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  1. Thanks , inno and I can still compare it to my friends' newer cars and I still have more features . I would like bluetooth steaming tho I'd like a pair of 18"s but I'm too tight lol and I dont mind the 17"s, they just corrode terribly, even my last Lexus had bad wheels. I'm looking at getting them refurbed in Shadow Chrome. Not sure what colour to do the calipers
  2. Thanks, I'm sure it'll look great black looks great after a detail, it has the best reflections, hard to keep clean tho. I nearly bought a set of those rims for £500 , they look good.
  3. Thanks guys, Yes I do need some 18"s, I lost a nice set on fleabay a while back, they would've been nice. I should have another look. James
  4. Hey guys, Hope everyone is well, sorry haven't been on in a while. Clayed my car 2 weeks ago and then decided to have some spoilers that I've had for a couple of years, sprayed and fitted. After that I spent some the weekend doing a Meguiars 3 step cleanse, polish and wax and it came out looking great. Just need the wheels refurbing now, next month maybe, anyone know a good place near Croydon? Cheers for looking, James
  5. Well I'll wade in... I had a IS200 Sport with 6spd man, it was a beautiful car to drive, gearbox was smooth and like a rifle action, I didn't ever think of driving an auto for 8 years. Eventually the I could afford a sec gen SE-L. I had tested the new manual diesel, as a courtesy car, found the power a bit strange, nothing, nothing, then all at once and the gearbox wasn't as smooth as the IS200's. I haven't tested the sec gen petrol manual but by most accounts the auto is better, beautifully sooth, and cheaper to tax. For normal day to day driving, a few miles to work and back, the Auto is King, if you are regularly travelling a long distance then the diesel might suit you, for fuel consumption, it need longs runs, and doesn't do well if you drive it short distances alot. If you are not bothered by fuel consumption, stick with an auto and choose which model and how many toys you want, good luck hunting. J.
  6. Yeah, sorry, the pedals are the same. The gearknob is cool, not as cold in the mornings as well. I would love a super charger but my budget doesn't stretch that far, induction kit is the best I can do, until the chip is hacked. Here's the induction kit, check the sellers other parts as well. Nice rear end you got, I been thinking about that, I bought the spoiler, similar to this, not carbon fibre tho: Also got a front spoiler, similar to this: I have yet to find somewhere to spray and fit them, everywhere I been too seem to only want to do insurance jobs :(
  7. Are you in South Africa mate, I can see by the sunshine, ahhh I miss it so, nice job :)
  8. I left mine Power on for a while, didn't really notice any difference to the fuel figures. What I did notice when I switched it off after a few months, it does use more engine braking and tries to gear down to the correct gear, ie on my way to work I have long flowing windy downhill section which I like cruising down with no accelerator input at about 40-50 mph. When entering the hill I have too brake from 60ish, with the power on, the car gears down to third and i have a jerky ride down the hill until it dicides to change up. With the Sport off, it stays in 6th and a nice smooth cruise down the hill.
  9. Thanks nice advice, the F-Sport induction looks great and will be nice and OEM I seem to have alloy pedals anyway being an F Sport from factory, any chance you could send a picture of your pedals and gear knob? Thanks and yeah loving my car Sent from my E6883 using Tapatalk
  10. Hi Mate, car look great, always liked the Ultra blue. I got the F-sport induction kit off ebay from a dealer in the states, about £260, they getting rid of the parts, checked the price here, it was over 600. I fitted it, pretty easy, just new filter and filter box bottom with a big hole in it and the steel pipe to cool the air. It looks cool under the cover, and the noise over 3k is definitely grin inducing. Not sure there is any power increase, altho it did seem to pickup a little smoother. Got the Alloy pedals and gear knob at the same time. Beware the US foot rest doesn't fit, typically £100 here tho. Good luck, enjoy the car. Sent from my E6883 using Tapatalk
  11. Hi mate, there is no AFS light on or flashing, I tried switching the AFS off and on but no joy. The drivers side works fine, only seems to be one fuse for both so I don't think its that. Only noticed the other day that the beam was pointing down, and had used the lights the night before, it was all ok. Seen some used motors on US fleabay for $30, the part number is 85661-48030, my local Toyota Parts dept want £130+VAT A youtuber shows it just twisting and popping off a similar Lexus headlight, after being removed from the vehicle. I have tried getting to it by moving the windscreen fluid pipe, but I can't get any purchase to turn it or pull it out. Did someone you can get to via the wheel arch? Anyone know of any scrappers near South London? Cheers, J.
  12. Hi Guys, My passenger headlight has stopped auto levelling when switched on and is pointing down below the drivers beam on my '56 IS250 SE-L I assume it will fail the MOT so do you think I need to get a second hand unit from a scrapper? Or could I get to the motor to clean it possibly? Do I need to remove the bumper? I suppose Lexus would want to replace the whole headlamp cluster unit. Thanks for any advice, Cheers, James
  13. As long as it doesn't already have HIDs (ballast inside headlight unit) and you have the correct bulb fitting, you should be fine, although I think you have to drill holes through the covers and use grommits with the cables. Not sure about the connector tho. Saw a video on utube.
  14. I found I used the snow button in icy or slippery conditions, it doesn't have to be snowing. I used it because the rear wheels would spin very easily near any round-abouts and the snow button reduced that possibility, slightly, when its not dry.
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