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  1. is200 (2002) rpm fluctuation

    Is the air con running? the engine will adjust itself slightly as the clutch engages..
  2. Misfire on number 1 cylinder

    It's pretty straight forward to just swap one injector there are only three bolt holding the rail to the car but one of the bolts is hidden under the fuel buffer thingy up near the bulkhead.. but not a bad job
  3. TRC/SNOW Buttons

    I've never removed one from my Lex but the fitting appears to be similar to the ones in the switches in my RangeRover Classic so I would guess that they are a pretty common item... Someone did tell me the name of the bulb. If I remember,I'll let you know
  4. TRC/SNOW Buttons

    Yes, they both light up along with the two heated seat buttons... Give that little round section a twist and you will find a tiny bulb underneath.
  5. throttle body questions

    Yes, they are both normal..
  6. Proud new Lexus owner

    Check around the rear lights... I found that mine was leaking around them
  7. is200 2002 timing belt change

    Yeah,it looks OK but we can't see what is going on inside of the belt and it isn't my car... It's your call..
  8. Is200 sport diff

    Here, this should help..
  9. is200 engine block drain plug

    I just yank off the bottom hose...
  10. is200 2002 timing belt change

    Whilst the timing belt is off, it may well be worth while fitting a new water pump, they can weep and the belt would have to come off again.. Most folk can change the belt with the radiator in situ but I prefer to remove it and clean out all the crap from between the rad and the aircon condenser.. If the rad looks a bit scabby with the finns falling out or decomposing, then just change it for the price that they are..
  11. radiator needed

    The ones from ECP are more than enough to cool the IS200, I have an aftermarket rad and the temp has never increased above normal even in stop go traffic on the motorway in the South of France in 42C weather
  12. IS200 SE

    I understand that the 300 is a fair bit more power for no or little more fuel consumption... The down side for me is that they are all automatics. I like the six speed so the only real option for me is to supercharge my 200... A number of guys here have copied Toyota's own TTE kit for the IS200 and the kit can be assembled almost totally from ebay... The only bit that is rare is the air box which I would like to recreate to quieten down the whirr from the SC
  13. IS200 SE

    Mine is one of the last ones and came with a neat little lip on the boot lid with a brake lamp built in.. It also came with 7 inch satnav full leather, armrest (They can be hard to find) and 17 inch multispoke wheels (Watch the wheels as they do corrode quite badly) Also check the CD player as they can give an error code... Not really an issue as many folk will want to replace the stereo or as I did fit a Grom so that the stereo links to my phone.. Easy Job.
  14. IS200 SE

    Also it is worth looking for rust in the spare wheel well and either side of the boot low down... I have one of the very last on an 05 plate, had it from new and I still can't find anything that I would rather drive though it could do with a little extra power low down in the rev range..But I have a plan
  15. 17" wheels - Lexus is 200

    I would have done if there had been a matching pair... I was more worried about the state of the kerb stones....