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  1. I don't think things like tyres can be classed as "minor" things to fail on.......they are your only contact with the road and govern steering, braking, handling. I doubt that the " most failures are on French cars " would apply to the tyres, wipers,lights. Why do you spend the day before checking everything like a maniac? You should be checking your car continually really.
  2. Similar distances to facilities from where I live. I think the advantages of living in small villages outweigh the disadvantages. The Gov.UK website makes no mention of fees or medical certificates except that for minibus licence should be renewed every 3 years from age 45 and annually from age 65. Where did you get the info regarding this as I would be interested to see what exactly the requirements are.
  3. But once you are 70 the renewal every three years is currently FOC.
  4. Mine too! Far better than any of the scruffy bits of paper or bits of plastic that have replaced them.
  5. I had MK1 GS300 sport for 6 years or so and never had to top up the oil between service, same with my last GS430 which in 7 ish years never had oil topped up between services. All engines use oil (although hopefully will not burn any oil) but depending on how the car is driven and the type/quality of oil used the amount of oil consumed will vary.
  6. I loved my '96 GS300 Sport owned for 6.5 years and my GS430 owned for 7.5 years but sold 12 months ago but now my mileage is minimal I am quite happy with driving wife's car which I bought her new at the end of 2009 and which has now done 29K miles. It is a Hyundai i30. For my current driving it covers the bases. I miss the power of the GS430 for overtaking but that is about all. Lexus do not seem as good as they once were and I think they may be suffering from the "accountant syndrome" that affected BMW & Mercedes in the '90's. I expect I will get a slating for daring to express that opinion on this forum but that is my honest opinion. I think my actual car of choice currently would be the new Nissan GTR for both looks and performance.
  7. not really looked into them to be honest
  8. Just need access to ready supply of oil with RX8
  9. I would go GSF. Performance is fractionally better on RCF but the difference is minimal and driver engagement might well mitigate the difference. GSF is probably, in my opinion, worth the extra.
  10. For me to drive to visit my mother is a trip of about 300 miles each way. So from Lincolnshire to Dorset I would need to find a charging point that was available (not being used by anyone else) at least once and possibly twice each way. The fact that I might make the journey say 3 times a year is irrelevant since it would not be capable of completing the journey comfortably without recharging. Which can go 300 miles in 1 go? Also traffic and weather conditions would affect the range. Not sure also how I would recharge at my mother's home unless I had an extremely long cable to connect to her supply. There is still a lot of improvement made to the finished product.
  11. Totally agree with Mike. There are plenty of LPG Autogas outlets throughout the country. Whilst it may be slightly inconvenient for you, no doubt you will soon get into a new routine of not looking for BP outlets. Also regarding motorways, BP are not the only suppliers to these highly expensive outlets.
  12. Simple answer is to contact your insurers to discuss how your premium might be affected by any changes you are planning. They are providing cover for vehicles with certain items fitted. If you then put larger wheels on, lower or stiffen suspension add LPG etc then you are changing the characteristics of the car and the insurers have a right to know and possibly revise their rating of the car. Contact them to get an idea of any increase and factor it into your costings for modifications.
  13. The above thread may help. It would appear that they are the same.
  14. The MOT check site does have this stated on it. Some MOT test results for recently transferred personalised registrations aren’t available.
  15. When my EML came on (on GS430 which is same engine etc) initially it was O2 sensor but if the light had not come on I would never have known as no symptoms...although my garage did say it was only on the edge of tolerance. Few months after and the EML was on again. This time the sensor/valve?? on the VVTI. Ran for about 2 years (I think) like this with no other symptoms. What does happen however is that having codes read can actually trigger the VSC warning as well as the EML.
  16. So they are saying that in 2 months the corrosion was as bad as that and that would mean they are implying that you attempted a repair with the exhaust paste too! I bet they wouldn't have passed it on MOT had it been owned by a customer rather than owned by them. Glad it is sorted.
  17. Took long enough for them to agree to this but hopefully it will resolve the matter at no cost to you. Amazing that they don't want to pay for OEM. Hopefully the rest of the exhaust system is OK. Out of interest, did Bolton carry out the MOT or did they get it done elsewhere?
  18. Easy enough to say too expensive to them and be prepared to walk away. End of month or end of quarter (End March maybe) is always best time as they have quotas to meet. Beginning of Feb is not as likely to get a deal.
  19. What does wear and tear cover on exhaust system? If no joy from Bolton, who could not have done a proper undercar inspection as required by Lexus UK to sell as used approved then Sale of Goods Act. Either way it would come under the remit of the sales dept. Surprised Lexus UK have not stepped in.
  20. They haven't got any valid reason not to agree that it is a warranty issue. Lexus Aberdeen could actually deal with the matter for you.
  21. According to the ad it has 7" Screen so I assume it has sat nav? If tyres are worn on edges it could be pressures were wrong or tracking/alignment but dealer needs to sort out anyway for warranty. Pics don't show screen though!
  22. Where is this one? Have you a link? 2007 should be £290 tax
  23. APPROVED PRE-OWNED BENEFITS WARRANTY The Lexus Warranty is designed to give the reassurance that you would expect when buying an Approved Pre-Owned Lexus. It is important to note that each Lexus Centre has to adhere to key guidelines to ensure you receive the best possible information when purchasing an Approved Pre-Owned only from Lexus. All Approved Pre-Owned Lexus vehicles are supplied complete with one year's manufacturer's equivalent warranty with unlimited mileage cover. All vehicles with less than a full year of manufacturer's warranty remaining will require a Mandatory Warranty to be applied for. Vehicles under 60,000 miles and with a full year of manufacturer's warranty remaining do not require a Mandatory Warranty to be applied. Your local Lexus Centre will arrange all this for you. Any Lexus vehicles regardless of age or mileage qualify. All Approved Pre-Owned Lexus Car Warranties have the same level of cover as the Lexus new vehicle warranty, with the exception of batteries, interior trim and corroded exhausts. The exact level of cover is detailed on the reverse of the warranty application form and also within your handover pack you receive when purchasing your vehicle. All Approved Pre-Owned Lexus Car warranties include wear and tear cover for batteries, exhausts and wiper blades for three months or 3,000 miles.
  24. When page opens scroll down until warranties shows on left hand side. at bottom of warranties it says more so click on more. It should also be in your warranty pack with the car documents. If you cant see from link let me know and I will try to copy/paste more
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