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  1. Spent 18 months with my rx but got bored with it so i am moving back to jaguar picked up a 4.2 s type its fun Would like to express my thanks to all members who had answered my questions during my stay on the forum Good luck and happiness to all for the future cj
  2. its from one of those supposedly full cd workshop manuals off ebay they are ok but not very detailed and do not cover everything they claim too
  3. Cheers fella I suppose I could use the accessory socket in the cargo area
  4. Anyone know where I can find a 12v switched source without going in behind the dash Cheers
  5. Just got the car back from the specialist confirmed p1135 lambda sensor bank1 sensor1 faulty the one next to the bulkhead (But they didnt seem that interested in doing the job) I am now trying to source a reasonably priced oe part US seems favourite about 160 dollars or a company in essex for £68 plus vat if they can sort out their inventory and find it in their stores , but it sounds promising I have to phone the guy tommorrow when they have had time to look.I will be getting my loyal local mechanic to fit it (he can be trusted,unlike many others). anyone know of any other UK suppliers or how much toyota would charge
  6. Thanks for that and the quick reply but what exactly does it mean needs doing and how much £ non lexus sorry but im a bit lost with anything technical
  7. Thanks Paul for the quick response but i think the codes are different
  8. The vsc ,cel lights have been coming on when I have been driving for about half an hour then go out when the car cools down , I have had the car read and the code P1135 B1 S1 has come up ,After looking around the web I am now confused as to whether these means the maf or O2 sensor the car is going to a tuning specialist thursday but I would appreciate clarification before that so I am not ripped off for unnecessary parts Car is an 2001rx I will be grateful for any help
  9. sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but was just trying to get full info, the cel and vsc lights have come on what are [ all ] the most likely causes the car is booked in for scanning tuesday but i would like to be prepared for the outcome if its the maf sensor how much to repair likewise 02 sensors 2001 rx 89k on the clock still driving like new need this sorted so I can sell/part ex
  10. anyone know the original size of the rx300 premium sound door speakers and what is a good upgrade
  11. can anyone tell me the location of the stereo amp ( premium sound ) 2001 rx 300 also can the electric feed on the boot cig lighter be used to power dvd / tv tuner etc or would a direct lead from the battery to a distribution block be a better way cheers
  12. google instructions cost a few dollars for download I have heard that the parrot is not compatible ?please let me know either way if you do remove the stereo can you post a picture of the back of the unit with details of the connections ,this seems to be hard to come by info there are a lot of people waiting to do mods but are unsure what is the best and safest way of connecting add ons
  13. Has anyone have any experience of the L-Tuned Parts company as I am interested in the rx300 aero bodykit they have . Alternatively anyone know if the kit is available in the uk Cheers
  14. hi all before i start pulling out the touchscreen headunit on my rx300 does anyone have a picture of what i will find ie plugs/ harnesses/ wire colours etc i suppose what i am really after is the audio wiring diagram . since owning the lex i have been more than happy , but boy how difficult is it to find any tech books about the brand any leads on this . thanks