I got in the car and it wouldn't start just clicked!! like the starter wouldn't kick in!! :tsktsk: This morning The same thing happened only it took five "clicks" and then it fired up as normal ??? For the rest of the day it starts normal and runs great like it always has?? anyone have any ideas?? Please - Could the starter be on it's way out or could it be the battery???
  5. I'm selling a set of Baffles i had made up for the Prolex exhausts. This set has never been used There fit any 4.5" wide exhausts and come unfinished(see photo's). I powder coated mine and they look great You still get a nice deep sound from them but without deafening everyone around you. there is also a set of stainless steel nuts and bolts These cost me £80 a set to have made up offers around £70 posted unless you are going to JAE and then you can collect them for £60 Any more details please ask
  6. Really sorry guys looks like i'm not going to make this :tsktsk: work issues trying for sunday but i'll have to let you know Sorry Guys have a great time
  7. Really good Maneesh, I'm looking at updating the chassis on my Gs end of summer now looking forward to the pictures
  8. And the Changes just keep on coming :) New Fogs fitted now Hopfully wether permiting I'll get the Abflug grill fitted and the spaces While i was there i thought i'd give the engine bay abit of a clean. . . . oh Dear I've got the bug Something else to do sunday now
  9. Ha ha ha ha I've shown you how to clean so you'll be right
  10. Cool -- Now slam it on the deck :D
  11. Cheers Gents Google no more my friend There you go I got my roof spoiler from L-tuned but you wouldn't like it :winky:
  12. Another sunday and after a break in the rain i decided to get my Aristo Headlights fitted Before After B) This swap wasn't as easly as i first thought but they have gone in really well I'm loving the look they give the car Fitting the new Fogs this week and then the Abflug grill hopefully in time for Jae but doubt full
  13. The RX-8's are fantastic get it on track it becomes a different beast all togeather, i drove one at Thruxton last summer and I came back dibbling at the month saying i was going to buy one :D Your's looks just right mate keep up the good work
  14. Hi Simon Here you go It's a really chilled out show no reving of engines or chavs just a really nice day out loads of top cars.