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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday A.J!

  2. hallo mate, have you still got that supercharger for sale?

  3. hi ormi are all the parts the same for auto/manual? is anything extra needed?
  4. kazz88

    Hi, im just wondering about the supercharger u said you wanted to sell. im just enquiring if its still for sale and how much?


  5. hi guys not really sure of the going rate (how does £1500 sound?).... main thing is id like it if the swap could be done locally ie london /essex would that be convenient for anyone? cheers aj
  6. thank you guys looks like the only place to get these - but no stock will 5pk788 or 5pk800 do? cheers!
  7. hi mate - i might be interested in selling my TTE supercharger - if youd be willing to remove from my car. Dont really use the car much these days! Please message me.
  8. Hello guys - its ben a while since ive been on here! Hope everyones well. Was just wondering if its still possible to get a supercharger belt from the TTE is200 supercharger, if not can anyone suggest a suitable substitute? Really appreciate your help! Cheers Aj
  9. thanks guys, the black box error seems like the most likely thing. will probably order an fcd in the next few weeks.
  10. Hi Guys Having a strange prob with the lex...wondering if youve got any ideas? Over the last few months the car has been cutting out mid motion and coming to a rolling stop; this is while its in gear (and also the electrics stay on the whole time) The odd thing is that it starts after staying switched off for 15 mins... Today i got it plugged in and its not brought up any error codes or problems in the history. Id really appreciate any thoughts you have? Cheers aj
  11. cheers mate. would these have been replaced when the charger was fitted or are they optional?
  12. hello all! been a while since ive been on here hope everyones keeping well! just had a quick question on spark plugs; do you need diffrent ones with a supercharger fitted? thanks aj
  14. usually v-power or tesco 99 and on occasion bp ultimate.....tried esso supreme the other day and its been giving really 'funny' power delivery, wont be using that stuff again!!
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